Strike by health workers unacceptable – Uhuru


I have noted, with deep concern, the suffering of Kenyans as a result of the ongoing strike by health workers in Government facilities.

This strike is totally unacceptable and goes against the Hippocratic Oath and basic principles of humane consideration for fellow Kenyans.

I urge the unions involved in the strike to think, not of their personal interests, but the thousands of Kenyans who are suffering.

I call upon all the doctors and other health workers who are on strike to resume work immediately so as to relieve the pain and anguish that Kenyans are currently enduring.

Whatever differences exist, we have to put human life above all other interests.

We definitely cannot allow men, women and children to continue living each day fearing the worst for themselves and their loved ones as a result of disagreements that can easily be resolved by following the law.

I particularly call on governors and public health workers to speedily resolve the stand-off.

However, in the event of continued disagreement, we encourage governors to make urgent alternative arrangements to ensure all health facilities in their Counties are manned and operational.

Kenyans have a right to receive essential services and this is not a matter to be negotiated.

Let me make it abundantly clear. My government is committed to fully implementing the Constitution, and especially the provisions on devolution.

The essence of devolution especially of health services is to bring services closer to the people.

We must therefore give devolution a chance to work.

18th December, 2013

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