Spare not the rod, Mr President

There is an old adage that came to my mind today after reading the newspapers, that when you spare the rod, you spoil the child.  I remember growing up, as children we would make sure we were out of earshot and eyeshot when we indulged in behaviour that our parents would not condone.
Worse still would be the punishment doled out if we did not complete our assignments for the day.  I can vividly remember the sensation of a cane beating my behind by a neighbour who had caught my friends and I in his farm.  Needless to say, that was only the beginning of the punishment I would endure later.
Accordingly, there are some rotten tomatoes in this grand coalition of our Government who have taken to complaining in the public forum instead of airing their concerns in Cabinet sessions.  Sadly enough, they have often openly criticised the highest offices in this land to no consequence.  Not that they have a solution to offer, rather they want to make aimless noise for the purpose of drawing attention to themselves.  And I say to you Mr President, let us not ask them to shape up or ship out.  Unleash the rod, I can guarantee you that Kenyans will only be too happy to get rid of those rotten tomatoes. 

It is not a question of whether they are happy with their roles or even whether they have enough power.  How many of us Kenyans in the private sector make do with much less?  Can you imagine if we ran our companies in such a manner as to beg our employees to work?  Without a doubt, our companies and our economy would never progress.
For how long shall we always be one step behind in uncovering graft?  Where there is smoke, there is fire.  And in our case, wasteful use of our resources on non-core themes like flowers and tea is a sure sign that a fire is about to be started. 

I beg to differ people; sacking these Cabinet rebels shouldn’t be a tall order for our President.  You have the power Mr President, if you can rationalise your actions, I am sure that the Prime Minister will agree and we, as your citizenry, will stand by your decision.
It is ironical that we demand much more from junior officers in government and our leaders get away with unbecoming behaviour.  To make matters worse, there is always some scapegoat offered as sacrifice to calm the small gods, only that such actions have ceased to pacify the public.  We are not blind to the wanting performance, and will not be cowered into submission by punitive actions of foreign dignitaries. 

No!  I say to you Kenyans, discipline must be handed to these leaders by our own head of this Kenyan household.  No matter how much the foreigners slap travel bans on such people, we need to hit them where it hurts… in their primary source of income, power and actualisation. 

Sack them Mr President, we will toast your actions with renewed hope for our country!!

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