Sow seeds of forgiveness this Easter

It must be the most difficult thing to comprehend, to be rejected in a country you call your home.

It is most devastating, to go homeless not because you never worked so hard to save but because of the ignorance of few minds, who through manipulation forgot the true essence of being human, to destroy Kenyans\’ property in the name of fighting for their preferred leader.

It is unimaginable that three years down the line, Internally Displaced Persons are spread all over the country. And with the government\’s unplanned effort to relocate them, it hurts even more as these Kenyans receive hostile welcome to a land they long to call home.

The rejection among Kenyans indicates how far we are from true healing after the post election violence. Are we still hiding from the bare facts that ethnicity still divides Kenyans?

With Kenyans dealing with the rising costs of living, giving and sharing is the last thing among many hearts this Easter holiday.

But just what can we offer this Easter season?  Not to the familiar faces you well know but to those unfamiliar lonely, frustrated and discouraged faces? It is a time to share and uplift the people you encounter across your path. Lets both agree that Kenyans are facing it rough and sharing will uplift someone somewhere.

In a country that is individualistic, values of giving needs to be sown to young and tender minds and heart. To nurture a generation that will live in love and harmony when the older generation dies off.

This is our starting point. As we celebrate this Easter season, sow a seed of forgiveness. Sow a seed of love and forgiveness to those who really need it.

With so many challenges facing us as Kenyans, one would wonder then, is there any good to look forward to, in this Easter holiday? Well, yes! You are the hope to that Kenyan who is hurting. Sow a seed of love, forgiveness and acceptance as Christ died so we can live in the hope of eternal life.

Make this Easter even memorable by giving somebody somewhere a reason to stay alive. Have a truly forgiving, loving and a blessed Easter.

(Judy is an intern at Capital FM)

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