Somalis are not second-class citizens, facts prove this


Not too long ago, someone described a certain rally driver as the kind of a driver who made more noise than his rally car. Now, you obviously know that rally cars make a great deal of noise when on the move, so when it turns out that the driver is generating more hullabaloo than the car, then it means something is fundamentally wrong here.

In the same vein, listening to the ranting and raving that often come from prominent lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi, one can’t help thinking of him as the proverbial mourner who cries louder than the bereaved. However, that is a story for another day, another time.

But that is not all there is to Ahmednasir. He is a man who appears to have a huge chip on his shoulder. For more details on this, please talk to one Brian Yongo, Ahmednasir’s perpetual tormentor who fervently believes that this wealthy city lawyer not only acquired much of his affluence through dubious means but is also not fit to be a lawyer.

As to whether the Grand Mullah is indeed guilty of these sins of omission and commission, the jury is still out. But suffice to say that there is more than meets the eye in Ahmednasir’s character.

In a recent newspaper article, Ahmednasir accused the Government of treating Kenyan Somalis “like second-class citizens”. Granted, there may be some historical injustices that were committed by past governments against Kenyan Somalis. The same could be true for other communities too. However, Ahmednasir’s argument that the current Government has systematically marginalized Kenyan Somalis is far from being true.

No other Kenyan Government has appointed more Kenyan Somalis to key positions than the current Government. We have Kenyan Somalis heading key Cabinet dockets of Foreign Affairs, Industrialization, and principal secretaries in several ministries not to mention Kenyan Somalis heading powerful constitutional bodies or holding strategic positions in State House. Clearly, this does not sound like marginalisation or giving second-class treatment to a community!

In the same article Ahmednasir also threw some unwarranted jabs at the Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Coordination of National Government, Joseph ole Lenku.

To put the record straight for the benefit of the Grand Mullah, before his appointment as Cabinet Secretary, Lenku, who holds MBA and Bachelor of Commerce degrees from University of Nairobi, was the General Manager of Kenya Utalii College, the largest and most prominent hospitality-training institute in East and Central Africa.

Instead of wasting valuable time trying to belittle men and women entrusted to manage the country’s security sector, Ahmednasir would have served this country better if he advised his clients, business partners, friends and family who may have useful information that can assist in the war against terror to cooperate with security agents.

But Ahmednasir is unlikely to do this because he is a conspiracy theorist who never sees anything for what it is. He looks for conspiracies and hidden meanings in everything. For the avoidance of doubt, there is absolutely no conspiracy or hidden agenda in the fight against terrorism and the end game to “Operation Usalama Watch” is securing Kenya from threats emanating from within and without. That is all there is to it.

(The writer is the Spokesman for the Ministry of Interior & Coordination of National Government)

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  1. If he does end up keeping your heart, won’t he be the “last” guy you date 🙂 Just saying….

  2. Very true my brother….every country has its immigration laws if you are a Kenyan Somali or an Investor with proper documents you need not worry…if you are an asylum seeker or a refugee with refugee status you belong to refugee camp; but if you are illegal immigrant our law is very clear you must be deported…I don’t understand why our leaders are making noise oohhh racial profiling, muslim been targeted , economic sabotage and blah blah blah …Hope they will come back to their sense

    1. This is the way you are commenting on this article, while your people (Kenyan-Somalis) are harassed and being profiled by the Kenyan government and its corrupt police officers. Shame on, you just nothing, but a looser, who doesn’t know anything.

      1. Who are ” your people”….if you mean Kenyan Somalis I know they are treated with utmost respect they deserve and I can attest to that because I live in Nairobi and I witnessed the said ”profiling” You can say I am a looser who doesn’t know anything a thousand times but the fact remains.Good citizenship includes the civic duty to uphold religious freedom for all. Religious liberty rights are best guarded when each person and group takes responsibility to guard not only their own rights but the rights of others, including those with whom they deeply disagree. This respect for the rights of others is not indifference to theological or moral disagreement, but rather a civic virtue necessary to maintain peace in a religiously diverse society.
        Why not condemn the killing of other Kenyans by alshabab with the same zeal

        1. Mohammed,

          Let us be realistic brother. How could you support ethnic profiling and harassment against certain community, which is Somali community whether they are Kenyan-Somalis or Somalis from Somalia, the world have seen Kenya’s hypocrisy. Police arrested women, children, men and the elderly, is that the way a government can fight with terrorism?,. We strongly condemn the killing of innocent Kenyans by the terrorists, but the reaction of that should be done in accordance with the law.

    2. ok u talk but u for get what polis done in garisa sugmugdi and what going in mambasa is it bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah then remember what hapen in turkana they kill 42 polis what the govenment done there pls open uare mined also garisa why government targeting only or ssomalies community ?

    3. stupid north-eastern dickhead. i dont even know if you are real kenyan-somali. u may just used the pic and the name. btw am one of those pple you telling what the crappy,corrupt non-humane law says and i should say this, we r here temporarily and we will leave your ass here. you forgot you and those nappy hair ugly ass mother fuckers benefited our presence here.

    4. we aint here taking your jobs or anything dump head! we are here with our money creating bussinesses for uneducated mothaphuka like you.

  3. Mwenda Njoka, I read the article with a lot of attention until I saw your title and I was like……. you remind me of our Alfred Mutua of yesterday. he is now really a shamed of how he had used to do things. He hates those weekly briefing he made then to be replayed in any television today. Be objective and avoid things you can not repeat tomorrow if you leave the seat you are seated on now.

    1. MIA: for your information, believe you me, there is not a word I penned in that article that I cannot repeat whether I am working here or anywhere else… And in case you forgot, I know Ahmednasir is a good lawyer who knows libel when he sees it and what to when libeled… Should I say more Sir/Madam?

  4. Njoka failed to tell others that he was until he got this job (njoka is brother to mutea iringo) an employee of Ahmednasir

    1. JJ: for your information, I am not related to PS Mutea Iringo in any way apart from him being my boss… And also if you care to check out my professional background (feel free to Google me) you’ll get a better idea where I have been and what I have done for this country and democracy… True I worked as editor of NLM, but does that mean I cannot call a spade a spade because I did? Wake up and smell the coffee brother/sister as the case might be…

  5. Ahmednasir is rather better than you who is advocating for his community unlike you who came for just critism of an individual

    1. Moulid AhMED Mohamud: I was advocating for Kenya. Not a particular community. The criticism of an individual was a means to achieving an ends; that of advocating interests of Kenya which of course you know includes interests of all communities that live in Kenya

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