Save Kenya by planting a tree

Off the top of your head, count the top ten destinations in the world that you dream of visiting. You will find that four if not all five have a huge water body in the neighbourhood, or a not so huge one.

All the same, whether they know it or not, people are drawn to water. It relaxes them, makes them want to play, makes them stare in awe and marvel at their God for such a beautiful creation. Its true isn’t it?

Even in game parks, you always have a better chance of seeing the animals when they go to the water hole.

Don’t you feel terrible when you are driving over a bridge and there is nothing but stones under it where a river was meant to be? Is it not depressing to go for a boat ride and find only one little boat to take you to the other shore that is a stone throw away and from there see hippos huddled together for lack of space?

Remember that lovely fountain that had been put on Kenyatta Avenue roundabout. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it back?

Our beloved country is running dry. Kenya’s lakes are receding at alarming rates and its rivers have almost been completely depleted. In fact, they are now dry beds of soil with trees and plants lining their shores, still hopeful for a few drops to survive. Is this not enough for a wake up call?

Every time I think of Lakes Elementaita and Naivasha, I shudder. In a matter of weeks, their waters have receded well away from their previous shores. In early August, I walked about 300 metres into Elementaita from the shore and I wasn’t even near the water. It looked like a mirage. There were a cluster of flamingos very far away and I wondered if they could comprehend what was going on.

In Naivasha, it is now possible to walk on what used to be the shore of the lake; so you can actually walk from the stretch that hosts most of the town’s hotels (again next to the water) and end up at the town centre. What is this?

Why is this? You don’t have to live around these lakes to know that there is something very wrong going on here and that it has to stop. It is obvious that we have to do something and quickly. Get people out of these forests NOW and plant trees. It’s not rocket science.

It is given that when you do not wash your hair, you will get lice.  If we do not plant those trees, we, our children and our animals will die.

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