Reactionary government at its best

It is a shame that of late the Government has appeared to react to issues bedevilling this great nation when the horse has already bolted.

It will be an understatement therefore to say that tea-party reactionaries are on the increase in government. The ideas of this class can only be considered as backward, outdated and opposing to progress.

I don’t want to join those who lampoon the grand coalition for no reason, but here is my case.

Do we have to wait until a terror group infiltrates a ‘peaceful’ demonstration before the man in charge of national security wakes up from his slumber? Is the minister in office to contribute to what is already in the public domain? What efforts did he put in place to forestall the deadly protests?

What is truly shameful about this is that the minister then orders a nationwide crackdown that nets hundreds of illegal immigrants. Do we have to react even to matters bordering on national security?

The series of events only leaves Kenyans to deduce that were it not for the deadly protests in Nairobi last Friday, these aliens would still be chewing miraa in Eastleigh and making satellite-enabled international calls leisurely.

Even before we deal with the aftermath of the riots, who allowed Sheikh Abdulla El-Faisal into the country in the first place? Shouldn’t we be seeing a shakeup at the Immigration Ministry, Internal Security and NSIS?  Why tolerate such a lapse that has cost Kenya millions of shillings?

Otieno Kajwang should, for instance, take responsibility and foot the Sh35 million bill to hire a jet that can fly El -Faisal to Kingston Jamaica. Taxpayers should be spared of this kind of wastage based on the incompetence of those in power.

The government has no excuse to allow foreigners already on global terror watchlists into the country, whatever the reason.

There are a lot of other scenarios where the government is persistently caught flat footed. It’s a fact that government fairs badly in dealing with disasters be they natural or man made. Perennial floods continue to cause havoc in Budalangi and many other low-lying areas of Kenya while the government dithers on long term measures to combat the menace. Chronic food shortages after bumper harvests is also another case.

These reactionaries are yet another example of the government’s embrace of business-as-usual. When will this government get the message?

Please don’t get me wrong I am thrilled with the achievements of the Grand Coalition government but it is a shame that such basic standards are not being enforced.

After blaming saboteurs, sanctions, the drought, etc. the authorities now need to honestly address the problems that have resulted in the ruination of these sectors.

Proper policies on national security and disaster management is the greatest gift we can give to our children and we must not let it fall by the way side and then think we can bandage it quickly. Blind faith in bad leadership is not patriotism.

The Kenyan electorate continues to say that at the end of government tenure they start to approve things, but to wait five years to come up with a disaster preparedness policy is laughable.

Kenyans desire a pro-active government that promptly responds to their wishes. It’s therefore time to overhaul and restructure our institutions to ensure our country is spot on.

These reactionary agents need to be dumped in Siberia as history doesn\’t travel backwards.

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