Raila’s two-horse mantra is a trap


Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s characterisation of the forthcoming presidential polls as a two-horse race is a thinly-disguised trap.

Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and other contenders must be extremely wary of the PM’s strategy of forcing a race between the Odinga and Kenyatta political brand names in the Kenya of the early 21st century.

Raila’s preference for Uhuru as his only realistic rival in the Kibaki succession is a strategy with many hidden trapdoors, some of which would take the DPM and the Central Kenya communities decades to recover from and in the process seriously hamper national development and peaceful coexistence in this country and region.

To begin with, Uhuru must be on his guard against any Raila offer or challenge that seems to suggest that the PM is actually risking possible defeat.

It is not in Raila’s nature or psychological makeup to offer anyone the ‘formula’ for his own defeat.

In fact, the PM has perfected the strategy of Rabbit in the Tar Baby children’s story. We all know how cunning Rabbit convinced his captors to throw him into an open field (and escape) by convincing them that it was the last place on earth he wanted to be.

Raila scores several things at once by seeking to isolate Uhuru as the only halfway viable contender against him in the Kibaki succession race. First, he devalues and degrades all the other candidates, especially those who stormed out of ODM and left him to his own devices or fell out with him on the road to the 2007 elections. Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka fell out with Raila in 2007.

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  1. PM Raila’s scheme has remained only one, to isolate brother Uhuru and defeat him. To do that, he has to increase Uhuru’s numbers in fake opinion polls so that he would refuse to negotiate with other brothers in G7. So far, it has worked pretty well for Raila. Infact, the analysis above here misses the point, by giving reasons why Uhuru is headed for slaughter and then attempting to reinforce his deceptive support. First, those who have been trooping to TNA are basically village folks. There has been hardly any political heavyweights joining the party from other communities. Secondly, most guys from other communities are at loss why Uhuru thinks that they are going to play ball.

    To imagine that money is going to influence decisions when we reach the hard part is mere self-deception. Kenyans want to be told how any one’s presidency would make them take off. But they are now being told only two tribal guys, backed by hordes of their kinsmen, are going to be their president. No one wants to care what people really want. We dont realize this situation was there before. And Kenyans are lot wiser now because they have gained extremely little through empty “tribe-driven” presidency.

    Wonderful ideas and programme of action on how our problems are to be solved are what Kenyans want. Just usual tribal stuff that has brought the country to near stand still, packaged in a difference way, is not going to be acceptable this time round. Kenyans need clear direction that leads to better life not empty tribal blocks that wont offer anything at all. Tribal analysts parroting their tribal masters’ antics wont sell guys.

    Kenyans MUST understand that, whatever the case, their solutions wont be found in tribalism or tribally-inspired presidency. Brilliant ideas marked by well set out programme of action is our solution. We cant expect brother Uhuru and PM Raila to empower Kenyans just because their respective tribesmen are trooping to their tribal-drunken like political parties. Kenya is only going to move forward when we move from village to national ideas. And thats the bottomline!

    1. “he has to increase Uhuru’s numbers in fake opinion polls”

      Are u implying it is fake when rao is not doing well but real when otherwise? Are u also implying that the opinion polls are controlled by rao?

      Shame on u. U r the lot that are spreading evil among peaceful Kenyans. Shame on U.

      Tribalism! Tribalism! Tribalism! what a cry! lets move on, come on Kenyans!!

      1. @ododo: No, not at all! PM Raila has been actually at the bottom of the ladder. His fake ratings are reduced slightly to fool the masses. If proper polls were conducted, my take is that he would come number five at the most. By the way, the new law had stated how proper opinion polls were to be conducted. Is it being followed? Why the deviation? Its certainly meant to fake popularity and attempt to bury your strongest opponents by creating pathom strong ones!

        1. If he was to come fifth, then why do they need to gang up against him. No need for G7, is there, G1 would do the job.
          Do you really think before writing all this gibberish.

    2. Pratt Tell it to the birds!!! How about the results of the recent by-elections? may be you are one of those who think Raila is all knowing and cannot face reality that he will be easily be defeated.

      1. @walter: Obviously, you dont want to face the truth. You rather hang on your tribal loyalty. You hardly realize that apart from fake opinion polls, PM Raila has actually been shaping opinions generally. Why cant you ask yourself why all other candidates, including Uhuru and even the president, hardly grace newspaper headlines? You want to mean they never say things or make news that are worthy headlines? Do you know PM Raila has large number of his people in all media houses? And they are pretty senior in those houses?

        Why do you think Uhuru’s ratings are deliberately going up and he hasnt done anything worthy mentioning? Cant you ask yourself why VP Kalonzo’s numbers are ever kept low in those fake opinion polls? And dont ever forget all name-calling for Kalonzo came about after he fell out with Raila! Why were we not told bad things about him when he supposedly ridding high with Raila? Does parting ways with Raila make you are different person or receiptant of all sorts of names? Kenyans and especially gullible people like you are being hugely deceived and misled!

        Raila is certainly not a genius but he has very good people around him. Their problem is only that they dont know how to store favours. They are mainly his kinsmen who normaly get tribally toxic once they know that you are not parroting their view point. They reduce mere amicable disagreement to enemity. Thus, isolating their man. And not only that, their general conduct towards others in regard to their preferred candidate, runs counter to all conventional wisdom. They wont hesitate to call themselves “government” forgetting Raila is a general without an army! That empty arrogance, given that Raila’s is mere pacification job, makes their man very unattractive item indeed.

        However, faced with Uhuru as his only potential challenger, Raila would easily walk away with victory. That he has completely ignored the polling law to set up brother Uhuru says it all. He has encouraged his people to push fake pollsters to release their “produced” polls without following the law. Then major media houses are quickly used to “certify” authenticity of those polls by hugely highlighting them. Its a trick that very few people can understand. Brother Uhuru himself is already hooked not only by them, but all lies spewed out to divide and conquer. And mark my words, if G7 doesnt come together under a different candidate other than Uhuru, Raila against all expectations, WILL become our next president.

        1. Wacha uongo. Wishful thinking. Just admit that you don’t know the answer instead of spewing gibberish allover the comment boxes! Tafuta kazi ufanye.

          1. @Usiseme Ng’ombe: Your bitterness when confronted with truth will drive you crazy pal! Merchants of deceit are headed to their eternal sunset. But you cant face that naked truth. Its indeed a very frustrating thing. By the way, whats this answer you are talking about? Perhaps, you should come over and I will give you work to do, instead of being driven to the wild by unremmitting bitterness marked by helpless frustrations! Or perhaps, sema opposite ya usiseme Ng’ombe!!!!

  2. I am a neutral figure in Kenya .Whatever is written here does not sound true. Yes, people are running out of their parties to join new ones but the fact remains that every defector runs to his tribal based party not necessarily TNA or ODM. I am seeing tribal groupings and not National Parties and may be the writer is one of the orchestras.

  3. Kuria, I know you were chocking while trying to write this piece. To you even, it does not sound convincing. To the critical mind, this belongs to the gutter press. Individual politicians are relocating to thier tribal cocoons, often modeled as political parties. ther are doing this not for the like of party policies, but to save their skin, remain politically correct and secure subsequent tems in office. Kenyans know too well.

  4. Kuria, thank you for alerting Kenyatta early enough and also for opening the eyes of fellow kenyans to be aware of evil plans waylaid ahead of them. I can remember in early 2007, the ODM supporters used to claim that there were plans to rig the elections by the govt. that our police force was not effective, that there were fake ballot papers processed from Belgium, that the provincial administration was used by the govt. to campaign for it, that government vehicles and resources were mobilized to campaign for the incumbent, exaggerated opinion polls showing Raila leading, ill talks about the Kivuitu ECK commission, calling of names to some tribes like madoadoa etc, we all know the fruits of all this rubbish.

    The campaign strategy of 41 against 1 which is applied this season is a bit different, It has been said that kenyans are not ready for another kikuyu president. As such, the recent opinion polls by ipsos is to be used against mudavadi, and Ruto to their backyards telling their supporters, look where your so called leader is, if you do not elect Raila then you automatically get a kikuyu president. It will be no wonder by the end of october, uhuru and Raila would be at par.
    My advise goes to those eying the presidency,, you must act before you are ousted from your area by the electorates if you are not careful, you might even suffer the political rejection before uhuru. We must all fight tribalism

    1. That is exactly what some people are hoping for. Uhuru Vs Raila, in which case voices will get louder that we cannot elect another Kikuyu President to succeed President Kibaki. And believe it or not, the masses may get swayed because Kenyans are still largely ethnocentric. They will forget that Kibaki has been a President for all Kenyans and not just for the Kikuyu. Just like there are poor people in Western or Luo Nyanza, there are also poor people in Central. Having a President from your tribe or region doesn’t necessarily perform wonders like many want us to believe. How else would Ahadi Kenya Trust still be fighting Jiggers in Nyeri? Jiggers is associated with extreme poverty. Just because the President comes from Nyeri doesn’t mean that all ‘Nyerians’ are having better life than the rest of Kenyans. I personally come from a Region that has never produced a President, but thanks to Kibaki Government, I can now drive on Tarmac from Nairobi to my Ocha home which is 500KM away. Since independence our rural road had never been done and yet it’s a major road connecting various centers. Also we now have electricity in our rural home. I have friends from Mt. Kenya region who wish they could say like me that they now have Tarmacked roads and Electricity thanks to the Kibaki government. Let’s stop voting for leaders based on tribe. Only few of us will vote based on principle and not tribe. We shall comprise the minority vote. See what is now happening to good leaders like Peter Kenneth and the like.

      1. @Sinclair Shawn: You are very right pal. But Kenyans are too sentimental. They want only to be associated with leader. The pride of “owning” the president is just about it. Those who are only armed with tribal politics know it works. Gullibles dont require much. Feed them them with thats nearly plausible and the prize is yours. Its that siimple dear. PM Raila knows it only too well. He has no other line. His political career has remained pegged on that. Look back pal and its all there: supposed owner of “fight for us” referring to a failed tribal coup, purported “bringer of multipartism” when truly he was no where even near the frontline during the fight for same! He was either in remand prison or in detention because of the coup attempt. And again, a fake “proud giver” of the new constitution! But surprisingly, to this day, he doesnt understand no single Kenyan was opposed to the document. He keeps on talking about those who “opposed” it! But how would he purport to own it without adding more lies?And dont ever forget he is the only fake reformer in a land of 40million people! In that regard, be sure if brother Uhuru is not careful, he is certainly set for the worst nightmare in his entire life. Kindly mark my words, may be you can come on board on 6th March, 2013! 5th March would be the shock day!!!!

  5. As a sober Kenyan, it is evident that this article is from the tribal grouping. I did not see any comparison or policies that will develop Kenya. KURIA it is a shame that you have decided to be misguided by your non exposure to what leadership is all about.
    After the promulgation of the new constitution we have to build institutions that will stand the test of time. Judiciary has had its reforms and things are looking better. The next face is the Executive and Legislature that have to be reformed in the forth coming elections. I submit to all of you, all the side shows are an attempt to take away our resolve to purge this institutions. Time has come for our nation to transition from kindergarten politics to politics of development that will empower Kenyans to reach greater heights in the economy. The magic wand for better lives is a peaceful, innovative, hardworking society that will ensure we lift the standards of living, where the majority earn less than $2 per day. KURIA its time to make the transition with other Kenyans.

  6. Kuria’s piece would be so believable if it wasn’t for the fact that he is also driven by a tribal agenda. Thus he lacks the moral authority to lecture anyone on tribal agendas. Is there any ideological reason he left PNU for TNA other than tribal affiliation to Kenyatta? The same goes for Margaret Wanjiru and Shebesh. And this so-called “visionary” Uhuru – when does he plan to return all the land his father stole from Kenyans, causing untold misery and clashes over the years among Kenyans?

  7. “It is not in Raila’s nature or psychological makeup to offer anyone the ‘formula’ for his own defeat.”……….In 2003 he support Kibaki,was it in his nature then to do a formula that ensured his own defeat?

    1. @doreen: PM Raila was a serious opportunist in 2002. His Kibaki Tosha thing was neither sincere nor honest. It was a scheme to cut down Mzee Hon. Simeon Nyachae who was poised to become the compromize candidate for Narc. Raila jumped the gun to stop his political demise at the hands of Nyachae presidency. We therefore need not talk about false support/feats coated with better language!

          1. well Pal..normally i dont engage Lowlifes like you in matters intellect,,iil exempt u and give u the decency of a response though,..why all the rage against the PM,your paymaster must be proud of u.,However much you try to sound politically correct,you end up bringin out the jerk ass in you with all ur venom filled posts.careful not to drive away neutral votes like myself and hundred thou others,who crave real change and are assessing these candidates from an non partisan point of view. Sober up pal, stop throwing stones from the comfort of your glass house..

          2. @Phil Oronje: Well .. well..well! This sounds pretty rich! Actually is the kind of stuff we expect from you. Its just too predictable! However, you must understand that insults belong to their owners. And not only that, merchants of deceit are poltically crowling on their fours simply because of resorting to them. “Lowlifes” eh?! I dont seem to get this one but all the same, I dont need to. Its coming from a frustrated character who can easily opt for suicide once the earth doesnt follow false unusual path. For one, am NOT on payroll of tribal masters like you. I just support the candidate I believe is best for us. Am not supporting my village idol like you. We are therefore miles apart with all your pretended “highlifes,” if I were to craft an opposite of what you paraded!

            You need to front facts that can support your spews pal. I have no hostility against any one at all. Nonetheless, I do know your idol is a perpetual liar. Clear facts are there to support my assertions! He says he “fought for us” by getting involved in a tribal failed coup. Tell us whether thats correct dear. He claims he “brought” multi-party for us. While the truth is that he was during the entire period for struggle for multipartyism either in remand prison or in detention. Contradict me on that please. He purports to have “given” us a new constitution. Nevertheless, his finger prints are no where to be found.

            Infact, all indications are that he never knew what was going on! Why do I say that? This is because he has continued to claim that some people were opposed to the new constitution, while the truth is that NO SINGLE KENYAN WAS OPPOSED TO THE DOCUMENT. After reading the law that had been drawn by experts, Kenyans ONLY WANTED AMENDMENTS on the 25% of it that was said to be bad. YES camp wanted those amendments done after passage. On the other hand, NO camp wanted those amendments effected before passage. In a clear case of mere “WHEN,” tell us how one would parade opponents, watermelons and God knows what else?! And still manage to fake ownership? Tell us what would have been the case if Hon. Mutula Kilonzo was an Odm fellow? Perhaps, propaganda bombardment of once supposed super deeds would have driven us crazy!

      1. @john ngari: How could he have stayed there when his “Kibaki Tosha” thing was wicked, marked by deceptive support? As usual, when you use malice to get your way it never works. Infact, if he was sincere about it, we wont even have had PEV.

        1. and the cycle continues i remember at one time before 2007 elections he asked kibaki to address his supporters in mother tongue, May God save kenya from this monster called RAO.

          1. @john ngari: That has always been my prayer…Amen! Can you imagine a president who doesnt have anything in his head but utter tribalism? Guy who sees numerous tribesmen as no more than voting objects? And his whole life revolves around that primitive idea alone!

          2. @jenny jones I have heard that before! The problem with you guys is that you prefer being fed with lies. However, when you are confronted with naked truth, you dismiss it as hatred or worse. I gues, thats why people like Okech Kendo would use a whole half page of The Standard Newspaper to assault VP Kalonzo Musyoka, for apparently not arm-twisting or buying his party chairman to remain in his Wiper Party. And that obvious wicked corruption becomes the “hard fight” to become president! And Odm is in competition Wiper Party! So whats Kendo’s concern for other than malice? Surely, even if you have maddening fixation with the VP, you dont resort to the cheap to assault him. After all, he has fought his way to the top without thieving! Cant you just give him credit on that one?

            Now Jones, you are saying that am a tribal “verorm” and should be just a little Kenyan. But you dont say why all that. Nevertheless, my take is that you are frustrated by my truthful hard knocks. And instead of countering me, you opt for the easy one, to insult. But that doesnt solve the problem. Because you dont tell us why you think am all the nonsense you have posted. I dont blame you anyway because thats the line taken by most of Odm folks including Mr.Kendo. Anything that seems to expose their ever lying idol is quickly and irrationally dismissed. Then attempts are made to cover the obvious with a clear glas of mud! Even brother Miguna Miguna’s highly truthful book was exposed to such murderous hatred. One thing you should know jones is that I dont post that cant be verified.

            Thieves and conmen are very good at pointing fingers. The good thing however is that Kenyans are alot wiser than ever before. Thats why they can easily establish that PM Raila’s purported “fight for us” was a hoax. They are also able to confirm that his much hyped fight for multiparty and new constitution are no more than twisted falsehoods coated with element of plausiblity. Leaders are identified by their achievements not their capacity to bribe and create false make-believes. Thats why my support is for VP Kalonzo Musyoka. Free education, 24 hour economy and Shs.2,000/= for our old folks are all his ideas. He is also the only candidate who wears international peace maker jersey! Tell me any other candidate that has given the country a single idea – not even ideas? Odm, despite heavy favorable publicity, thrives on mischief and the cheap! And if I were tribalist, I would be firmly in TNA by now my friend.

  8. “In Raila’s scheming perspective, the only viable strategy at this
    point in time is to highlight Uhuru, isolate him and then encircle him
    and choke him off in another attempted “41-against-1″ tribal arithmetic
    Can you pick this up with the Director for public prosecution because what you are alleging is conspiracy to commit a crime if not the DPP should ask that you be prosecuted…….i understand that you are paid to do this but be real and stop war mongering and hate!

  9. the article is written by somebody working for uhuru so we all expect it to be leaning towards somewhere. that aside the article is factual in two ways:
    1. raila is fattening uhuru for slaughter.
    2. uhuru and his team, read kuria, have willingly acccepted to take the multivitamins.
    like a hunter every politician must have a strategy to get something out of the thick political forest. if railas strategy is to drag uhuru to the ballot and slay him there, so what? that is his plan. what about others plans, whats uhurus plan for instance? methinks he wants to ensure dfeat of raila by all means. so whether he runs or not, whoever defeats raila will be uhuru or uhurus man.

  10. Kuria you must be a genius to know what is inside Raila’s head. What makes you think the 2-horse race is not Kiyapi-Rao? Assumptions is the mother of all embarassments. Please remember to clean the eggs off your face. And while at it don’t forget to push your claim. Good luck

    1. Raila could be happy to have people like you being his audience did you Kiyiapi?? everybody with good thinking knows how Raila wants it to be, no wonder he has always wanted Uhuru’s name to be on ballot.

    2. @Eunuch: Two horse race is Raila’s cheap asset. You surely cant insult and tribalize several candidates. Insults and tribalism can only be a two horse race! And dont ever forget Raila has nothing to offer in terms of issues. Thats why he has had to cook up fictitious feats to attempt up his empty political career!

  11. Ikolomani, all christians gang against the devil not that he can beat may be even a single of them, but because the devil is a don’t care. The devil stands to loose nothing after any eventuality and that’s why nobody wants to be known or seen to associate with him.

    When the likes of Matiba and the others were uniting against Moi, the results was that he agreed to multiparty politics, but the 2 term presidency started with him, what do you make out of that sir

  12. Kuria, This is a good piece of work, you deserve your regular pay check. It sounds sweet to the ears of TNA members. By saying that Uhuru’s strengths are his personality, goodwill, magnanimity, conviction…etc, are you sure Ruto & RAO have none of these or even better. You sound more like a fanatic when you praise defectors to TNA without proving that they are on political survival moves. Try to bring out your points without appearing to be discrediting your opponents on baseless grounds

  13. Moses kuria is uhuru employ who has no moral authority to lecture us on RAO’s schemes! Can he tell us how many Non Kikuyu politicians have moved to TNA? TNA is the new PNU and nothing has changed…..only the name. Uhuru will not even be on the ballot and he is assuming it to be a RAO uhuru race! The precedence set by our courts on integrity and leadership are a pointer to the fact that uhuru’s name cannot be on the ballot paper and yet he is facing crimes against humanity!!!

  14. And now we know why the two horse slogan has not ceased to follow raila’s mouth, KUMBE! but this time tunamuonea line eighteen. the proverbial mjinga akielevuka!! shame on you JANDUONG!!!

    1. niridhani wewe umekwisha elevuka, you guys are really damn you thought ODM will do your campaigning for free am even astonished the ilks of you had to be emancipated from your ignorance by such a writer, fellows are doomed.

  15. The writer is seriously misguided into believing that everyone is leaving ODM and going TNA…Raila has not abused anyone as a Punda. He just talked of a “Political Proverb”. My freind ODM is not equivalent of TNA apart from TNA possesing “just one” single bloc of votes which is Agikuyu not even Gema as many GEMA are also in ODM including ODM Director of Elections, Kathurima, Imanyara and others. ODM is everywhere. In Rift, Western, Nyanza, Coast, Upper Eastern, North Eastern and Nairobi whereas TNA is only in Central with Moja moja in smaller smaller patches.

    1. @Wariyaahe: Political proverb, my foot! PM Raila has been the most abusive person in the history of this country. He has also been the most tribalistic despite lame pretences to the contrary. Infact, the very idea of talking about two-horse race is meant to display tribalism at its worst. Thats because it isolates those small communities. It purports to bestow superiority on large tribal numbers that dont add any value at all to leadership of the country. Its actually the worst way to divide the country on tribal lines. Its actually treasonable because it leaves small communities with no option but look for alternatives outside that numerical tribal dominance. Odm is everywhere in your mind only! Perhaps, it was everywhere when collaterals (tribal kingpins) were there but not anymore! The party cant last when somebody forgets that he had a borrowed support. Infact, before the collaterals, there was unwritten law that Raila was not electable! However, once he was unitedly brought on board, he started playing mister big. I guess, thats how he ended up politically crowling on his fours! So which is this Odm you are writting about?

  16. Kwani this Pratt fellow has to answer kila comment??Boss umeshinda na Uhuru, take him statehouse today tuone kama Kenya itakuwa 1st world

    1. @Babalao: I can feel the frustrations dear! Why cant you do likewise? Its free for all! Why cant you ask me to go for CEO job? I have a taste for action! I wont create false feats and parade tribalism for myself. The common denominator in Odm and TNA is tribalism at its worst. The Odm and TNA are crudely driven by pugnacious tribalism. Tell me, what are PM Raila’s real achievements? And not the normal false reform songs that have no basis! Any known brilliant idea from him? My brother Uhuru is even worse, for he doesnt lie about anything!

  17. Please guys you have written alot of tribalism, alot of crap and so long comments, si muandike article yenu if you have the substance. Kuria, kindly stick to facts capable of verification.

  18. i feel for all of you odm and Tna supporters for your illusioned believe that the leadership of this country is a researve for uhuru or Raila mtashangaa by the way not all of your tribesmen think the same as you people some of us rise way above tribal politics and uphold patriotism more than anything else for when we suffer no single community that do not suffer when these politicians you try to protect and support so passionately plunder our economy and increase thier salaries i see you on the streets crying haki yetu so please style up people and be kenyans first even if the kenyattas or railas of these world becomes the president it is only for ten years utmost or twenty for that matter but kenya will be here for posterity so sobber up!!!!!

    1. @Jimmy Mwai: Correct! Brother Uhuru and PM Raila are the most tribalized leaders in this country. They see every issue with a tribal mirror and then dilute themselves that other Kenyans have such conceited view of things. They dont even imagine that we might be hugely alarmed by their tribal minds disguised as leadership!

  19. When are we ever going to vote for Kenya? If you love Kenya vote for someone who will lead us into making Kenya a great nation. We are still a very young democracy. we have many battles facing us- insecurity, hunger, corruption, diseases etc etc but we are still fighting for individuals whom at the end of the day are not the solution to our problems. lets unite against our common enemies, and believe u me Raila and Uhuru are not our enemies nor are they our burden to bear. They are just individual Kenyans looking for employment in that big office and we are the employer. lets Vet and vote wisely and elect LEADERS.

    1. @IZO: You are right pal. The problem with us is that we are easily swayed by tribal talk. We hardly face issues but rather go for the cheap. You simply dont become a serious presidential candidate just because you come from a big tribe. Your record must speak for you. Your credible program action for the country must stand any scrutiny for us to take you seriously. However, when Kenyans are trying to check for above, some sort of drunken fellow comes around parading self-serving so called two-horse race. And before Kenyans realize whats afoot, certainly its the “major issue” on the table! How we allow that to happen is hard to discern.

  20. 2 HORSE RACE = RUN OFF. . . THE REST IS SUBJECT TO YOUR IMAGINATION- THEORIES AND ETHNICALLY FUELED RUBBISH! Can we get a Prezzo 1st round? NKT! Is RAO guaranteed to be a Horse? by saying Yes>>> it means that you acknowledge THE MAN and thus the need for several pundas to come together (FORM A CYBORG DONKEY) to beat the HORSE in a race! YOU CAN’T HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT (let Kenya decide on who is a horse and who is a Donkey! ) RAO Can not force his way. . . Give the facts and prove them beyond doubt. Asking Kenyans to vote AGAINST- instead of voting for!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE! VOTE FOR. KENYA IS WATCHING. THANKS FOR YOUR PROPAGANDA. . . REGARDS,

    1. @KENYAN HIMSELF: First, you must understand that empties have away with filling up that emptiness. Having said that, just take the top candidates and check one by one what their records says. We start with

      1. Brother VP Kalonzo Musyoka: longest serving MP after president Kibaki. Never corrupt. Never uses tribe as his basis for support. Very civil. International peace maker and diplomat. Brought free education idea, 24 four hour economy idea, 2,000/= for our old folks idea and even presidential debate idea is his.

      2. PM Raila, one of the longest serving MPS – 20 years in parliament. Introducer of toxic tribalism in the country, master of irrational defiance, master of anti-Kikuyu speeches and master of deceit. Apart from the many false feats, there is truly nothing to say about him.

      3. DPM Uhuru, false accounts at finance ministry. Master tribalist parading tribal numbers as political clout, corruption and bribery seems to be the driving force behind TNA. And nothing, nothing at all!

      4. Brother Hon. William Ruto: The most articulate and highly tribalistic. Can easily pass as our Obama. Did pretty well at ministries of agriculture and higher education. Hard working but dodged by scandals. Perhaps too young to understand consequences of ones actions. Would make a good president but fears about his tribalistic tendencies linger on.

      5. DPM Musalia Mudavadi, paid the highest amount to goldenburg international while finance minister. Dodged by scandals. Runs parking lots in Mombasa in name of MC of Msa, acquired while local government minister. A principal tribalist whom in 2007 dismissed Kikuyus as vile pumpkin weeds that needed to be uprooted from western Kenya. Infact, Kenyan refugees on the Ugandan side of the borther are from his backyard. Never known to have ideas. Engineered firing of Kikuyus as town clerks when he was local government minister.

      I dont need to go beyond this. But among the five, who is most maligned and why? Who fits the bill and seems to have some ideas and achievements. Who is less tribalized?

    1. @onetwo: Toxic tribal loyalty is poisonous my friend. You think by playing mischief you are helping your village idol or bereft of ideas? Why cant you tell us whether my post reflects reality or not instead of coiling and recoiling to normal kikuyu bashing?

  21. @ mwanginrb why the bitterness, you wont accept the truth even if it is said by yourself till you are not a kikuyu? muone wewe. the truth will remain. Rao is underestimating the donkeys. who tells him he is not one donkeys! while others emerge as horses?

    For the shamba where were you, kenya was free for all by then why did you get?
    the issue of tagging uhuru with is father is wrong. you either vote for him or not he is a kenyan with his rights. deal with it.

  22. Whats up with this political insults by ordinary Kenyans who do not even know that whoever wins the elections, their problems will remain. You must know that this kind of reckless hatred towards each other brought pain and suffering to ordinary kenyans and power and influence to politicians in 2007/2008 violence.

    1. @concerned Kenyan: Some of us are merely saying the way it is and nothing more. However, there is another group that cant stand true facts or anything thats not favorable to their idol. The answer to every issue that doesnt agree with their point of view has been insults, name-calling and accusations of being Kikuyus. One would think Kikuyus are a banned organization! Their failures and success of some Kikuyus hardly tally with their thinking. That success comes with extremely hard work is not recognized at all. Most of these people are supporters of Odm party. You therefore need to display specificity when questioning our conduct.

  23. Raila Odinga says

    We have created the only kind of coalition that can work – a coalition
    of the willing! We are headed for a massive victory in March. Let no
    one fool Kenyans that such and such region is committed to the other
    side. Kenyans are too savvy now to be herded like sheep to alliances
    that serve nothing but their leaders’ interests. The people know what
    they want. They will not succumb to bribery or intimidation. A few
    leaders can be bought but not an entire community or country.

  24. Kenya is more to developed and safe without corruption under ODM / CORD than under TUU society and by the way TUU has majority obliques national liabilities persons who have been in and out of courts with pending twisted or unfinished cases from corruption to fatality. Only Uhuru has one unfortunate case (God guide him thru), the rest multiple.

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