Raila should resign

I will begin by saying that i support the process of finding justice for the PEV and i hope the truth will be realized at the end regardless of the noise made by the Ocampo six before they left for the Hague. But as the suspect take responsibility for their actions during the post election violence experienced in our country it would be immoral for the Prime minister to continue enjoying the privileges of his official post in government while the post is a product of the violence.If he was honest yesterday when giving his address to the nation that we should take time and unite as we remember and pray for the victims of the 2008 chaos he should lead the way by tendering his resignation letter so that to show solidarity which he purports to defend and fight for. it is pure common sense that if it was not for the violence he would be warming the opposition seat in parliament because according to official announcements by the ECK at the time Kibaki had worn the elections.Just because there was an expectation he would win does mean it was automatic he would win.Kibaki was even quoted by the information from wiki leaks(Which are gossips by our leaders to foreigners) that to him he genuinely knew he had worn the elections as it was announced. so Mr Prime minister it does not make sense to continue holding an office which you got through violence and be the one shouting that people should be tried for the same violence.Kindly resign and we will always trust your word.

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