Raila Odinga is full of empty rhetoric


Raila Odinga’s diatribe – for that is what it is – has confirmed one thing: That 25-year empty rhetoric is not about to abate; if anything, it can only increase.

The fight against corruption has never reached the level and proportion that the Jubilee administration has taken it.

90 days ago, President Uhuru Kenyatta took the unprecedented step of unveiling the corruption in Government. He took an Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission list of 175 officials to a joint session of Parliament and urged the individuals named to step aside.

He also asked the institutions constitutionally mandated to fight graft to process it. Since then, nearly 100 officials, including two Cabinet Secretaries, have been charged in courts of law all over the country. This is action at the heart of Government. And it will continue.

Administrative action has been instituted to stop cartels that have previously run roughshod in Government corridors. As a result, Government is paying for services many times less than previously. The noise around the Standard Gauge Railway, laptops and other mega projects is the product of hungry cartels stopped dead in their tracks.

Compare this with Raila Odinga’s tenure as Prime Minister. Nothing was sacred – neither the maize of our farmers nor the Sh300 paid to each young man and woman who took part in slashing grass and uncovering manholes under the Kazi kwa Vijana programme. Fuel in our reserves was siphoned out, disappearing in the same way the Kisumu Molasses Plant was grabbed from the public.

You cannot compare the Jubilee administration’s transformative agenda for Kenya with Raila Odinga’s adventure. You can only contrast. The Government is transforming Kenya; Raila’s is rhetoric and a gangland approach.

Terrorism and other forms of insecurity are serious threats to our people and our country. The President and the Deputy President, together with the security forces, have worked hard and long to make Kenya safe.

More security officers are being trained and equipped to fight insecurity. Their welfare has been boosted with better tools, better working conditions and better remuneration. The communities and leaders in northern Kenya, the North Rift and in fact all Kenyans are working with Government to find a solution of solutions for conflict and terror.

Al Shaabab is cornered, devastated and weakened by Kenya and Africa’s willpower and force of might than ever before. They know the end is near and that is why they have turned to ragtag militia tactics.

But instead of Raila Odinga and his acolytes playing national like the Government, all they see is opportunity for rhetoric. They have become Al Shabaab’s greatest morale boosters with their rallying call: Get out of Somalia. Negotiate. Kiss the terrorists!

The military went to Somalia when Raila Odinga was the second highest ranking official in Government. Then it was right. Now, it is not. This is unbridled rhetoric for a person to whom Kenya is only a personal opportunity.

Raila Odinga ends his rhetoric with more rhetoric, even unashamedly claiming the credit for the new Constitution. The Constitution is the fruit of many farmers who planted the seed and they did it for God and country. They, therefore, see no reason to mount the rooftops to proclaim it.

This rhetoric has betrayed Raila’s agemates and people old enough to be his children. That can be forgiven. What will not be forgiven is betrayal of children old enough to be his grandchildren.

(The author is the Majority Leader in the National Assembly)

9 Replies to “Raila Odinga is full of empty rhetoric”

  1. Who in his sense really takes seriously what Raila says other than Duale? Raila has nothing to offfer to Kenya, he is not in the government and knows nothing about the security of a county let alone the country.

  2. A case of pot and kettle which one is more black. Duale advised Al-shabaab to move attacks from Eastleigh to Machakos so that the interests of Somalis are not affected.
    Moving out of Somalia is not a taboo subject neither does support of withdraw make one an Alshabaab morale booster. Increasingly the fact is that Kenyan troops in Somalia no longer serve Kenyan interests – securing the border from terrorists infiltration. They are under Amisom which have a totally different mandate within Somalia – Amisom mandate is not to secure our border. Kenyan troops were not to be deployed in somalia for ever….it is time to exit and use our troops to reinforce control of our border.
    In a multi-party system like Kenyan, it is unrealistic to expect everyone to sing praises to the government of the day. challenging the government’s narrative, discrediting the government, demanding accountability are universal accepted tools for opposition party /leader seeking power

  3. Duale himself is teh one full of rhetoric. He publicly declared in somali language that was captured by BBC that they’d talk to al shabab and negotiate! The other day he said he’d supply the names of the terrorists and his 30 days self deadline lapsed so many weeks ago. Who is kissing the terrorists?

    What Duale is doing here is only picking up on the issue of Kazi Kwa Vijana of which the World Bank itself cleared the former PM’s office and there has never been any investigation on it anyway! Uhuru was Finance minister then and in charge of those KKV funds, wasn’t he? If anything was lost then he’s also culpable, no?

    All the time, when govt is criticized constructively by opposition it always dismisses it as noise, yet does nothing to correct on what it is being criticized for. Always on the defensive.

    1. Leave him alone these is our son from no mans land!! He drunk lots of Camel milk a lot!! His tongue needs to be trimmed a little pit!! he doesn’t like fish from Tana River cuz his memory is declining!!

  4. Intellectual dishonesty. Duale is trying to insult our collective intelligence or has very little regard for our mental capacity that he selected to air it.Every Kenyan worth his salt knows that Raila never was incharge of this country,never had any powers to call the shots and the prime ministrial post was nominal.Raila knew it and all Kenyans know it.Therefore to go round and accuse him of failures as if he was the president of the country or had any significant say in the affairs of the nation or had any powers over those who ruled us is disingenuous in the least.We all remember what happened when Raila forgot the limits of his powerlessness and fired the current DP who was then Agriculture minister for the maize scandal.Within 24 hours the then president of the country reinstated him to show who was boss.If anything its that president who should shoulder all the ills Duale parrots about.If Kenyans want

  5. This is a hard-hitting a response as Raila could ever get. Duale sticks to facts and verifiable, recent history.

    Who would ever have though that Cabinet Secretaries would be made to resign and face the law if they were involved in corruption? Who could have imagined that our intelligence and security, together with a well-prepared KDF, would decimate a bunch of marauding terrorists seeking a short-cut to paradise?

    That Raila’s followers resorted to destruction of Kibera’s infrastructure point to an old, pathetic politician so so driven to desperation that he would deny infants a clinic or force people back into flying-toilets as he tries to regain his grip on a people he ruled and oppressed for nearly four decades.

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