Raila: March of democracy can no longer be stopped in Kenya


My dear fellow Kenyans,

I stand before you today as a very proud Kenyan. And all of you as well should stand tall at this great moment of our history.

Amid all the tensions generated by the stunning IEBC failures in the management of this most important election since independence, you have taken no actions which would imperil our peace.

These failures dwarf anything Kenyans have ever witnessed in any previous election.

But whether you were aggrieved or joyous, you have waited patiently to see the process to resolve this dispute played out as defined by our liberating new Constitution.

Your commitment to the rule of law and to peace has put to shame the prophets of doom who were convinced the supporters of the declared loser on 4th March would embark on a bloody course.

But those same prophets are now warning that violence looms around the corner at any of the Constitutional steps that lie ahead in resolving this election dispute. They are using these scare tactics to prevent Kenyans from supporting the Constitutional process now underway for the Supreme Court to legitimize the election of the next President.

But Kenyans know from the experience of the tainted election of five years ago that violence destroys the lives of the innocent, sets back their hopes for decent livelihoods, and deeply divides them.

I want to state once again that I am not challenging the IEBC election outcome because I am determined to be declared President.

There is no democratic goal higher than respecting the will of the people to decide whom they want to lead the nation. And barring mass violence, there is no crime higher than subverting the outcome of a Presidential election.
What we are seeing in this electoral battle is the hidden struggle between the forces of change and of the status quo.

Is that successful, historic process of greater freedom for which so many sacrificed so much going to be stopped dead in its tracks by the few who refuse to yield anything to the many.

When Kenya burned five years ago after an election so tainted that Judge Kriegler said no one could be sure who won it, I readily decided to make the sacrifice that was needed to keep Kenya whole.

But what I regret is that we did not put in place any mechanism to identify and punish who the perpetrators of that election crime were.

Had we done so, the IEBC would not have dared to conduct this election in the criminally negligent manner that it did.

Recognizing the damage the sham 2007 election did to the fabric of our nation, Kenyans had created the IEBC specifically to ensure that such an election trauma would never visit us again.

And to make sure that it would have state of the art mechanisms and instruments, we spent tens of billions of shillings. And yet every mechanism and every instrument the IEBC deployed failed miserably.

Its failure and collapse, on a catastrophic scale on the polling day, so fundamentally changed the system of polling and the number of votes cast, owing to inordinate and inexplicable delays at the polling stations thereby reverting Kenya to the discredited manual system, with all the attendant risks and opportunities for abuse and manipulation which in fact took place.

These grave errors constituted fundamental contraventions of the letter, spirit and objects of the Constitution of Kenya.

They failed to ensure or secure a free or fair election and no Government could lawfully be formed by or from the purported declaration of winner on 9th March, 2013, to the dishonor of the Kenyan people.

Between February and March, the IEBC tinkered with the final register severally, and it is not clear which register was in fact used in the final tallying of the votes.

On the polling day, officers of a company by the name Kencall EPZ Limited, a call centre, were reportedly receiving the results of the general elections and specifically the Presidential ones.

How did IEBC allow Kencall to co-host both its server and that of the TNA, which may have compromised the integrity of the electoral process or at very least indicates that the TNA had access to information that should have been confidential to IEBC alone.

This clandestine arrangement of co-hosting databases is not permissible by law and indeed was not disclosed to the public or to us in the CORD Coalition.

Despite my agents regularly updating and complaining to the IEBC about the incidences of electoral frauds, malpractices and irregularities they discovered during the elections, the IEBC neglected, refused or failed to act.

Electronic voter identification kits were not functioning, officials and clerks had forgotten passwords, batteries were flat and kits were unable to charge among other impermissible reasons all of which could have been prevented by the IEBC.

This fundamentally changed the system of polling and the number of votes cast, owing to inordinate and inexplicable delays at the polling stations affected, thereby reverting Kenya to the discredited manual system, with all the attendant risks and opportunities for abuse and manipulation which in fact took place.

Among the glaring anomalies which were observed in the process of manual tallying were:

(a) The result were declared on the basis of unsigned Form 36,
(b) Multiplicity of Form 36, and variants of entries in some constituencies
(c) Alterations on files and
(d) Brazen disregard by the IEBC of the entries on the files of constituencies which were eventually reflected in the final tally of Presidential election results and which were announced without signed verification Form 34s.

In many polling stations, the valid votes cast exceeded the number of registered voters.

In specific instances, the results in Form 36 disclosed by IEBC were materially different from the results that were posted in the final tally of the presidential results.

There were several instances where registered voter numbers in polling stations were inflated in Form 34 contrary to what was contained in Form 36.

In most of those circumstances, more votes were cast than the total number of registered voters.

In other cases, there were more than two Form 36 reflecting different returns. In yet others, there were alterations in Form 36 without acknowledgment.

In yet other stations, there were different entries in two Forms 36 submitted in respect of the same constituency.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in lawfully challenging the election outcome. To do otherwise would be a betrayal of the new Constitution and therefore of everything that Kenyans hold dear.

They would forever lose their faith in elections and in democracy. That would mean they would be condemned to the rule of the few.

The multiple failures of the IEBC in fact reflect failures of so many of our new institutions. But the one institution in which all Kenyans still have faith is our new Judiciary.

It’s a faith based on their achievements in the last two years. In the new Kenya, the Courts have been vested with enormous powers, including the power to curb the unlawful use of authority by the Executive and of course the IEBC.

Let me conclude by saying that the March of Democracy can no longer be stopped in Kenya.

Our people have struggled too long and made too many gains in the last 20 years to be cowed into submission again.

We cannot begin what was supposed to be a new era, under a new constitution, in the same old ways.

Kenyans’ determination to uphold democracy is renowned around the world, and our African and international partners knew in 2007 that there would be prolonged instability if the last election outcome was let to stand.

But this time around, we have our own Supreme Court to resolve our election crisis. This is a historic case which is being watched all over Africa and the international community. Nothing like this has happened on our continent.

The new Constitution was not the beginning but the culmination of one great phase of the democratic struggle in Kenya. I am absolutely confident that the promise of that Constitution will be reinforced in the days to come by the Judges of the Supreme Court.

I have repeatedly indicated my commitment to respect and abide by the Supreme Court ruling. I invite my brother Uhuru to publicly do the same.

His joining me would strike a huge blow for the rule of law in Kenya and would also immediately reduce the tensions generated by this election outcome.

Thank you all. God bless Kenya.

54 Replies to “Raila: March of democracy can no longer be stopped in Kenya”

  1. Hon.Raila, please stop calling Uhuru your Brother. You hate them Both.. its not about the democracy its all about mate!

  2. Raila hates no one! Raila is a man of principle and stand tall for what he be leaves in. Which is equality, democracy and meny other facts, Kenyan people have been asking for and crying for. Every time some one build a house and about to move in some crooks use the back door and occupied it. This time we are not going to agree to shar the house, this time we are going to trough you out and move in to hour house. You had taken enough of ours.

  3. You can beat uhuru he has more numbers support than you. even if you go for re run you will still be beaten. Prezo wa opinion poll.Your behaving like your advice Miguna.Its i high time you now write a book…..titled peelinig back the mask of IEBC…..

  4. Surely 100% turnout to riot but not voting? we need peace and need to back to work. Iam the court will need peaceful to deliver the judgement.

    1. Both Raila and Uhuru understand Democracy. I have listened to both. None of them want Kenya to survive without the rule of law. They mean it when they call each other brother. In politics there is only friendship. that is why they swop alliances. But the public are not broad minded, that is why the public read only hatred and fight. Let us support our leaders at this crucial time. Both Raila and Uhuru need our empathy not sympathy. We are all Kenyans who believe we have a contribution to make.

  5. It is only democracy when you
    win??!! I still want you to hand over the people of siaya their democratic
    rights. you have imposed on them wrong leadership and you have made the orengo’s,
    nyang nygongo’s to defect to you to your undemocratic odm for them to be sat on
    by you. They cannot think and reason beyond you!? You double speak all the
    time. Calling those who are under you names and only to praise them when you
    think you can use them to achieve your political tyranny. You did not ever work
    with Amos, wetangulas, kalonzo musyoka (the watermelon – you referred to him
    like that) mutula kalozo (who moi’s lawyer you had perennially learnt to hate).
    Why are you killing democracy by practicing “trial democracy”?

  6. March of democracy is when Raila is complaining about it NOT any other person. What will happen when Jubilee supporters start clamoring for democracy too?

  7. This time minority and majority who have no money to pay people will not rule otherwise democracy is nothing.

  8. Well put Your Excellency The Prime Minister.We are watching without ceasing.Democracy must prevail;Justice must stand.Kenya is 4all of us.Uhuru is your brother just as u put it.Those who do not have the intelligence of understanding you today shall so do in the near future after the patience,brotherhood and love prevailing now is overtaken by impatience, enemity and hate.
    Preach peace,tirelessly stand for democracy and liberate our country.We all know what you have done for this nation so far.What you intend to do (making all Kenyans feel the easyness of living) is what you are being fought of.Keep the faith,fight the battle.Victory is all yours at last.God bless you.God bless Kenya.

  9. Dear Mr. Odinga (I believe you currently hold no title) I would like you to stop commiting yourself to issues you know you will not commit to. I recall you commmited to accept the outcome of the election, well YOU DID NOT! This has made Kenyans Question the elections outcome whereas they had innitially accepted. I will state it here WE BLAME YOU FOR the blood shed in 2007/2008 PEV! That is why you will never win!! Now you claim that you will commit to the outcome of the petition! We all know you WILL NOT, especially if its against you! Please Sir kenyans do not want you to lead them!!! Respect that decision and go home for the sake of the country. Kenya is Bigger than YOU!

    1. Who told you Kenyans accepted.. which Kenyans have you interviewed and how many? Remember silence is no consent. Speak for yourself and not for the general public. I don’t see why one should be annoyed with the matter being taken to the supreme court… this is a democratic country and if anyone feels the elections were not fair it is ok to go to court. The truth has to be known and every Kenyan has a right to the truth. There were far too many coincidences to be overlooked and if you sober up from your arrogance you will agree with me.

  10. The title of this article is misleading. It should be: “March of the West to control Kenya unstoppable”…….but it will be stopped right on it’s evil tracks. Kenyans are resilient people and can dig deeper in a fight back. Utabaki upweke ndugu yetu!

  11. I loved reading this letter from Mr.Odinga! I was not a voter.

    No matter the outcome, if Odinga and Cord are able tobe granted a day in court and that case is finally concluded, they would have made history by establishing a Benchmark.

    New guidelines and safeguards will be written that will guide Kenya’s future elections in a way that our grand parents would never have imagined.

    The world is going to unite and help Kenya continue
    to prosper, be lawful and ethnically cohesive, legitimate, transparent and
    a crown jewel of Africa.

    If it turns out that Safaricom was complicit inany fraud, its business reputation, ethics and credibility willbe tarnished such that executives and officers of that company many
    stand trial.

    Future contracting companies will have to be truthful, especially
    in this electronic age. The companies that sold the tally machines will learn
    what happened to their machines and hopefully make them more tamper proof.

    This whole exercise is good for Kenya, irrespective of tribe, who you support or
    voted for.

    I pray that the world unite behind Odinga, et al, to see that Kenya’s
    Independence and democracy is preserved and that the absolute truth is reached
    without any human life lost.

    Kenya does not belong to any one Person or tribe;it’s a country of many millions and tribes and non- tribal persons. Kenyans,and the rest of the world, should rejoice that possibly, millions of lives will be saved, in the future, through this law suit.

  12. Indeed true. Raila can no longer stop the march for democracy in Kenya. Kenyans voted. You lost. Please respect the outcome.

  13. Mmhhh….i wonder what happened to the promise “i will concede if defeated”…..stop bothering everyone old man, we are trying to work.

  14. Ati I invite my brother, yet he is the same person who said he was a criminal who should be in prison. How hypocritical.

  15. Stop it! Raila and act like a big boy. Concede defeat! Country is larger than power. Make an example of it and let that be your legacy. – Concerned Citizen

  16. Uhuru cannot be your Brother he is your Excellency President of the Republic of Kenya!!!! Address him properly as Mr. President Uhuru Kenyatta then you shall get blessings of many.
    Thanks RAO and co-operate with all Kenyans as we try to move this country to another level.

    1. How deluded… Even uhuru himself or IEBC have not called him president… One becomes a president after swearing …. Now at best he is president elect … which is still disputed.


  18. Hon Raila, Uhuru won the election, the IEBC despite numerous challenges carried out the elections in a very open and diligent manner. There is no tension among Kenyans about the outcome of the election, you are the one creating tension where there is none. I did vote you five years ago, and even though you were not sworn in as president, your failure to demonstrate your leadership skills in the last five years you were Prime Minister are the reason I never voted for you this time round and I can assure you many Kenyans feel the same. I respect that you have gone to the courts instead of instigating violence and now I’m pleading with you to stay still and wait for the court ruling. Please don’t call Uhuru Brother because we all know you think of him as anything but that. The way he has carried himself so far shows his commitment towards serving the people of Kenya, and respect to the rule of law.

    1. Suzie Mkenya, whatever you call yourself nobody here wants to know whom you voted for, who cares anyway!!!!!! Just have some little bit of respect when you are addressing people in this country who struggled for the freedom of speech country that you are now enjoying……………….not only Raila but others too.

      At some stages, when you were still in your mother’s womb, your fathers used to pie on their pants before mentioning the name of any former president…………no freedom of speech!!! so don’t misuse this opportunity to express your childish, ignorant attitude to the public.

  19. why should we help you to find a job and we are also jobless you lost fairly those who will follow your selfish ideas will be thick upstairs.

  20. Raila won the election right with 55% but the thief who are known by the international criminal court stall the victory. They said they had the numbers, but we wondered why they could not win with their numbers but only to steal at gun point

  21. Uhuru and ruto must decide and resign because they can not lead the country but are capable of stilling government funds. Raila must be given his victory.

  22. I agree with Raila. Uhuru and ruto thought they will impose themselves to the people! they must step a side and go to Hague right now

  23. RAO it’s amazing how two faced you are, we are tired of your greed and lack of political maturity which is quite evident when you can’t admit defeat and now we are all seeing who the real instigator of the post poll chaos was back in 2007!!! it’s unraveling before us now it’s called karma and it came right back n bit u in the ass!!

  24. it hard to swallow but some people will still have to swallow it. the country has changed.. old tricks do not work any longer, if you say you have won be sure it will stand in court. this process is good for the future of this country. IEBC should explain the failures, we spent a lot of money on equipment that failed. why?

  25. Its time for you to retire Mr. Odinga. Please respect Kenyans and their decision to not elect you as president. This shows what type of a person you are, I’m glad Kenyans did not elect you. You are not entitled to be president, it was never meant to be and i think it’s time for you to enjoy your retirement and go down in history books,

    1. Please speak for yourself… On what authority can you say “it was never meant to be”? You can only control your single vote. I and other millions have voted for him and would like to find the truth of this election including who won

  26. Kenyans must not confuse greedy of power with fight for justice and democracy….kenya is bigger than one individual.

  27. hallo raiya, naamini kwamba utakua mwananchi mwema mimi nilipigia wewe kura lakini naregret kwani huwezi kubali matokeo bila fujo sisi ni raiya saa ingine hakuna chakula na tunaendelea wacha maringo ulijihalibia mwenyewe na nominations

  28. With all the due respect sir, I hope you have the time to read the comments and what we feel. consider this sir, a comment by a concerned Kenyan..( RAO is like a kid that is aggressive and fights for something but when they get the toy they lose interest. Ok He fought to be
    the MP for Langata and he got it, can we say that the Kibera slums improved because of him, did we have water, sanitation and schools for the largest slums in Sub-sahara Africa? NO. He
    fought to control the Nyanza vote and he got it… Did Nyanza improve in its
    vital areas of more democratic space, school enrollment, agriculture and roads.
    Any society must be self sustaining, must be able to produce something.. that’s
    the back bone of central province success. The answer is NO. He fought to stop
    MOI and his rule and even become the prime minister… Did he use the Luth
    manie lwete to offer leadership… yes and no because he believed that until he
    become president…. Kibaki had Thika road to present to his people.

    1. did you say central Province is a success? if it is, I don’t know what failure looks like. All those street kids and prostitutes?

  29. Railla will u ever admit defeat?we are the voters not the judiciary that will vote no matter what it decides.We will still give president Uhuru the votes.Will u always say the systems are flawed because the don’t dance to your tune?

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