Raila: I have every right to expose corruption


My attention has been drawn to comments made over the weekend by the Deputy President questioning my legitimacy in speaking out on corruption in Kenya.

As Archbishop Wabukala of the Anglican Church announced last week, corruption has become a national disaster. The Jubilee government has overseen the most precipitous decline in Kenya’s reputation where corruption is concerned among its own people and the international community as well.

In a recent corruption perception index, Kenya has overtaken countries long associated with the vice in Africa. Worse still, the ever-increasing number and scale of scandals indicate a level of impunity that is unprecedented in our history.

So much so that it poses a risk to Kenya’s very stability as a State and threatens our peace as corruption destroys our institutions of governance.

Yet other than platitudes and hollow promises, the Jubilee administration has failed catastrophically in dealing with corruption. Virtually every dawn begins with a new revelation of a new scandal conceived and executed by Jubilee, followed predictably by warnings.

What has changed now, two years into their administration, is that Kenyans at large recognise this alarming reality. They no longer believe the President and Deputy President. I shall continue to speak out, warn, empathise with citizens and play my rightful role as leader of the Opposition in Kenya.

Indeed, I would urge the Deputy President to stop further platitudes and statements on corruption. They only serve to disillusion, disgust, anger and disappoint the people of Kenya.

MARCH 23, 2015.

8 Replies to “Raila: I have every right to expose corruption”

  1. That is all good you exposing corruption. Why don’t you start with the Kisumu Molasses plant, kazi kwa vijana, the maize scandal, ODM elections, PAC scam. Your plate is full so the earlier you get down to work the better. We do not want empty rhetoric.

    1. are you sure, bring facts, not rumours, just because he is not a kikuyu, use your head, not your cursed tribe.

    2. I couldn’t have said it better. We need to keep his deed’s alive because the Media work very hard to keep him alive on our faces using print, TV and Radio, despite everything, they’ve already told us that’s on his hand’s. We need Raila’s Legacy spoken about until the Media wake up to their insincere and incompetent doing’s.

      There are many Luo men and women who are far better than Raila………some of them are lawyers, nurses, doctor’s, teachers, company directors, car wash attendants – waking up everyday to,sincerely, do the best they can for themselves and their families, but they continually get shamed by the one they put their hopes on. It’s time the Luo took the bull by it’s horns and said, “Enough is Enough” Nyanza deserves much better…………..Nyanza has better leaders than the one they have always depended on. I have met some of them in my school day’s, at work, when I used to go to church, in a mat and while watching a good game of soccer, be it at the stadium or in a bar……They deserve much better…..and they have much better leaders.

      1. Empty head, continue dreaming, you express sheer jealousy and tribalism on a fellow man, man up bwana, get out of your village thinking,

        1. Empty head………..continue dreaming……..LOL!!………..I swear you have a problem…LOL!!…..I wish you well…..LOL!!

  2. Now that the President has taken radical steps and called on those fingered for corruption to step aside, Raila has spun a full 180 degrees and started mumbling that the actions are “unconstitutional”. The double-speak!! The shamelessness!!

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