Raila fires another salvo at ICC suspects


1. The next General Election in Kenya will be a referendum on the rule of law – the chance to choose between the rule of law and impunity, between reform and reversal of the gains of the past two decades, between anarchy and order.

2. Kenyans participated in a democratic election on 27 December 2007. The election was subsequently compromised.

3. Some forces with a selfish agenda of their own, which included settling scores that had nothing to do with the elections, took advantage of the ensuing protest against this disenfranchisement of the Kenyan electorate. This was a repeat of similar events in 1991-92 and in 1997. In 2008, more than 1,300 Kenyans were killed, hundreds of thousands were forcefully renditioned and thousands suffered all manner of indignity, classified in the international system as crimes against humanity.

4. The victims were Kenyan citizens. They were not occupying forces from some foreign country, whose killing and eviction might have been cause for heroism and celebration. The matter was then supposed to pass quietly away, as in 1992 and 1997, and to wait for another election and another wave of crimes against innocent citizens.

5. The Grand Coalition Government was established to restore the country to normalcy and shepherd institutional reforms. Everyone said, “Never again.” But not everyone has been co-operative. The beneficiaries of the 2008 injustice have shown they will stop at nothing to frustrate reform and justice.

6. It is this spirit of impunity that frustrated efforts to establish a local tribunal to deal with post-election violence. Parliament was mobilised to defeat the Constitutional amendment that sought to do this, with the main perpetrators cunningly creating the false impression that they sought real justice, and could only achieve it through the ICC. The reality is that they did not wish the matter to be addressed at all – locally or otherwise.

7. The same people shouting then, “Don’t be vague, let us go to The Hague,” are the ones now demonising the ICC. They seek to kill two birds with one stone – dragging the Prime Minister and other innocent parties into their self-inflicted woes, and at the same time making political capital out of the ICC matter.

8. The ICC has unfortunately now become an election issue. But since it IS an election issue, let it now be known that the coming elections will also be a referendum on impunity. The time has come when every one of us must stand up to be counted. Either you are for the rule of law, or you are for impunity. It can’t be both. A choice must be made.

9. The cases before the ICC did not arise out of thin air. They are the outcome of circumstances where Kenyans were killed, forcefully evicted and otherwise dehumanised. They are also the outcome of a systematic and lawful investigation, which the Republic of Kenya is lawfully party to. At the end of that investigation and subsequent court hearings, charges have been raised against those the ICC considers should be called upon to answer for the lowest moment in Kenya’s national history.

10. A lawful process having thus been followed, the Kenyan citizens before the ICC should respect the rule of law. They should seek to defend themselves in the impending trial. If they are innocent, as they have frequently professed at charged public rallies, the court will no doubt acquit them. No public petulance on their part can substitute for the court process. Nor can forged documents and the besmirching of innocent persons’ reputations assist them.

11. It is clear that the present posturing against the ICC, complete with the weaving in of the PM’s name and that of the British Government, is a dress rehearsal for non-cooperation with the ICC. It is clear that the foundation is being laid for the accused to refuse to attend trials of the cases against them.

12. In the past, election-time atrocities have gone unaddressed. People are therefore angry that, this time, things are different. They cannot understand why it should not be business as usual. To try to change that, they are feverishly mobilising people to stand on the side of impunity. They have put impunity on the election agenda. It appears they would like to see Kenya burn again.

13. It is up to each Kenyan, therefore, to search his or her soul and decide where they stand. The choice is between the law and impunity.

14. Finally, the lie is being sold that the Prime Minister is a beneficiary of post-election violence. In fact he was the greatest loser. In the interests of peace, he accepted being denied his rightful position as the elected President of Kenya.

15. The real beneficiaries of post-election violence are only too evident. They include those currently in the process of returning property acquired in areas where post-election violence victims were known to have been dispossessed of their land. Now these beneficiaries are rushing to return the land, in order to evade court processes. What greater admission of guilt could there be?

The Raila Odinga Secretariat

24 Replies to “Raila fires another salvo at ICC suspects”

    1. Raila has already slowed the implementation of the new constitution. So who is taking us backwards? Deception wont win election pal, it can only mean losing it. However, if the character is going to win without votes, I wont say much. Why would he alienate huge section of Kenyans when he purports to be a serious presidential candidate? May be the fake polls conducted by his outfits will land him on the moon! 

      1. Just how slow are we talking about here? You seem to be driven by a phobia never before known to man! Anyway, don’t you worry yourself since I intend to educate you properly on this issues.

      2. I wonder why you could not offer yourself as a witness in the hague or better still report your claim to kenyan police now that you have such outragious evidence on ODM minutes.Is deception the only english you know. refer your previous hate speeches on this page .you statements are utterly empty and repetative without facts.

        1. Do you know who Iam in order to dwell on what you cant possibly comprehend? Obviously you dont believe Odm mass action minutes are there since you have no way of knowing, right? For your information, they are already with ICC. Infact, thats why Raila is going to be a defence witness whether he likes it or not. It will be interesting to see how he performs since there wont be childish football or parable antics! Am actually surprised you are calling whats not within your knowledge outrageous. You need to go beyond jua kali reasoning before you spew what you patently dont know. And purporting to know when you are only exposed to river road rumours is absolutely dangerous. Equip yourself with hard facts then you jump in to the ring. But as its now, your tribal loyalty is pushing you to comment on issues that are beyond you. However, I do understand. The concentrated tribalism that has been unleashed on some us is quite toxic, if not overwhelmingly deadly!!!!

  1. I suspect Raila after unleashing false documents on G7, is now setting the stage to have Hon.Ruto and Hon. Uhuru detained by the ICC. Obviously, Raila is too desperate. He would do anything to get to the presidency. But he should be warned that being the initiator of PEV, he wont go very far in twisting the truth. Kenyans know who was commander in chief of Odm forces and as such, Raila should not think that we have short memories. That he financed murderers is not in doubt at all. Attempting to clean himself by claiming that he won election is height of hypocrisy. You just dont win election by claiming so. You have to show fugures and supporting evidence. In any case, he didnt have any shred of votes in Molo, Juja And Tharaka Nthi. However, as I have repeatedly said before, Raila believes in his rapant lies to point of failing to see the truth.  

    1. which murderers did raila finance?mungiki? attempting to clean himself?of what?he is not being accused of anything.we are not talking about stolen elections in 2007 we are talking about the coming elections.get your facts right and the correcte sentence should be as i have repeatedly said..not as i repeatedly said before and just because you repeat something over and over again doesnt make it the truth.

      1. Do you know he gave Shs.300,000 to those who burned the Kiambaa church in Eldoret? Ever read Odm minutes? Did you ever hear him telling his followers to stop the wanton killings? Who called for murderous mass action pal? You think Kenyans dont know Raila is the one who unleashed untold suffering on them? And if says he is the one did the most for accepting to be a do-nothing pm after purported “stolen win,” what do you make out of it? Perhaps your tribal loyalty is commanding you to say something, albeit incoherently, but without much success! Kenyans know the naked truth with or without ICC cases.

        1. “You just dont win election by claiming so. You have to show fugures and supporting evidence”. What supporting evidence do you have to show that Raila gave 300,000/- to those who burnt Kiambaa Church? If Raila is not supposed to claim he won the 2007 elections without producing evidence, who gives that right to make outrageous claims without producing evidence? Why do people like you who claim they believe in God allow themselves to be used as peddlers of falsehood and propaganda?

          1. Ever seen or read Odm mass action minutes? Obviously you are choked by tribal loyalty that dictates you respond while armed with very little indeed. You therefore need to read alot before you start asking funny questions here. We are not saying things for sake of it. We have checked and rechecked every fact we lay on the table. But certainly not pushed by overwhelming tribalism! Your homework pal!!!

          2. What else can you say when facts are too overwhelming? Raila owns all insults and I guess, he has alot of partners in that ownership!

          3. A fact (derived from the Latin Factum) is something that has really occurred or is actually the case. 
            Propaganda is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position. Propaganda is usually repeated and dispersed over a wide variety of media in order to create the desired result in audience attitudes. 

            facts according to pratt:1.ODM minutes show that RAO gave 300000 to sponsor killings.
            2.ODM or RAO met at certain hotels and even the room numbers are available.

            where are you getting your “facts” from?what you have is propaganda and saying it over and over again wont make it a fact.BTW, no one is overwhelmed,just perplexed that you keep repeating the same thing over and over again without supporting it.

            is it ok if you share the Odm mass action minutes?i would like to go through them.at least,share a link where i can download them

          4. It would be quite easy to get Odm mass action minutes at Orange house actually. They have however been posted elsewhere (TOPIX) by a “former” Odm MP! So my facts are true and unchallengeable pal. If you are involved in River Road rumours, it becomes all too difficult to know how am getting them. For your information, we have friends all over the place. Thus, getting hard facts is never a problem. That seems to get you utterly frustrated and helpless. Perhaps, you hardly expected your “saviour” to be this wicked! You need to go beyond attempting empty tribal protection pal, dig beyond the rapant lies surrounding the man. Why would Miguna Miguna turn against his “idol” if “its” that fantastic? 

          5. bado uko?i am not frustrated neither helpless.your “facts” are true because “they have however been posted elsewhere (TOPIX) by a “former” Odm MP! ” who is this we you keep speaking off?whom are you working with?getting hard facts is a problem to you indeed because you keep repeating the same thing over and over again and end up not making sense but hope that it will be believed so for the sake of this argument…you win.

            btw…it is rampant.stop typing words the way you pronounce them.that FRUSTRATES ME

          6. You or me? Why do you say that or am hitting your village tyrant too hard? You know when you are primed to hate without reasons, you have to end up saying this kind of things. But honestly, it doesnt bother me at all. If anything, I pitty you pal. Why cant you just tell me am wrong in this or that and you give what you believe are the correct facts or version? I can then pick it up from there. But of course, when you are choked up by tribal loyalty and overwhelmed by emptiness, you have to be frustrated to the extreme! And moreso, when you want to defend your demi-god without firepower. Pole sana Ndungu!!!!

        2. no,i am not aware he gave shs 300000 to those who burned in the kiambaa church and why would this be in ODM  minutes and where did you get the ODM minutes from?where did you get this information from?he did not tell his supporters to stop wanton killings because they were not his supporters,his supporters were uprooting railways not killing or burning people in churches or taking over land left by those fleeing. please do not confuse railas supporters with mungiki and like i said before…saying something over and over again does not make it the truth.

          1. Remember the guys you are pretending to torment in RV were once Odm members? Do I need to say more then?

  2. This is a fantastic statement. It addresses the issues as they are. The next election should be an opportunity for this country to say no to impunity, corruption, dishonesty, tribalism, thievery and all those vices that have become the hall mark of many Kenyan politicians. It has to be a choice between right and wrong, the moral and the immoral. The time has come for all of us to take a position. A time to decide whether we want to be a civilised nation or we wish to join our neighbour, Somalia, as a failed state.

    1. The worst of it all pal, is that merchants of impunity, corruption, dishonesty, tribalism, thievery and whatever, shout the most. They feign descency, claim high moral ground and  most of us say halleluyah! Guys who have tried to poison the whole country with their cancerous maize are the ones presented as our saviors. Guys who wont hesitate to sacrifice a Kenyan to get their way, are our “best” leaders pal! Guys whose leadership and reform agendas are pegged on fiction and rapant lies are thrown to us as our “best bets” and are purportedly “media darlings” pal! How are we going to get out of that? The main media is basically under merchants of deceit and wont allow anything that threatens their godfathers even if best for the country. How are we going to move out of this hostage type situation? 

  3. Stop grovelling… it is unbecoming. We accepted the first statement because to err is human. This time around, you are just exposing your ignorance. In as much as I don’t like Miguna, I bet he’d have stopped these mistakes in their tracks. 

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