Raila does it again

Prime Minister Raila Odinga has done it again and his new title, “Mr Fix it”.

A few hours after jetting back into the country, only a few minutes in a meeting with matatu operators and there went the nightmare – the matatu strike was called off.

Even before the dust settles in the Mau conservation efforts, Mr Odinga has calmed yet another devastating storm while those ministers concerned watched in either helplessness or arrogance. Or was it sheer incompetence? No wonder this man continues to lead opinion poll ratings in the country.

To his critics (especially those on the other side of the political bandwagon in the coalition government) he is the man who has been poking his nose on other people’s business. Others have accused the PM of using matters of national interests to gain political mileage.

If you ask me, Mr Odinga’s critics have missed the point here: We elect leaders to deal with issues affecting the citizens and evidence is clear that the PM’s resolution of the transport crisis is doing exactly that.

I hold no brief for the Premier but honestly as a Kenyan I am impressed by his energy. Whether for political mileage or not this man has ventured into issues affecting ‘wananchi’ that other ministers have either abdicated or failed.

Whereas the PM came out as a saviour to the thousands of Kenyans who walked to work and school, shame and guilt ought to follow the man in charge of Transport in the country – Chirau Ali Mwakwere and the Internal Security Minister George Saitoti.

These two gentlemen could not even spare time to meet the matatu operators and listen to their grievances, choosing instead to send their juniors who could not move the operators an inch.

While we do not know where Mwakwere has been, we heard from the professor of Mathematics who was issuing orders from Nakuru, probably shedding crocodile tears.

The strike came against the background of increasing road accidents in the country where scores of Kenyans lost their lives as the two ministries haggled over responsibility for the mess in the transport sector.

Isn’t it a shame that it took Raila a few minutes to solve a crisis that the Ministers concerned and their juniors failed to resolve for weeks? As one of the comments on our website said, why do we need ministers if the PM can solve matters on his own?

Hail the PM! shame on Mwakwere and Saitoti!

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