President Kenyatta’s Jamhuri Day speech


Friends of Kenya,

I am happy to join you today in celebrating Kenya’s 51st Jamhuri Day. Thank you all for finding the time and making the effort to be here at this venue or attending the ceremony from your homes and other places through the media.

Jamhuri is a day to celebrate victory and promise. It is a time to reflect on our progress as we survey our nation’s prospects. Today, we remember the long, painful struggle for our freedom. Our determination in this difficult journey set us free. Free to chart our own destiny. Free to conquer poverty, illiteracy, sickness and hunger.

We also reflect on the mandate that came with our sovereignty and the obligations which accompanied freedom. Without a doubt, our founding fathers’ victory was not meaningless. Our sovereignty is a priceless legacy and a trust we must honour for ourselves and for future generations.

After independence, earlier generations grappled with the mandates which typically confront pioneers. Freedom is precious, and managing it a perpetual responsibility. While contending, we realized that our pioneering charter fell far behind the dynamic needs of a fast-growing nation and a dynamic people.

Four years ago, the people of Kenya re-imagined our Republic when we gave ourselves a new Constitution.

Our nation’s rebirth produced legal and socio-political innovations that have changed, and will change this country for good. Our Bill of Rights proceeds beyond the natural and standard fundamental rights to recognize rights to equality, affirmative action, food, clean water, healthcare and equal opportunity.

Last year, the people of Kenya graciously honoured us by choosing the Jubilee alliance to form the first Government of our Second Republic. We, therefore, became the inaugural administration vested with leading a second generation of pioneers to implement the new dispensation.

I am deeply conscious of the immense responsibility which comes with pioneering leadership for a new dispensation. When I took office as your President, my Government, whose vision is inspired by the Constitution, embarked on a systematic programme to transform

Our transformative agenda is aimed at achieving inclusive growth through equitable development for every Kenyan, in every part of Kenya. From the start, therefore, I have been keen to ensure that critical Government programmes are dedicated to realizing the promise of the Second Republic.

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