“LET US NOT BE VAGUE LET US GO TO HAGUE “These were the words of the honorable
members of parliament.
Don’t ask me why cause I just don’t understand what’s happening but one thing am
for sure is that the politicians are at it again, playing their tricks and games
on Kenyans. The question is what has changed, why the certain change to have
the PEV suspects tried locally? The govt spokes person will tell is
circumstances have changed. You and I, clearly we are out of the picture, which is
or who is not guiltily we don’t know and we can’t judge. The suspects are the
only people who know whether they are innocent or not.
The president is silent and watching the events as they unfold, leaving the
prime minister to fight the ordeal with his rivals, very clever ehh.The question
is, what impact or authority does the PM has over the ICC as his rivals say? or
is it a tag of political war? So many questions, very few answers.

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