Politicians should give Wanjiku a chance!

The struggle for increased democratisation which started back in 1991 is now showing some signs of life with the Nzamba Kitonga led Committee of Experts embarking on its work.

Kenyans are aware of the great importance of the constitutional review process which will directly contribute to the unity, prosperity, good governance and constitutionalism in Kenya.

The success of the process will be a clear indication that Kenyans can sit down and discuss openly and at length about the future of their country in the wake of the deadly post election violence witnessed early last year.

For this exercise to succeed, it is important that the process is not monopolised by a group or a section of the Kenyan society. The process must be seen to be all-inclusive.

Every Kenyan is a legitimate stakeholder in this process and thus should be afforded opportunity to participate fully in this process.

At the same time, the process should be open and transparent. Recommendations here should be made in good faith for the sake of the nation.

Politicians who have in the past dominated constitution-making processes in the country should not be allowed to control this process. Kenyans must also play their role to ensure this does not happen.

The government needs to encourage and support the process as constitutional reform is necessary for the national peace and prosperity of Kenya.

The ‘Wanjikus’ of Kenya who might not articulately argue their case through written memoranda must also be empowered to do if this process is to bear fruits.

The committee must be able to access the people in all parts of the country. This will enable Kenyans to discuss their ideas and views on the process and generally engage in a meaningful dialogue.

Kenyans should play an active role and take charge of this process if sustainable development and long term peace is to be achieved in the country.

Democracy and peace go hand in hand. Peace can only thrive in a democratic setting and a society governed by the rule of law. Real peace is extremely vital for economic and social progress in any society.

Politicians should give Kenyans a chance to chart a prosperous future for our beloved country.

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