Politicians Sheming on how to lock out Raila from becoming the 4th President , but what would happens if that is acheived?

As a Kenyan, I tend to widen my sphere when I consider our local political development; as I gaze towards the horizon, I can see though dimly what is coming. However, with the help of some strong telescopes I can see beyond my sphere and with all certitude predict what the future holds.
The political landscape in Kenya is deemed to change drastically if Raila is lock out from ascending to presidency in the coming elections and should he decide to take a back foot from active local politics after 2012.
Currently, politicians are trying to court and embrace each other with Raila being the main reason behind their courtship as we are witnessing today and more would soon be witnessed. All the same, my heart is griped with dread if that is their main reason for seeking to work together.
What I can clearly see and have no doubts about is that the same politicians will soon or later turn against each other.
In actual sense, should the Hague issue be settled and the politicians namely Ruto and Uhuru be cleared of any wrong doing…I am almost certain the two will not work together. If they do, the question we are likely to ask is, “will their union hold?” We can only speculate at the moment. However, with all certitude, our sincere answer would be, “Maybe, BUT only if they settle the issue of who will be the president and who among them would take up the post of the vice president.”
Should that happen, I can hear voices from different counties as the new constitution calls them asking another hefty question; “will the two draw up support from the rest of the country’s population bearing in mind that we still have tribal issues well entrenched in our society?”
That notwithstanding, I see and even hear some wild claims, “was Moi, who is well associated with the Kalenjin community not the second president while the first and the third came from the Kikuyu community? Accordingly the union of the two is bound to raise some questions within the grassroots and among other political leaders. Consequently, such a scenario may and I stress, may cause other communities to gang up or form a political force against the two by virtual of their respective communities.
Currently, nearly all the presidential hopefuls are fighting to lock out one man from ascending to power; they may as well achieve their objective if the wind and the political sailing conditions in the country remain favourable for them. Nevertheless, what happens after that? Will they remain glued together or their union will start crumbling soon after their objective is achieved?
Unambiguously, should their union crumble; we Kenyans would be the ultimate losers. That is bound to happen if we fail to carefully analyze the unfolding political development. Whatever has happened before in our beloved country is most probably going to recur not long from now.
In 2003, we were very much hopeful that our aspirations as a people had come true after we overwhelmingly brought KANU to its knees from the helms of the country’s leadership. Little did we know that some forces would soon frustrate our hopes, crush our spirits and endeavour to take us back from where we thought we had come from and never again go: The NARK dream was killed by these forces and the some are currently active to ensure that the dream remains dead and buried.
The ODM wave revived our hopes albeit for a short time; towards the end of 2007 and the early 2008, just after the elections, most of us for the first time since we were born faced the most heinous days of our lives. It was so terrible that so many people still dread the recurrence of such situation even as we speak; not to mention, we still have IDP’s in the camps in different parts of the country as a result of the post election violence.
What ensued were the peace accord and a coalition government; our hopes resurrected but no sooner did we begin to see cracks emerge from the coalitions partners. Supremacy battles within the government, grand corruption and other ills which we all know fairly well became the order of the days, weeks and months.
Most of what was envisaged through the peace accord remains to be fully implemented. Where we are headed; we can only say that God knows better where the country’s politics are headed and if the agenda four issues in the peace accord will be fully implemented before the next elections which are just around the corner. The 2012 campaigns are set to take pre-eminence soon, putting our hopes on the line again and we can only pray that God’s will, will prevail.
Meanwhile we can only remain hopeful even as we hold our breath that our country will overcome the forces of evil that crush our hopes and dampen our spirits after every five years.
Kenyans, we remain to lose out if we will not be careful come the next elections…most of our current leaders have nothing much to offer; we have witnessed so much over the past few months and we are yet to witness more than we have, very soon. I see a situation where we will be hoodwinked by the same politicians and end up voting them back to leadership positions. A situation that will leave us yearning for yet another liberation; a yearning we have held for so long. A liberations tune we have been called to dance upon before every elections year, yet even after dancing to it; we remain the same.
How long will this go on? Is it because of our tribes? Most probable! Nonetheless, may God forbid; I do not want negative ethnicity as Koigi Wa Wamwere calls it, hinder us from electing credible leaders, selfless and servant hearted leaders; leaders who will be there to serve the people, to defend the weak and treat all Kenyans equally irrespective of where one was born, or the names each was given by our parents etc.
Unquestionably, there are a few exceptional leaders among the current crop of leaders who can be counted to lead our Nation, however, a majority are cold hearted, selfish, bitter, haters, corrupt and some would go to an extent of doing anything to advance their course at the expense of we the people who elect them.
A good example is the current ICC/Hague and the legal fees of a few in the Ocampo list debate. I ask myself, why have we not seen any form of political good will among most of our vocal leaders pushing for the resettlement of the IDP’s? Why has there not been any dynamism that has been demonstrated towards defending the Ocampo six when it comes to the defence of the weak and helpless Kenyans who are in the camps etc?
Kenyans, let us all be warned, if we follow our politicians blindly, embraces their political schemes which they are busy scheming, we will regret. These schemes will not solve our country’s problems – working hard to lock Raila from becoming the next president will not solve the current political and leadership problems in the country.
What we as a people should seek to do, is to get rid of a majority of the current crop of leaders; we have and hold the final word. If only we can stand and be counted, we can dictate the course our country should take come 2012 through our Vote.
Ask yourself a simple question; what are those who have declared an interest in leadership positions stand for and what proves that what they say is true? What difference would they bring that will contribute to a positive change in our country? If they are in leadership positions right now, do they deserve another chance? Do they have substance or are they just leaders by name and because of their tribal affiliation?
I pray that we will not elect leaders who will end up leading us and our nation to a gibbet just because they are from our so called tribe! I pray that the spirit of One people One Nation be instilled in all of us so that we are not be judged by our tribes but as – KENYANS.
By Martin Opany

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