1. A man is attracted to warmth and gentleness, not characteristics that he already has. Like it or not, God created Woman to be the helper and Man head of  the home. He asks women to submit to their husbands, but not forgetting that He also asks for men to love their wives, coz trust me if he loves you, then it’ll come naturally to let him be the head, for he will love, support and lift you up.

    1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
      get out!

  2. am sorry why should i lower them for someone i am yet to have in my life. makes no darn sense. and yes i am in a relationship. with a dude man enough to handle me as i am. i am not meeting Jesus at the end of this life for him to be pissed i did not use all my talents. there is a difference between ‘compromise’ and ‘soften up’. Life is too short to not do it all the way and do it big.

    1. That dude is probably pretending to handle you so that he could ‘hit that’ but trust me, he won’t be hitting it for a long time. It’s a man’s world and not even your independence can change that. Furthermore, there are far too many soft women than hard so the odds are against you, so called independent women, my 2 cents.

      1. Njeri cheer up! iam sure you can smell a confident and composed man from a mile.Carry on with your guy and you will succeed.But i would ask Njeri to exercise caution ,coz, most men are ‘traditional’-do not prepare a duty roster of  who cooks on which day,who changes the nappies when-Afford him respect and he will love you to bits.One more thing Njeri,do not turn him down in the evening even when u r tired.You can negotiate,but dont withhold the goods and you have a rosy encounter with him. 

      2. oh god-you are the men i do not like. you think everyone is a thief because you are a thief. meaning you think we all think as you think. there is someone for everyone. thank God the someone for me does not think in 2 cents

  3. Don’t be mistaken. We are all made to be the greatest that we can be! even the Proverbs 31 woman was a wife, mother and career woman! so don’t get me wrong; please do it all! just do it all with a quiet and gentle spirit. We don’t have to do it like a man to get the ideal life, know your place in the home and in society. There is so much power in being a woman, it can be overwhelming, but today’s woman seems to have forgotten that, and the consequences are; the rise in lonely singles, unfaithful partners and the sky rocketing divorce rate. However yes men have played a big role in this deteriorating society, because they also have failed to love and support their women as the bible teaches us, not the world, hence why women have abdicated submission and are instead trying to be like them, forgetting that we were not made like them, so in the long run we really are just kidding ourselves, but for how long.
    For me this lesson came after having my children, because I was the ‘Independent’ Woman, but in 1Timothy 2:15 it says’ we are saved through childbearing’ and indeed my children have. Yet today’s woman puts off starting a family till late or never, probably because through experience you saw ur parents fail or you’ve witnessed to many unhappy couples where men take advantage and leave you empty, so our defence mechanism is to be selfish and afraid and put off any companionship until we attain ‘the perfect partner. Truth is no one is, but God is, so seek Him, abide in Him and your season will come, for their is a season for everything; to work, to reap, to be alone and to share a life. For when He is your guide all things and I repeat ALL! things shall be added unto you! 

  4. hahaha,,,,INDEPENDENT women are just sad & fooling themselves; that’s the fact. Beauty of it is that men will never run out of women to marry. I dont see why you have to keep affirming that you are independent. I just think that is insecure

  5. Reading this article, i cant help but notice the resonance with exactly what i have been feeling lately: at 30, i have always been independent, have a good education and work with a regional organization in Uganda. Problem is, am told am too ‘strong’ for a man!! This is true if the trend of my relationships is anything to go by: All the nice men would want to date me but after a short while, they realize am too independent for them and scatter…i wish i could soften up but how??

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