Police statement on Strathmore University terror drill tragedy

Ladies and gentlemen,
On behalf of our Ministry of interior and the Inspector General of National police service I wish to state as follows,

That following yesterday’s incident in this university, though we know that it was well intentioned the ordinary drill is aimed at disaster preperaredness and not carelessly allowing opportunities for actual disaster as we have witnessed in this particular case. Security Drill on disaster preparedness is a very highly professional activity and must follow protocol on modalities of authorization.

The level of alertness is so high in the country following existing terror threats that activities of this nature calling for rapid deployment and mobilization of specialized security units must only be authorized and be coordinated by the highest security office in the country.

We therefore want to dissuade Institutions from undertaking such drills on their own. The drills can be undertaken on disaster preparedness but high protocol of authorization must be seeked. This must not happen again.

Investigations are underway to establish the circumstances in which the exercise went wrong resulting into death and injuries sustained.

We deeply regret the death of the member of staff of the university and wish to express our sympathies. We sincerely offer our condolences to the family and wish the injured individuals quick recovery.

The government takes security exceedingly serious and is doing everything possible to deter and prevent any possible attacks on citizens. We are on high alert and incase of an attack do not panic, do not kill yourself, we will always be there for you .We chose to put our lives on line for you and we shall continue doing it and bid to protect you. We are getting stronger day by day.


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