Police statement on drug trafficking


Following the statement made in Parliament on November 23rd 2010, by the Right Honorable Prime Minister’s in which he stressed the grave threat posed by international Narcotics Trade in Kenya’, the Commissioner of Police has noted an attempt from some quarters to use this grave matter as a vendetta against some serving and retired police officers and especially Gen Hussein Ali and the Commandant Kenya Police College Mr. Peter Kavila.

From the onset, the Commissioner of Police underscored the seriousness of this matter and categorically stated that as a parent of teenagers who understands the danger posed by narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, he personally welcomed the concern by the Right Honorable Prime Minister.
•    He also informed the public that he had appointed a team of police officers to investigate intelligence reports on illicit drug trafficking syndicates involving prominent personalities and that the criteria used to select these officers was their proven record of integrity.
•    To be specific, we wish to clarify that as early as the 8th of November a senior officer from this headquarters was dispatched to Mombasa with all the intelligence reports available to carry out preliminary inquiries and draw a comprehensive investigation plan with a view to ensuring that within the shortest time possible, admissible evidence is assembled the culprits identified, arrested and duly prosecuted regardless of their stations in life.
•    The Commissioner of Police also made it clear that any person against whom evidence is found will be prosecuted even if that person is a serving police officer.
•    The Commissioner of Police also reiterated his commitment to cooperate fully with anybody carrying out legitimate investigations into this matter.

However we have noted subsequent media report based on the information given to Hon. Gitobu Imanyara by one Jarso Mohamed Godana who was dismissed by the Public Service Commission on the 6th of July, 2005 after deserting duty for 59 days.

After perusing his personal file we have confirmed that the said Jarso Godana was enlisted in the Kenya Police Force on 6th May 1978 and his education level indicated as Standard Seven. He was promoted to the Rank of SSP with effect from 13th March 2002. On 27th March 2003, he transferred from Traffic headquarters Nairobi to Officer-in-charge Transit Goods Coast province.

On 14ht June 2004, he was transferred from Coast Province to Nyanza Provincial Police Headquarters. On the 6th of April 2005, he was again transferred from Nyanza province to Rift Valley Province and appointed Officer Commanding Lokitaung Police Division. We wish to note Jarso’s transfer was normal and it  was transferred along with other 63 Gazzeted officers and that nothing was unique as implied in various reports.

On 13th April 2005, he wrote to the Commissioner of Police requesting for Diversion of his transfer from Lokitaung to any station in Nairobi. In his letter he gave the reason for applying for the diversion of his transfer as his mother health and stated that Lokitaung Division is over “.. Over one thousand kilometers away from Nairobi..”. his appeal was not considered because he  had not followed the laid down procedure. He later disserted duty. 
On 29th April, 2005, he was served a letter to ‘show cause why’ he should not be dismissed from Kenya Police for deserting duty as per the code of regulations. Records show that he never responded to the show cause letter.  It was therefore presumed that he had no legitimate presentation to make. This led to his dismissal.

We would also wish to inform the public that in late 2004and early 2005, the Commissioner  of Police in conjunction with KRA and other agencies was carrying out an extensive investigation on drug trafficking, this the investigation which netted the largest drug haul ever recovered in Kenya. The investigations were carried out professionally and several people were prosecuted. Many police officers were provided with various rolls to play and Mr. Godana had been detailed to explain to familiarize the team with the movement of goods from the port to other destinations because of his previous experience as the OC transit goods. He was not the investigating officer as alleged.  Once he played his part he was released to report back to his station in Kisumu. During this investigation all case of unaccustomed goods were referred to KRA.

Police headquarters also took note of reports that since his dismissal he has been in hiding for fear of his life. Preliminary findings indicate that Mr.  Jarso has not been in hiding because after his dismissal, he settled in Kisumu where he has been running a hotel business. Investigators have found evidence that he frequently entertains his former colleagues in the hotel. We have also received credible information that in 2007, Mr. Jarso Godana tried his hand in politics and contested the Isiolo North Constituency.

During the campaigns, Mr. Jarso Godana extensively interacted with police officers and often requested their assistance.  Police officers in Pangani Police Station and Isiolo have reported that Mr.  Jarso Godana is a frequent figure Isiolo and Eastleigh where he has been freely interacting with his former colleagues.

We also wish to inform the public that so far, Kenya Police has not received any evidence  connecting the former Commissioner of Police or any other police with drug trafficking. 

The Commissioner of Police takes this opportunity to inform the public that Kenya Police is fully aware of the treat posed by narcotics in this country as ably articulated by the Prime Minister. We should therefore avoid trivializing the matter by using it to settle to malign the reputation of others.

Kiraithe E.K.
For: Commissioner of Police
November 27th, 2010.

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