Pick up the gauntlet, whatever your profession

Pun intended! Kenya did try a whole wide lot to get as much out of the Rugby World Cup in Dubai than it could and the results were pleasant.

Fantastic if I may say so myself. Even when coming home on Sunday, everyone in the sevens team was all smiles and dancing. That is rare.

It is a new phenomenon.  I don’t remember that happening before Samuel Wanjiru came home from China where he broke a world record.

There was nationwide jubilation at the fact that he tried but not for the so many that came before him who had done his or her country the same deed.

And I am happy Kenyans are beginning to recognise this.

I am happy that the fans had faith enough to jump, sing, paint faces and even play the drum, because they knew someone would listen and get encouraged to score that try.

Kenyan sportsmen and women, artists, musicians, this is your time to try because support is on your side.

Kenyans are watching, creating works of art on their faces, and beating the drums. That’s not a cheap fete.

I also believe that right now, with our current glaring social and political predicaments – that I tire to mention – whatever your profession is, this is the time to score those tries. Step out of the mire of mediocrity and encourage yourself.

Get a fan base and don’t be fazed by your competitors’ one long winning streak, stage of development, or massive thighs, and for the inspiration you have given the one time fledgling boys, thank you Mr Benjamin Ayimba.

Have a good day.

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