Peace preachers needed in the Mau

I drove back from the Mau with thoughts of hope, fear and determination. The problem up there is more complex than I had thought. No. Its not just about telling someone to leave land that was grabbed illegally an odd number of years ago. It is about survival.
The settlers are only settlers to us. They see themselves as legitimate owners of the land. and so they are. They see the evictions as an attempt to rob them of their security, their heritage and their source of livelihood, and so they should.
"We’re not leaving. It is not us who have caused this water shortage." That is the bottom line of the words that came out of their mouth directed at any of us journalists who were willing to listen. They all bore the stubborn stance of not being open to discussion. They would have none of ‘climate change’ and ABSOLUTELY NONE of eviction.
Unfortunately, those who can make a difference will also have ‘none of it’. They are fighting for ‘their people’ who have a right to the land. They are fighting for their ‘popularity’ and ‘votes’ and ‘land’. None of them seem to want to admit that without the forest cover, the Mau would not be able to retain the water that God designed it to. And even when He sends the next rains, the waters will only nourish the land and the people of this nation for about two weeks, instead of the entire year it was originally designed to do.
The Mau evictions cannot be successfully done without the leaders. They are the emissaries of peace. Only they can be the voice of reason to their people. Only they can avert any bloodshed that daunts the process.
I truly wish there was another way out. I am not sure whether to be depressed or try and have hope in our leaders to do the right thing. Because this situation has placed us smack in between a rock and a hard place. Messrs Ruto and Ruto, and friends, your words have a direct bearing on our future, can we trust you to provide leadership? Or shall more blood be spilt. That is all I have to say. Thank you.

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