Open letter to William Samoei arap Ruto


Dear Hon. Ruto:

I am fairly certain you do not recall this but at the tail end of the 2007 campaign period, a friend of mine and I were at the Fairview hotel having lunch when you and other Pentagon members minus Raila and Nyagah were also seated at the nearby gazebo having your own lunch meeting.

My colleague and I walked over to your table as you had just been seated and engaged you all with some small talk generally about the state of the then election campaign and shortly thereafter excused ourselves to allow you to go on with your lunch as we proceeded to our own.

More accurately, my colleague and I engaged the other members of the Pentagon except for you as you were mum and basically treated us as a nuisance – not sure exactly why I joked with my Kale friend it must have been you and he had had some run on before but he assured me that not to be the case.

Be that as it may have been, as my friend and I returned to our seats, I told him looking at that table, and given your discomfort with our presence, it was my conclusion that you could not possibly be on that team for much long after the ensuing elections.

My assessment was simply based on this: knowing you were the youngest of the four Pentagon members sitting there and the two absent but clearly in your mind, you must have surely been thinking if each ruled as president at a minimum one term, that would translate to more than 25 years before your turn arrived, going by the politics of the oldest first; if each ruled for a maximum two terms, you were then looking at more than 50 years before your turn. If you factor in the opposition taking one or two of those terms, add at least five more years, which led to my summation you couldn’t possibly want to wait that long and thus my prediction then to my friend you may not last long with the Pentagon.

For this reason, I told my friend you would soon have to find a way to cut the line and this could not possibly happen in ODM.

The only way you could not have been thinking about this, namely, seeking a short-cut to the presidency, I told my friend, was if you were given a pacifier in the form of a premiership which you have since claimed Raila promised but did not deliver – never mind Raila could not have offered you this as he himself became one.

It was therefore no surprise to many of us when soon after the coalition government was formed, you started making noise and later bolted ODM becoming a thorn in the flesh of Raila.

I don’t think there is any doubt in anyone’s mind that the sole objective in doing what you did was simply to try and dethrone Raila from the pinnacle of power he enjoys as the leader of ODM and therefore position yourself as the new kid on the block with sufficient coattails from such a dethroning to ride all the way to State House as President.

Neither is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that was an overly ambitious objective albeit one no one can really blame or condemn you for pursuing as it is what any savvy politician would have done, if they had the chutzpah to do so.

Looking back, however – and you would have to agree, felling the Mugumo tree turned out to be an insurmountable and daunting task for there is simply not enough muscle or tool to bring it down as others before you did ultimately equally find out as you did.

Meanwhile, you had a visitor by the name of Luis Moreno Ocampo, who invited you to join him and his colleagues at The Hague in connection with PEV.

That case remains pending but after conducting a thorough legal analysis of the case, I long ago concluded you cannot be convicted as charged.

Which brings me to the purpose of this letter and that is, to ask you the question, what is that you want at this stage in your political career?

This is a rhetorical question for I have my own thoughts as to what you would want which I now share and hope you’ll agree.

First, as any politician, you’ll want to maximize and preserve power.

There is no question you have amassed a considerable amount of political power since the Moi days when even you would admit until you ploughed your way into the corridors of power as a Moi youth organiser, you couldn’t have imagined that you were yourself presidential material – at least not this early in your life-span.

I can’t say that for sure but logic and common sense dictates that to have been the case and I am sure you’ll agree were you to be intellectually honest.

However, be that as it may be, what power you have is strictly regional and more specifically, it’s power of influence over a portion of the Kalenjin community primarily in North RV.

It is power nonetheless you can leverage to your political advantage albeit not enough to propel you to State House as president for reasons that are obvious and I need not get into.

One obvious way you could leverage that power to your political advantage, and the second thing I would postulate as top of the list of things you’ll want at this stage in your political career, is to play king-maker.

Soon after the Kibaki succession game (KSG) was whistled on, you and several other politicians formed the so-called G7 alliance which has either since fizzled to death or is comatose in some form.

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  1. Its quite obvious you are fronting for PM Raila’s flat-tyred car that has already damaged her wheel rims. However, thats pretty within your rights. Whats though not within rights is this idea of one being pulled to the garage pretending to be the one pulling! Any illogical mention of alliances have indeed taken that shape. Thats why am very happy with brother VP Kalonzo Musyoka for his timely responses to those wicked ma-believes. Odm knows that desperation within her ranks is widespread. Actually, the party is over! But still carries the normal past pretences of unassailability. Thats how the have managed to create doubts on the candidacy of brother Hon. Ruto. Impression has already been created to the effect that the brother is begging to rejoin Odm. Is that really the case? Ruto’s party is even stronger than Odm!
    Brother Hon. William Ruto is a more serious politician than PM Raila. He has genuine achievements unlike Raila. He doesnt need merchants of deceit. He has everything going his way. That can NEVER EVER be said of Raila. Ruto can do pretty well if he joined hands with untainted candidate. Thats acceptable across the board. That candidate fits VP Musyoka. Obviously, dismissive propaganda has been rolled out by those who are afraid of the VP. It seems they never learned anything when their dismissiveness turned in to a nightmare in 2008! They had resort to funny “criminalizing” of passing in between! They even attempted to force protocol wars that got them no where. They even had to surrender leadership of the august house to the same same man they endlessly ridiculed. Thats was merely to attempt to regain their balances, but I dont think it worked at all.
    VP Kalonzo Musyoka is the man to watch this time round. He has what it takes to lead this country. He style is the one favorable at this point in time, despite fake opinion polls that cant stand any shred of scrutiny. We are perpetually told that he suposedly has 6% or around there. But than amounts to only 600,000 votes going by the number of votes casted in 2007 elections. But he got 890,000 votes in his first attempt and long before he became a VP! Who is fooling who? Attempts to mislead Kenyans have been on the works for a while now. However, we are alot wiser than ever before. Those futile wicked schemes wont succeed at all. Escapist attempts to deliberately belittle his chances have failed to materialize. Those forces who are utterly afraid of this this idealistic EVER CLEAN MAN, who has single handedly come up all ideas on thetable, are dead confused on what to do.
    Ruto can do pretty well if he teamed teamed up with untainted candidate who can be acceptable across the board. That candidate is no other than the VP. Musyoka is the man to watch this time round. He has what it takes to lead the nation.

    1. Untainted candidate???
      I get it…You are being sarcastic! lol

      Otherwise, if you were serious, You would know that Kalonzo has been the MP of some of kenyas poorest people for 25 years. 25 yrs of no results. But his personal wealth has grown.

      Life is about tangibles like healthcare and housing, Water and dignity.

      Your response is a lengthy waste of matter.

      1. @The seer: Lets get serious pal. What achievements does Uhuru has? Mudavadi? PM Raila? Why is Raila going around screaming that the half loaf was not enough while there is nothing to show for it? Is there any other candidate who has done better than Kalonzo? Tell us and how? And do you know president Bill Clinton came from one of the poorest states in USA? Can you imagine where VP Kalonzo Musyoka would be by now if he found everything sewn up for him like Mudavadi, Uhuru and Raila? Tell us who has done better in the current circumstances. Dont just force tribal protection that knows nothing but ridicule!

        1. Kwessi brother,

          Kalonzo has done a lot by Kenyan standards i suppose. But in a successful country, 25 years of no growth will definitely see you out.

          25 years of a clean record, ruling over such poverty is not upto debate.

          If his work was a regular office, he would not have lasted 25 yrs. From a company perspective, he would have been a failed CEO. And he wouldn’t have continued to fail public share holders for 25 yrs.

          Kwessi, you are missing the point here. That Kalonzo might be cleaner than the rest, but he still isn’t bright enough to increase national revenue. He failed to do it for 25 yrs in a smaller yard. Why give him a mile? A country?

          Which brings us back to the point. That NONE OF THEM SHOULD BE RUNNING A COUNTRY.

          Don’t believe me? Ask any CEO.

          1. Infact, his lack of smarts is well recorded, not just well manifested in his own constituency. Read his wikileaks which I didn’t have to read to make conclusions about him. I don’t want a president who preaches religion while there are earthly, urgent needs to be taken care off.

          2. @The seer: If you believe Wikileaks that much, tell us what they said about Raila. Dont just go for the cheap. They said Raila was hopelessly lazy and drunken with huge mess of corruption. That was also reinforced by brother Miguna Miguna’s book. What you say or dont say when you are in opposition hardly matters pal. But what you genuinely do is another matter altogether! And dont forget president Obama’s “false cousin” was very much behind the stories attributed to Kalonzo. Creating space for yourself in politics is pretty normal, but being lazy, drunken with “without-power” and corrupt are too damning pal. There are crimes that CANT be laughed off fellow, get over it.

          3. Kwesi, You keep avoiding the net. The point of the game.
            THe touch down here is again that Kalonzo, Raila, Uhuru or Ruto are not fit to run a country Raila, Should be writing apologies for risking the lives of millions in the Kenyan coup. Kalonzo should be writing a manual on ‘ Failure 101’.
            First and foremost, IN EVERY country in the World, it is someones job to do ‘business development’ just like in most corporations. BusDev is Mandatory. Do it or sink. It is not done as a favour to the locals. IT is called a JOB. There is absolutely nothing special about doing international business. You have the money? Anyone will do business. You can give them something in return? Anyone will do business. If his job is to Busdev, Its not a favour to the tax payer. When he goes to do business, its not his character at play here. Just like its not your character that gets you your groceries, but rather your money. Your paythru ability. In his case, our tax money~You are praising someone for doing what you pay them to do.

            Now, It is in BusDEv that the smarts or lack of really show.

            Give the same position to a CEO, and Kenya would be MILES AHEAD. But you cannot see that if everything you see around you equals to ‘look whats been done already’ or ‘ look how far we have come’. Having a port that is open 24hrs a day isn’t an achievement at all. Any country with competent leaders has a port open 24/7. And the port isn’t open because of kalonzo effort. {refer to international trade under globalization}

            I have come to realize that Kenyans do not aspect to get what they pay for. In developed countries, the moment you take a public salary, you best show performance and result. There is no praise for JOB. It is because of such reasoning that you see Kenyans commenting that Ruto is a perfomer. NO. its his job to perform!
            So again, Kalonzo after being in government for 25yrs, should leave. Slow progress, no matter how progressive = failure. Simple.
            Raila, with his vitendawilis and comedy is just a projection of Kenyans expectations. Much like applauding Kalonzo.

            There are no bright and effective modern people running this time.
            This brings us to a decade of slow but acceptable growth ahead. Typical of African pace.

          4. @The seer: I live in real world, not the utopia pal. First, I told you we have to make do with the current leaders. There is no time to walk in the park and pick up a few supposedly good fellows to leade us! But you seem to be involved sentimental argument that cant serve any purpose at all. Thats because you seem to be intent in swimming in cheap colis and recoils around your pity reasons against brother VP Kalonzo Musyoka. Even after I told that VP Kalonzo was the single largest revenue earner for the country, you still went a head and said it was his job. May I remind you that Kalonzo is the minister for home affairs, a ministry that doesnt enjoy fund raising status for the government!
            My guess is that you are getting some of these things from the press. Actually, you dont know anything about Kalonzo. Need I add that some of things played out in the media hardly reflect the truth. Remember Madam Ngilu told us that she was supporting PM Raila because he was supposedly a reformer? But after getting few coins from brother Uhuru, she is now singing a different tune! The other day, she was even talking of “agendas.” But do politics stamped with a tribal seal have any agenda? In any case, in terms of ideas, performance and general political wisdom, Uhuru is far behind other leaders. Nevertheless, being a son of a former president, he has that dirty wealth most Kenyans loathe. What I mean is that without more or less ill-gotten wealth, he is totally an obvious empty.
            The current situation demands that we collectively act and act quickly. Even in major democracies like the US, very little is associated with the leader. Infact, those who have shown the signs that Kalonzo has, became the best in assuming office. President Bill Clinton is a clear example. His political life completely matches that of VP Kalonzo. He came from extremely very poor background like our VP. His school fees like Kalonzo’s, were paid by sponsors. He is also lawyer like Kalonzo.
            Kenyans are not interested in empty criticism that lack solutions. Any objective person has to fault and then offer remedy. However, if you are only attempting to destroy, you can only be dismissed as a rebel without a cause. More importantly, you cant sit on your armchair and declare all our leaders useless. There must be some who are more useless than others. And not only that, if some have given real power of half loaves and miserably failed to utilize them, do they really fit the bill? And if one’s only known achievement is tribal seals, is he really our best?

          5. you are a fucking annoying bastard. Why smear all your tripe all over the pages. Do you have a job besides writing your ill fetched stories

          6. you are fucking annoying bastard. Why smear all your tripe all over the pages. Do you have a job besides writing your ill fetched stories

          7. @The seer: Obviously, you are only intent on belittling the VP. But thats within your rights anyway. If we were to take you seriously, you would have told us whats that has not be done in his constituency. You would have also told us what those who cant be fired and hold half loaves for themselves have done, that superpasses the VP. I prefer real life situations. Thats why pointed out his many ideas. Tell us, piece by piece, who has done better than Kalonzo, be it Raila, Mudavadi, Ruto, Uhuru and all the rest? Thats when we will be able to get the essence of what you are saying. In any case, we are not going to get new people at this late hour for the presidency. Since brother VP Kalonzo Musyoka doesnt go on rooftops to announce or cook up what he has done, he has been made a soft target by jealousy thieving fellows.
            What do you mean by saying that VP Kalonzo is not bright enough to increase revenue? You need to check your records properly. There is no single person who has increased revenue in the national coffers more than VP Kalonzo. In his numerous world tours, he has managed to bring the largest resources in the country. Infact, even finance ministers cant match him. However, since his decency doesnt allow him to scream about it, empties yell abscenities against him. If you know what you are saying, check records with revelant authorities how he has managed to bring in collosal amount of money from all corners of the globe. Why do think he is never allowed to rest? Why are the foreign ministers not used? I will answer you on this one: its because of Kalonzo’s competetive edge pal! Even his campaigns are behind schedule because of those international engagements! But you see when you fed with a tribal spoon of falsehoods, you hardly try to ask the motive behind it!
            VP Kalonzo is the best president that the country can ever have. First, he is not drunken with wicked pride. He doesnt triumphet his deeds. He is cool and even allows oppenents to lie or do as they please. Furthermore, can you imagine what the country would have gone through if Raila’s Odm party was the one which gave the country a new constitution? And even after realizing that he just moved in to a moving train and falsely declared himself the driver, Raila is yet to even with Kenyans! For he still claims some people are supposedly opposed to the law!! NO SINGLE KENYAN WAS OPPOSED TO THE DOCUMENT PAL. But how would one claim to be a reformer without tiring people with stale unrelated falsehoods?? And these fake reformers have all covered over 20 years of substanceless political lives. But instead of giving credit where its due, they have been on overdrive to ridicule and insult others. However, the fact is that they found everything corruptly made ready for them and out of that idle sitting on the filthy, they are supposedly hard working!!!!

  2. How brilliant “…. after conducting a thorough legal analysis of the case, I long ago concluded you cannot be convicted as charged”.

    You should be on Ruto’s defence team so you can navigate their defence strategy. But am puzzled how you got both Ruto’s ICC disclosure and also the persecution’s extensive legal notes.
    Ruto, Raila , Kalonzo, Moi, Uhuru, Ngilu ….they are all the same. Don’t believe me?

    Show me the development. Why millions live in poverty.

    1. @The seer: VP Kalonzo Musyoka stands out as the only decent serious leader around. Has he stolen like the other lots? Are the other lots international peace makers? Have they given out any ideas? Are they civil? Are they able to stand infront of the people and say that indeed they are not corrupt? Get over it pal, the guy is far better than the rest!

      1. Kwessi, are you speaking about the worst hypocrite Kenya ever had? Men! The guy who “cooked” mileage figures with his driver till found out by the clerk to the National Assembly and had to pay in embarrassment? Give us a break!!!

    1. Haha how gullible one can get! This dude is Ghanaian!!! I have never been to Ghana but I have met many Ghanaians and can bet my last cent this guy is Kenyan 100% living somewhere in Ndumberi.

  3. Look back at all the ministries Rutto headed and trust me you will get evidence of a guy who is good at his job. Let us be objective, your letter sounds like that of a guy who has been kicked out by his girlfriend

    1. Good & well said TA. Political intimidation & instilled fear by some politicians is not a national anthem but may be a regional anthem to some people & this country is greater than all of us. We are kicking out selfishness & bringing in love, peace & unity among our neighbours.

  4. We need a political crop of achievers like Ruto & his well sought group that can deliver our aspirations namely full enactment of the constitution; working in corrupt free systems; & a proper reality check on the ground to evaluate what the common mwananchi requires to make a worthy living. Suffice to say they should borrow a leaf from the outgoing president.

  5. I shall repeat again.
    Ruto Is NOT a performer.
    He is paid to perform. He is expected to perform and show results. Your boss doesn’t praise you for showing up to work do he? You are paid to show up and work.

    Kenyans WAKE UP!!

    1. @The Seer: And who is a performer? Who has done better than him after being paid to do a job? Your boss has to praise you when you are ever giving good results! Perhaps, guys are praising the wrong person for you? Whats really behind your argument?

      1. Kwessi Pratt you are fucking annoying bastard. Why smear all your tripe all over the pages. Do you have a job besides writing your ill fetched stories

  6. we cannot trust anyone and different stories are to given to mislead us so lets be on our toes and make clear decisions for a better tommorrow

  7. Your observations may be correct. And if we have to take them as correct, then your analysis is ALL WRONG. First of all am not big on Ruto, but I think he is a fine gentleman who did what he could with what he had. At best, I think this is a nuckle blow while wearing velvet gloves.

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