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  1. Men claim they can do what women do. Why don’t they extend the same sentiments to the kitchen?

    1. its women who say what men can do they can do better. we can cook but why cook when there’s someone to do it. i can assure you, we men can’t starve ourselves

  2. It seems to me that you are hanging around the wrong men.

    I am a good cook and I can’t pick out anyone from my circle of friends who doesn’t know how to make a good meal… and no, I’m not talking about grilling meat!

  3. “In woman speak, we have no problems leaving you with the kids for a weekend. At least the kids will be fed and we can take some time off to relax. And we get to brag about you to our friends!!!”…….and this is supposed to be a good thing, right??

  4. I guess I am one very lucky lady since all the men I have dated knew how to cook and not just the basics but pull some spectacular dishes while at it.

  5. I totally agree…cooking just that once will have me going out of my way for him..well….a bit

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