Oh come on! Why are we so fake?

If you like me tell me now, don’t wait to cry when I die.

I’m making this statement because when Michael Jackson died aged 50 after suffering a cardiac arrest, most people across the world including major news channels and every single anchor without exception have been hailing the King of Pop as a legend, a true king, a good man who crossed racial barriers.

From jailbirds to top celebrities, the message was the same…we miss u wacko; we pray for you jacko and the like. Pray for the king. Goodbye our music king. Were the messages of goodwill, a true tribute to the man.

Yet when this man was alive he was branded all manner of things, condemned by many. He was branded a child molester, uncaring father and extremely extravagant.

From a fresh-faced young showman with the Jackson Five to a massive pop icon adored by fans around the globe, Jackson was a constant source of fascination, filling newspapers and magazines.

Tales of oxygen chambers, chimp chums, mad shopping sprees and physical transformation have also brought intrigue and amusement and earned the singer the nickname Wacko Jacko.

Disquiet over his behaviour turned to alarm after a documentary in which the singer revealed sharing a bedroom with a child and an incident in Germany in which he dangled his baby son Prince Michael II over a balcony.

In a 2003 interview with Martin Bashir, which was supposed to bolster Jackson’s image, the singer said of sharing a bed with a young boy: "It’s a beautiful thing.”

Having looked at his background and sampling just two comments that were posted on this website by two fans surely reflects how people treat others.

“I have a big question in my mind, a child molester and a man who despised Africans soo much that he once alighted from a plane somewhere near here holding his nose lest we infect him…died yesterday…and many of my friends are outdoing themselves to offer condolence…well, yeah..  he is dead but he was a child molester and hated being black until he dyed his skin colour…give me a break,” one blogger said.

Then he got the reply;

“About the child molestation; a competent court tried him and cleared him. Enough said. Anyway that aside, compartmentalisation is a useful tool to have in life: you can see various aspects of a person and not generalize the entire person based on one or two things you know about them. Whatever else you think of MJ, he made history, whether or not you pout. He was great at his music and his other quirks sort of fade under the brilliance of the music. Hate him or love him, it’s going to be Elvis all over again, the man will not be allowed to die.”

Bottom line is, why would you praise me when I’m gone? Shower me with those praises when I’m able to appreciate them. Period.

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