Of Sonko, Mud and the Gay bashing Premier



It has been widely quoted that one of the indicators of the level of development of a society is its transport network or lack thereof.  Roads, railways, canals etc, make the movement of goods for commerce easier and cheaper, further encouraging the growth of commerce, markets and towns.  

The Romans built the largest road network spanning over 53,000 miles (without any of the current machinery – and some roads are still in use today)!  In comparison, by the year 2006, the US with currently the largest road network in the modern world, had just 46,000 miles.  Although one must appreciate that this is their Interstate, and does not include surface streets, residential streets etc (well, nobody counted the paved driveways of the Roman Villas either).

In Europe, muddy streets were eliminated in around the 18th century.  Roads were then cobbled!  Not to be out done by our colonial masters, our Government, through the very able Spokesman, went on a street cobbling project.  Too bad he chose to uproot shrubbery from the road medians to replace it with stones!!  A year or so later, the cobbling project has been abandoned and replanting of the discarded shrubbery is underway, making the walkways muddy, slippery and dangerous in this our rainy season!  Don’t we have a planning commission somewhere? Civil Engineers or Town Planners? 

We love our MUD; we love our INCOMPETENCE!

It is 2010, with 2011 fast approaching –we still have muddy streets in our Capital City, unpaved walkways (where they exist), and dust all around!  So much so, that when they were releasing the recently incarcerated MP – the Sonko himself (after he came up with the bail money), two fully grown men overjoyed at his release –dived head-first into a muddy pothole that had sprung on one of our city streets! 
We love our MUD; we love our SONKOS!!  

Not to be outdone, the Prime Minister decided to sling some mud at gays and lesbians –allegedly ordering their arrest (perhaps borrowing a leaf from Museveni – yes, he of the P4LC (president for life club) – what a role model.  Meanwhile perpetrators of the 2008 post-election violence; Goldenberg; Maize scam; Triton; Mungiki; drunk drivers; child molesters and corrupt public officials continue to walk around free.  May be he meant to say “ARREST ALL CRIMINALS”!!  Anyway, this from the same guy who at the promulgation was entertaining the crowd with a story about some animal or other that eats, poos and then eats its poo …. Well, the PM has now retracted his poo comments!!

It is indeed unfortunate that our esteemed leaders are more focused on slinging mud, arresting gays, and evading taxes than building a proper transport network that connects our farms to factories, markets and cities; increasing commerce and ensuring that we make the cut (LIFE above a dollar a day!). Nope, our destiny is NOT to be judged a developed society – but a muddy, gay-bashing, third world one!  
We love our MUD; we love vying for Position LAST!!!!

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