Of babas and mamas

Women are no longer the only pieces of meat. Men have joined the fray. They are buckling under a barrage of cat-calls and back-side grabbing from the fairer sex.

Though many men argue that it is not as unpleasant as women say it is, I think they are just blowing hot air.

It all started long long ago when Mama Nani was washing clothes. Her husband told her that the elders had decided it was time he got another wife, now that it looked like Mama Nani could not give birth to boys.

Being an elder himself, Mama Nani’s husband knew his marriage to a beautiful little girl would cost him nothing more than a few goats, a wife who would grow into a lovely spouse envied by the village, and a negligible spat of gossip spawned by his faithful wife.

Unbeknownst to Baba Nani with a new young wife, this gossip spread though the entire village, blazed through the country and jumped onto a ship that later docked in Mama Huyo’s country. Mama Huyo saw the same thing happening all around her. She had been told that her new co-wife was necessary to keep peace in the region, and later that the wealth must stay in the family!

Several centuries later, word on the street was that the mamas were inferior to the babas and were being treated horribly as such. And though the subject of little girls had been dealt with because of strange emerging illnesses and parents’ determination to keep their children innocent, those old enough would usually have their genetic weakness taken advantage of.

So, a group of mamas came together and went to Beijing to join groups from other countries to demand protection from the law. Though the underlying cause was noble, Madame Baby heard about it in the news and decided that she could afford to be less careful about the ‘dance classes’ she was sharing with the Jamaa in Plot 10.

And it has gone on since. There is now very little respect between mama and baba. They have all sorts of reasons for everything they want to do. Recently Baba Dennis was not feeling well and Mama Milka had to take him home…

Methinks that as babas begin to try and show mamas that they actually will respect them and treat them well – a bigger more intricate wheel is about to start turning.

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