ODM is playing to the gallery

A year after the Party of National Unity (PNU) and Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) signed a peace accord paving the way for a political partnership; the latter has just realised that it was short-changed.

Why it has taken the party led by Prime Minister Raila Odinga one year to realise that there hasn’t been a democratic distribution of spoils in the coalition, is a story for another day.

If ODM has been denied conjugal rights in their marriage with PNU, the best option for the orange party would be to immediately quit the wedlock without unnecessary sideshows and mischief.

But again I ponder, do ODM concerns hold water? The party with a majority of MPs in the 10th Parliament cannot complain because it’s public knowledge that the two coalition partners have been feasting together with glee.

ODM has participated in the reinforcement of a culture of impunity in the country. It has ganged up with PNU in an unholy matrimony to protect its own who have been implicated in graft. The two parties have been sharing spoils in the myriad of corruption scandals that have rocked the coalition.

Prime Minister Odinga has many a times said he has a cordial working relationship with President Kibaki. Why then is he using his foot soldiers to launch this political rhetoric?

ODM also used its best brains in the drafting of the National Accord led by renowned lawyer James Orengo. It’s therefore ironic to see Orengo raise issues with the accord. This is one man who should be reprimanded by ODM for sabotaging the party by sleeping on such a crucial job.

The two parties also knowingly fed Kenyans with a plethora of unrealistic expectations before the 2007 General Election. Are the chickens coming home to roost?
What politicians from both sides need to know is that they are losing public support by the day and Kenyans are becoming increasingly irritated by the coalition’s lack of progress in addressing issues that really affect their lives.

ODM should also not play to the gallery. If the Grand Coalition Government has failed, they too have failed because they are in the coalition fair and square. The 50-50 portfolio balance in the Cabinet is enough testimony. The same cannot be implemented in the appointment of judges, military officers, cattle dip committees etc.

The orange party should learn that there are better ways of asking for conjugal rights in a marriage, and playing to the gallery is surely not one of them.

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