Nyamweya, please sort Kenya’s football


For some time now, soccer standards in our country have progressively dwindled and today, the game has virtually collapsed.

Today, the failure by our national soccer team Harambee Stars to qualify for international assignments is accepted as a matter of fate.

We begin each continental and international soccer season with hope against hope that we will qualify. We accept every failure with only short lived anger followed by a quick acceptance that our team was not good enough.

The fall of this multi-billion shilling game that has the potential to provide livelihood to thousands of our talented youth and provide worthy entertainment to millions of our citizens, has left a trail of despair and anger across the country.

All this has been a result of mismanagement of the beautiful game by officials who were largely unaccountable in their activities.

We begin this week with a new team of freely and fairly elected officials to run our football. I take this opportunity to congratulate Mr Sam Nyamweya on his election to manage soccer affairs in the country.

It is my hope and belief that Mr Nyamweya and his team have the will and the wish to uplift soccer in our country and that they are equal to the task.

I appeal to the new team to do all within its power to put our football back onto the right course. As lover of the game, and for the sake of the pride of our nation and the future of our youth, I assure Mr Nyamweya and his team my full and dedicated support.

(Raila Odinga is the Prime Minister of Kenya)

3 Replies to “Nyamweya, please sort Kenya’s football”

  1. As much as you accept the OM support please dont accept coach Antoine Hey to be brought again here… Yes we had a fantastic first round under KIMANZI what made him Sacked we do not know but surely we would have qualified….

  2. Reality is, he has been there in the past and nothing much was achieved.  What new ideas is he going to bring this time round.  Am sorry……

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