FORMER PRESIDENT DANIEL ARAP MOI was against the introduction of Multy party politics in Kenya for he thought it would divide Kenyans along ethnic lines. He however was to later give in to the demands and allow the introduction of Multy-partysm, albeit half heartedly. Since then, Kenyan politics have been characterized by unions of convenience with behind the doors dealings and arrangements. From the FORD euphoria in 1992, to the ’97 DP followed by the national rainbow coalition euphoria that swept Kenya in 2002 which succefully ended KANU’S reign in power and who can forget the 2007 ODM and PNU waves which culminated unfortunately with the bungled elections leading to post election anarchy which left more than a thousand dead and thousands were uprooted from their homes. Each election year, Kenyans have been hoodwinked by their leaders who made and continue to make promises which of course remain that after elections, promises. The most used of these promises was the New constitution which every leader and party promised to give Kenyans once assuming office. Two decades passed before Kenyans finally ushered a new dawn on the 27th of august 2010 when the country promulgated a new constitution after it was overwhelmingly adopted by Kenyans. After such an achievement Kenyans expected more, but alas! It was not going to be easy as the same leaders used to euphoric stunts invented new ways of blindfolding Kenyans by delaying the implementation of the new laws. Our honorable leaders have shifted focus from the noble course of implementing the new law to focusing on protecting and showing solidarity with their own who have been named as prime suspects by the international criminal courts in relations to the 2007/8 post poll violence. Thousands of families who suffered the most as a result of the chaos continue to languish in IDP camps three years on, the only crime they committed remember was to cast their votes. Leaders have forgotten the resettlement of the IDPS and instead focus more on travelling to The Hague wearing caps with national colors used millions if not billions in showing solidarity with the six suspects forgetting the IDPs who again will be used as political pawns come next general election. Worst still the person mandated to oversee the resettlement of the IDPs in the special programmes ministry threatens to walk naked should the suspects be retained at The Hague, poor Kenyans. But ladies and gentlemen, evil shall never at any given time succeed over righteousness but all it will take for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing. Of all the persons seeking to lead the country, for me they do not fit the bill, why do I say that you may ask? All of them are political students of president’s Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel Arap Moi and the incumbent Mwai Kibaki. The entire three regimes have so much in common political violence, grand corruption, illegal acquisition of wealth, some of the candidates have also been too close to power hence remain oblivious of what ails the common mwananchi. If the country is to achieve the much needed reforms and growth fresh ideas and minds are needed and sadly for me that person is not amongst those seeking to ascend to the house on the hill. Just like the biblical story of the sons of jesse, the seven sons were all left behind and instead God directed Samuel to anoint David the youngest, who is that person ?where is he/she? Time is ripe for them to arise and shine and come forth so that they can receive anointment. Please Kenyans of goodwill, roll up your sleeves God has given as such a blessed and beautiful country. Let us not allow self seeking individuals ruin that, stand up and be counted and shun the euphoric politics that have continued to hamper the country’s growth.
By George Gichuru: the writer is a journalist with one of the local FM station.


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