New NYS gives rekindled hope to our youth


We can all agree that the re-branding and re-launch of the National Youth Service has restored the hope of many young Kenyans hoping to join the institution.

The new NYS portrays a youthful image giving hope to those whose dreams have been shattered that they too can achieve greatness. It has offered opportunity to many by expanding the range of technical and social skills provided as well as paramilitary training.

One thing you are assured of is that you will never find them throwing stones or vandalizing property in the name of ‘peaceful demonstrations’. They enforce discipline and more importantly, they will assist the young people to become self-reliant.

The Government needs to make this institution county based in order to absorb as many young people as possible and if at all we are serious about equipping our youth with the necessary skill-sets.

All county governments must be encouraged to absorb the youth in such programs in order create a disciplined workforce and apportion a good percentage of their budget to establish the same. If you want the youth in your county to be marketable then help them get the quality training they need.

Equally, this will also ensure that they are at the forefront of the county’s/village’s participation in security management for the people, as the police cannot be and will never be everywhere as demanded.

This national youth discipline training approach will totally transform our youth to another level of training and some of their philosophies and training should even be spread to the universities and technical colleges for those who do not end up getting positions in the NYS.

Finally, I congratulate and thank President Uhuru Kenyatta for his vision and hope in the youth ensuring that in a few years to come, they will achieve greatness because of the opportunities presented. Kenya will not only address the unemployment issues among the youth in doing so, but will also address the security issues we are faced with. If we empower and equip our youth with the opportunities and skills they need then we will truly create success for them beyond because of their reliability and quality in carrying out their jobs.

For those willing to enhance their skills or want to learn something new and become self-reliant then join the NYS. Recruitment is ongoing until November 7, 2014. Don’t be left out!

As for Dr Nelson Githinji and your team, well done! This is just the first step and you still have a long way to go. We will definitely continue to support you as you empower the youth of this country.

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