My message to Muslims during Ramadhan


With the start of the holy month of Ramadhan this weekend, I am delighted to send my personal greetings and express my warmest wishes to our Muslim brothers and sisters.

Ramadhan is a special period for Muslims in Kenya and across the world to renew their commitments to God. It is also an opportunity to renew commitments to society as it provides time to celebrate with friends and family.

This month is a time for Muslims to commit to peace and show compassion to fellow human beings. As I wish Muslims God’s blessings, I also urge them to offer special prayers for our country to overcome the challenges we face.

As we usher in this sacred month, let us all unite as Kenyans and rise above ethnic and religious boundaries in our shared efforts to make our beloved nation a place we are proud to call home.

Let me also take this opportunity to say that I am proud of all Muslims who have made contributions to the prosperity of our nation, stood up for its values, sovereignty and promoted peace.

I am certain that our Muslim brothers and sisters will do all they can to promote harmony and diversity of religion, which has been our strength.

May God bless you all.

Ramadhan Kareem


3 Replies to “My message to Muslims during Ramadhan”

  1. Thank you his excellency. This feels good coming from the president himself especially when there is all the negetive atmosphere in the country. United we stand.

  2. Thank you your Excellency for kind, responsive and timely gesture of goodwill. Sir, during this holy month of peace, humility and reflections, kindly pull the country together, reach out to huyu mjama Baba Raila and safeguard the UNITY, PEACEFUL co-existence and PROGRESS of ALL Kenyans. RAMADAN KAREEM KAMWANA

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