My 2014 State of the Nation Address


Honourable Members,
The Jubilee administration was born out of an ideal: to bring national unity following the divisions that split our country in 2007-2008. Nearly four years ago, in August 2010, Kenyans deliberately and overwhelmingly chose a new political order. We marked our verdict with a new Constitution – one that wholly reorganised public life in this country. Few nations have done it peacefully; Kenyans did it with zeal. It is that Constitution from which I derive my mandate, and which I swore to uphold.

Last April, the Kenyan people spoke again, and asked me to lead the nation. Humbled to be the first President of the Republic under the new Constitution, I swore to obey, to preserve, to protect, and to defend it. I now reaffirm that oath.

Today, we fulfil a number of the constitutional requirements. Under Article 132 of our supreme law, I am obliged to address a special sitting of Parliament once a year, and to inform the nation of our progress in achieving the national values and principles of governance outlined in Article 10.

I also intend to inform the Assembly of the progress we have made in fulfilling our international obligations, and to apprise you of the state of our nation’s security, as is required by Article 240 (7) of the constitution. It is my privilege to honour these obligations.

Honourable Members,
Article 10 of our Constitution affirms the values and principles that we agree to as a people. These values and principles include: national unity, the sharing of power, devolution, the rule of law and democracy, and the participation of the people. In addition, there is also social justice and inclusiveness; equity and non-discrimination; human rights; protection of the marginalised; and sustainable development. And for governance in particular, Article 10 calls for integrity, transparency, and accountability.

Honourable members before I go into the detail of my statement, may I thank members of both houses of parliament for their overwhelming support during my administration’s first year in office.

Honourable Members,
These values and principles are the lawful guide to how Kenyans wish and expect things to be done in our country.

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