Musalia Mudavadi statement on 2008 chaos


I have taken time off while here (USA & UK) to reflect on the environment in our country as we prepare for the General Election next year. Having been part of the negotiators under Kofi Annan process that restored normalcy, I have reflected deeply on the PEV and the ICC cases facing four Kenyans.

I have also applied my mind to the unfortunate situation in Tana River. And I am persuaded that there are national issues we need to deal with exhaustively rather than wishing them away. We have buried heavy matters alive, and they are kicking from underneath violently. Tana River and retaliatory attacks on innocent communities when terrorism incidences occur are just some of the manifestations. But what must we do? I have three suggestions on the way forward to this dilemma.
ADMISSION OF NATIONAL GUILT. We killed each other in 2008. Women were raped; children were molested. It would be cowardly to wish this away.

We must accept responsibility collectively. The nation is guilty. To prosecute four people for the sins of 40 million people is therefore preposterous. The four carry our national shame, but they must not carry our national guilt. We must all own up. And we must do this before we enter the 2013 electoral season.

I was among those who supported that any trial related to the PEV must be done locally. I still hold this view because no civilized society can allow their own to be tried in foreign jurisdictions. If it were in my powers, I would bring the ICC trials home as part of shouldering the guilt. Admission of national guilt is the first step to our national redemption.

SPEEDY JUSTICE FOR THE IDPs. Five years later, the IDPs are still in camps. This is another national shame. Yes, the IDPs are a complex problem with no quick solution. This is why we must all commit that no Kenyan will sleep hungry or insecure because of the national madness of 2008. Land justice for the IDPs is urgent. Justice for their other loses must also be given. And we must give it with speed. It is a shame that we are going into this election with this issue unresolved.

Resolve the Violence Culture Once and For All. ICC will not address the root causes of the growing culture of community and election-related violence. In fact, it has become a hindrance to
police operations in situations of violence like Tana River and when terrorism attacks. We cannot watch as evil people massacre others and police watch helplessly out of fear of being accused of targeting a given community.

This is not good in the fight against terror and for the coming election. I will personally sponsor specific legislation to deal with such perpetrators decisively and to empower the police in
maintaining order humanely, but firmly in exceptional circumstances of terror attacks.

(Musalia Mudavadi is a Deputy Prime Minister and a presidential hopeful for the March 2013 General Election)

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  1. Mudavadi is clearly showing his true colours! The deceit in him is certainly betraying his deceptive demeanor. Having actively helped unleash murderous violence on us, the least he can do is to apologize to all Kenyans. However, instead of doing that, the guy is literally insulting innocent injured, maimed and even murdered Kenyans. Thats sheer insanity! I think anyone imagining that Mudavadi is not arrested by Odm doctrine of violence and murder is awfully mistaken. Those who have been fronting him as a possible compromise candidate should now have second thoughts. Needless to say, Mudavadi was indeed the face of Odm during PEV! He was the author of defiance that insulted our courts and is now increasingly becoming unmanageable at all levels of society. But all he does is to blame others for his obvious acts of terror fronted as fight for his greed disguised as rights! Its totally unforgivable, if not treachery of the highest order!

  2. It took you 5 whole years to come up with this list? And even after all that time, your solution is to admit we (Kenyans) are all guilty?

    Ocampo and the ICC sought to prosecute the perpetrators bearing the greatest responsibility? Kenya on it’s part set out to strengthen it’s
    criminal justice system (DPP, AG, CJ, DCJ, judges, magistrates and police) to
    provide justice to the other victims. The overarching rationale stemmed from the realization that fidelity to the law and fair administration of justice was paramount in realizing a harmonious society. Therefore, by ensuring that both the sharks and omena realized there were consequences to their criminal actions, their prosecution would deter such future conduct.

    The ICC was never (never) meant to address the culture of ethnic strife, that was your job, Mr MM, your job. While Kenyans are being massacred in your backyard, in your country, by their hundreds, you’re screaming ICC. Did someone drop you on your head as a kid?

    With all due respect sir, you don’t know where we are as a country, you don’t know where we need to go and you don’t know how to get there. Do us all a favor and step down.

    1. THANK YOU Neo Kenyan! This piece is ridiculous at best if coming from a villager, and dumbfounding if coming from a VP and Presidential hopeful. There’s a reason these goons (yes, 4 people and not 40 million) need to be tried outside Kenya’s justice system. I could go on forever…..and Kenyans are guilty of being raped and killed? Are you crazy?

  3. Just by reading my fellow kenyans negative comments….they have one thing in common which MM has highlighted…’Bitterness of the truth…’…Every Kenyan big or small was responsible for the violence either directly or indirectly…admitting it is the first step, working on it is the second and embracing each other the third…Then we will have a nation..not a country…

    1. I was NOT responsible for any form of violence. The responsible ones are the one’s who decided to heed to the calls of hate by a few individuals for a few coins and killed their neighbours and friends, in the name of eliminating ‘madoadoa’. The sooner these people realize that the politicians are using them, the better. What Mudavadi needs to be preaching is HOW TO USE COMMON SENSE instead of coming here and telling us the violence is collective responsibility. My own brother was beaten by his relatives because his wife was of a certain ethnic community. Did he wake up the next morning to go burn or maime them??? NO!!! Because he knew better. Evil begets evil and then it becomes a ‘them vs us’ fiasco which catapults into something that shouldn’t have been. Mudavadi needs to be talking to his fellow MPs about this hate they spread around, and in turn, these MPs should preach the same to the numbskulls who pick up pangas/machetes for 500 bob, because Mheshimiwa so and so said so!!! Then again, he’s a politician (hypocrite) we cannot expect much from him, can we? Akwende huko na hii article yake!!

  4. For someone who has been in government…(and still is..DPM) you actually thought that that this is the time to talk to intelligent people about IDPs and how they have not been placed???
    Do you think other people in the private sector allow their fellow Kenyans to sleep hungry?? ,Read, Kenyans for Kenya.
    How did the ICC become a hindrance to police operations in Tana?? Because you want the police to go busting down people’s doors and killing them in their homes??? Because that is what used to happen in the PEV. How about you talk about the people who incited the in the Tana Delta violence in the first place.
    Another thing, those who wanted the PEV cases to be held at the Hague are at the Hague..From their God’s ears.
    This article is just annoying!

  5. I am happy that the duputy DPM has taken time… at least while outside the country to think about this weighty issues. I agree that more people than those facing trials at the ICC were involved in the mayhem. But it is wrong to say that “all” Kenyans should take responsibility. If spreading the blame to all Kenyans is meant to reduce or erase the culpability of the major players in the violence… then one begs to disagree with the deputy DPM. It would also be worse if the statement is meant to sound ambiguous to those culpable as a vain technique of winning support from the supporters of the suspects. I wont comment on the deputy DPMs statement on the IDPs… he has been in government all along and should tell us what he did which others did not do. Laws on curbing violence are enough… they are simply not enforced. Didn’t honourable Waititu make that statement against members of the Maa community as a seniour police officer stood behind him but did nothing?

  6. Mr. DPM, you are late. The damage was done, is done and you were and you remain one of the beneficiaries of the PEV. You need to think also how you became DPM, isn’t it not as a result of PEV. You have been in the govt. for 4 good years as the minister of local govt. and you did nothing about the IDPs. When the ICC was formulating the cases for the six Kenyans, you were comfortable waiting to benefit from the fate of your brothers. Kenyans are not stupid mr DPM. As much as you shade crocodile tears now, we can guess what you want and your timing is good, but you can do better than sir. Do not talk about the IDPs now it is like vomiting oover their shoes or mocking them, first check whether they have votes, the only thing you might be interested in from them. The minister for lands was from your wing of coalition and you shared office/responsibility with the PM. I think you were supporting the idea of resettling them during campaigns only that you were kicked out before the execution of the evil plan and you think your co-evil planners may benefit without you. Yes, but now you must think outside that box

  7. Am shocked that you think because you have your guilt over what you may have done or not done to prevent PEV, you want to push that to every kenyan. Its not rocket science that more than the four going to the hague are not the only responsible ones. In my mind it is clear that you are just saying this to win sympathy from Ruto and Uhuru just incase the court decides that they cant vie. Carry your own cross Sir and ask for votes in a straight forward way by telling us what you will do as president. If at all that happens.

  8. shame! but spoken like a career statesman of course. It is appalling to see how you are trying to dissipate the blame for post election violence by assigning blanket guilt to the nation. Or perhaps it conveniently escapes you that the reason for trying the ocampo four is OUR national attempt to break the stranglehold of impunity by showing all and sundry that none is above the law? perhaps…also i did not raise a hand against my neighbor during PEV so again why are you forcibly asserting that I am guilty? too afraid to point a finger in the right direction? again Shame!!

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