Mr Ocampo, please make haste with our envelope

Our politicians are it again; confusing Kenyans on the best route to take for perpetrators of skirmishes after the disputed presidential poll early last year.

While I don’t have any issue with our representatives in the August House advocating for various options to deal with the matter, I am annoyed that some of them are confusing Kenyans for their own survival.

Remember some of these politicians were the same people who incited Kamau and Kibet to turn against each other resulting to the death of 1,300 people and the displacement of thousands. Over 2000 Kenyan refugees are still in Uganda one and a half years after the political violence with many preferring to remain there.

Back home, our political leaders are pulling in different directions when it comes to ensuring justice for the victims. Some of them are advocating for The Hague, others want a local Tribunal while the rest are rooting for a third option that still remains vague. 

Some of the leaders are doing this to buy time while others simply want the country to adopt a route that will ensure justice does not catch up with them.

Kenyans are being roped into this mess by the same politicians who are playing the usual political card. The trend here has been that our “community” is being targeted whenever the noose appears to get closer on the key suspects.

It is time that Kenyans rose up against such individuals and allowed justice to deal with them. Criminals should not be let to roam free.

The same leaders are using the IDP problem as a political resource to bargain their various political positions and alliances.

The same politicians have been at the centre of disagreements over distribution of power and patronage.

Such events continue to undermine efforts to promote healing and reconciliation, and national cohesion in general.

A successful country requires that political elites work together and appreciate the importance of transcending their differences and not dividing people on myopic lines.

The greatest threat to the future of this country is our very own politicians.  With the envelope finally on the desk of ICC Prosecutor Louis Moreno-Ocampo, our political elite will go overdrive to confuse Kenyans with extra vigour.

The good news is that Kenyans can stop the menace by refusing to be part of such selfish power games and let individuals carry their own cross.

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