Mobile Number Portability not well explained

As per our earlier fears, the welcome and much-hyped Mobile Number Portability (MNP) began on a slow start on Friday but for good reasons of low consumer awareness against possible risks. At this very early stage, and from our quick survey via member feedback and social media sites feedback, we would like to observe as follows;
(a) That majority consumers have not been educated and incentivized to the level they would participate in the current exercise leave alone deserting their present providers. Majority of them with two SIM cards and/or with more than one handset are not persuaded as to why they should switch just yet especially where costs are involved. Even disposal of the second or third phone could be seen to be uneconomical and a change of "culture" and a negative change in social status for some.
(b) On this basis, we highly commend Airtel Kenya and Yu Essar for taking up the porting costs from the switching consumers. If this incentive were scraping the porting fees of Sh201, one would expect most Safaricom and Orange subscribers to switch to Airtel and Yu. That will unlikely be the case. But while that would be a factor, most consumers seem to act as though they would rather "wait and see" what new development comes up before they get fully decided.
(c) If the essence of MNP is about convenience, it could run counter to provisions of Chapter 4 of the Constitution on Bill of Rights where the subscribers\’ freedom of choice ceases for 60 days once he or she ports to a different provider. Unless of course it is assumed that terms do not change within the two months lock-in period, the affected MSPs should expect legal challenges. On this, Cofek feels that consumers should have been allowed immediate switch-off should terms not work well at the new provider. After all, there is a prohibitive porting cost already.
(d) Even with the CCK assurance, it is not clear as to whether or not some calls, SMS, air-time and other cash worth may be lost during the switching period. That fear is negatively affecting MNP rollout.
(e) Since on-net calls will remain more affordable whatever the circumstances, we are keen to see whether a caller is informed exactly informed which provider he or she is calling to. This is currently not clear.
(f) We also wish to know how MNP will affect promotional tariffs across for callers across networks.

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