Milk your fortune for what its worth

Life is a strange thing. And stranger than its pillars are its facets, where you have all these things happening to you – by chance, or is it?

One lesson/facet that I have learnt this weekend, or rather something that has been brought to light is fortune. Fortune which I find has been carelessly plonked on my lap or is sometimes waiting at the traffic lights as I drive to work, or perhaps it’s waving a blue flag in the night hoping for me to catch it. I have fortune, but is it mine alone?

I had the joy of being invited to a lovely house belonging to a relative of mine in Naivasha this weekend, and as I was being pampered and treated just short of royalty, Robert mentioned to me that there are several people who would love to be in our place – i.e. being spoilt rotten by someone who just digs your company.

Here I was enjoying something that someone would dream of and sweat for, without thinking much of it. But it is my fortune, and I was just taking it.

Robert was not satisfied, he went on to ask me several questions about why us, and I honestly did not have an answer, but what I did realize is that I am only there to seize this fortune. My work is not to ask questions, look at my fortune suspiciously and take the next bus out of there. I am meant to receive it and run with it.

The more I thought about it the more I recognized that everyone has fortune, and those who don’t have it have some seriously unique kind of innovation going on, which depending on how you look at it, is fortune in itself. I am convinced that this unseen force that keeps dropping fortune in people’s way is trying to give humans some kind of booster.

I don’t know why some people see fortune better than others, or why some people always have to search theirs out as they would an Easter egg, but that is not for me to ask. Their fortune is not mine. I should be busy looking around, taking in what fortune is trying to tell me, walking in its invisible footsteps and milking it for what its worth.

I know a guy who has a gift with animals. He can train a dog or even a cat to do his bidding. He is patient with them and works tirelessly until the animal knows what he wants from them. I could ape his every step but the response from the animals would be very different. That is his fortune. Should his business encounter any problems – Heaven forbid – he has fortune to fall back on.

Even the rain as it falls in droves is meant to be fortune for Kenya, fortune that should be stored and used for a dry day perhaps?

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  1. This is a cool idea from the gov. considering the youth,at least empowering and opting us (youth) for beneficial ideas in the society rather than joining illegal sects trying to fill part of a committed society in building a nation that we are hoaxed to destroy.

  2. kwany this thing hatuambiwi its when.? niliapply kitambo n i was called only once.. sielewi plz make understand..

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