Miguna’s claims against Odinga are contemptuous


Kenyans have been treated for quite some time to all sorts of demonization and unfounded allegations against the prime minister, as part of a desperate campaign by his political opponents to undercut his undisputed popularity and prevent his coming to power.

The opponents fear that his commitment to reform would seriously challenge impunity as well as their long hold on power. These anti-reformers have quite brazenly announced their commitment to the status quo by declaring their common goal is “Anyone but Raila.”

As part of this campaign, Miguna Miguna’s new book recycles past unsubstantiated allegations all these corruption calumnies against the prime minister, without offering a shred of evidence that could shed any new light.

His allegations do not deserve a response, and should be treated with contempt. If there was any evidence to back up the campaign against Odinga, his opponents – many of them powerful figures, unlike Miguna – would have long ago produced such proof to scuttle his presidential campaign.

But Miguna went one step beyond regurgitating these falsehoods in his book, and announced that he had evidence that implicates the prime minister in post-election violence, whose suspected architects are being prosecuted by the International Criminal Court. Miguna uses possession of this evidence to threaten and blackmail those who might seek to challenge him, telling them they should “kiss his feet” if they do not want him to reveal all.

Miguna’s withholding such vital information from the authorities on a subject of such grave concern for Kenyans is a disservice to the nation and a further boon to entrenching impunity.

No less important, withholding evidence of a major felony, leave alone of mass murder which rose to the level of international crimes, is a violation of the laws of Kenya. Such silence is considered as abetting the original crime. Miguna, while claiming to be motivated only by the highest moral and ethical principles, is in fact obstructing justice in a case of immense national importance.

We know from Miguna’s own assertions that he took no action to expose or report to the authorities the corrupt criminality he claims he saw in the prime minister’s office. Nor did he try to preserve his integrity by resigning, choosing to become the “whistleblower” AFTER he was suspended.

Kenyans must demand that Miguna back up his latest assertion that he has evidence concerning mass violence by disclosing what he knows.

(Dennis Onyango is the spokesman to Prime Minster Raila Odinga).

6 Replies to “Miguna’s claims against Odinga are contemptuous”

  1. When lies become stale, they are only reinforced by faint lame unattractive responses. And Raila was never popular my friend. He had only borrowed one with regional leaders as collaterals. Thats no longer the case, fake opinion polls not withstanding! That was also confirmed during the referendum on whether to amend the constitution before or after passage. Brother Hon. Ruto wanted amendments before passage. His people went with him. And by the way, Odm led by Raila had pretended that they could bypass local leaders in Rift Valley, apparently because of that false popularity for PM. All those who had remained in the party hardly managed to get any votes in their respective constituencies.

    Miguna’s book has raised very fundemental issues that require proper minute by minute response. Character assassination wont wash. Corruption in Kazi Kwa Vijana projects, maize, etc, were already in the public domain. What has happened now is that somebody from Raila’s inner court stunningly re-confirmed those issues. That they truly happened is no longer in doubt at all. What Kenyans need now is explanation and circumstances in which they happened. Dismissive propaganda only adds more questions. In addition, former USA ambassador clearly stated why he believed Raila dubiously attempted to illegally suspend ministers.

    Kenyans know who were responsible for murderous mass action. They also know that there was no basis to fake election theft. That Miguna’s book has re-cofirmed that needs serious attention indeed. Most Kenyans believe that ICC’s indictments were awfully unexpectedly off the mark. Need we add that brothers Ruto and Uhuru prayer meetings were pegged on that? With Miguna’s disclosures, the matter assumes more extremely serious proportions. These are the things Kenyans are interested in indeed. Whether Miguna is this or that is not the issue here!!!!

    1. kwessi pratt,
      You are running away from the issue in question.Facts and opinion show that Raila has led in every polls conducted in Kenya.And even if the opinion polls were fake, one candidate cannot just lead consistently in the same polls held fornighty.
      Lets face the truth allegations raised by Miguna book in an expansive democratic space must be adressed by Raila.Kenyans want to know the truth.His aides are already doing that.
      Why then did miguna decide to revenge only after he was dismissed from his job? why didnt resign before when he realised corruption was rampant in Pm office?what did he do about it then?why did he run away immedietly upon the release of the book?
      Mass action is not a crime it has been used world over to protest against injustice,we saw this in Tahrir square,streets of Tunis,Geogia,Barhain,Greece etc.
      You response to the aricle is more emotional and lacks objectivity.

      1. @Ndar Juma: You are dreaming pal. Just look at the owners of pollsters. They are linked to Raila in one way or the other. First, true pollster cant just roll out figures that are backed by nothing. There must be reasons why ones figures have gone up or down. Mere appearances in the media cant determine your popularity. We know there are alot of conmen who have misled Kenyans. They however dont want that to be known. Its a huge fear pal! This Miguna story of being apparently “punished” by merely the very act of being asked to record statement with police, precisely captures these distortion attempts. His alleged “fleeing” to Canada is in the same breath too.

        This is actually not the first instance that Kenyans have been conned. Remember during referendum campaigns, this same Raila branded other people as non-reformers, opposing new constitution? Was that really the case? He even called others watermelon, was that really necessary and applicable? The truth is that the CONSTITUTION WAS READY AND NO ONE WAS OPPOSED TO IT AT ALL! To this day, Raila and his folks have never regained their balance! They continue to tell Kenyans that those who “opposed” the constitution cant be entrusted to implement it!

        What Kenyans were required to do was MERELY TO DECIDE WHEN THOSE CLAUSES THEY DIDNT WANT WERE TO BE AMENDED. Thats BEFORE or after “PASSAGE, simple!” PM called the clergy non-reformers and pretenders. However, when VP Kalonzo told him that the clergy were our brothers as well, Raila simply yelled “watermelon!” Raila’s seemingly drunken confused watermelon yell was repeated over and over by his worshippers, also holding sway in the pollster outfits. In the process, Kenyans were made to miss the fine print. These are the circumstances that Miguna’s book has landed on pal. The fake polls whether they continuously rated one person at the top or not remains FAKE!

        Books or whatever are written when you run foul with your bosses or after you leave the job. The timing can never ever be the issue here! Miguna has also stated that at times, he was prevailed upon not to resign. And if the above seemingly drunken instances were never ever there before, perhaps (only perhaps!) we could have tried to scrutinize his motive. Needless to say, motive becomes issue only when there are no collaborating evidence. However, Miguna’s artwork clearly zoomed in form of CONFIRMINATION of known matters. Obviously, former USA ambassador to Kenya, whom Raila misqueraded as his friend, said as much. What was the ambassador’s motive? Hello, can someone tell us please?
        And who said murderous mass action is not a crime? Emotions lacking objectivity is fronted by those who burned effigies pal! They only reminded of yester-year Kanu antics! Would genuine reformers really wallow in such primitive matters? This is what Korean Airline called primitive energy pal!

        1. Kwessi pratt,
          Your remind me of Miguna,a man who relies on hearsay and romours and transform them as facts.
          Reading through you comments you strike more of a heckler than a person who have well though out ideas.
          Do have evidence that the opinion polls are owned by RAO cronies?How many reaserch poll companies do we have in kenya ?
          From your comments you shout more and argue less.You say Miguna was prevailed upon not to resign yet he was terminated..it seems your reaserch is poor.
          You say Rao called the clergy dreamers during referundum and in Politics mudslinging is part of the game even in US Presidental campaign the same takes place.
          Muguna i agree has every democratic right to air his views as long as they are factual and proof.But the fact that he has three law suit filed against the book cast doubts about his sincerity .Muguna Unlike Githongo was not fighting impunity and corruption he was merely revenging against his boss for dismissing him.
          Burning of his effigy in kisumu was in bad light ..but his(muguna) villagers were merely expressing theit views they miguna did his in a book.

          1. : You deserve contempt card. But for benefit of doubt, lets try to clear a few things my friend. If guys are dwelling on heresay and rumours, where are your facts? Insulting people and calling them names cant amount to facts pal! Surely, if you know for sure that these lie-spewing polsters are not in any way connected to your idol, the right thing is to prove me wrong by telling us who are the true owners. However, I do smell your desperation in trying to tell us that those fake polls are genuine! Its your right Sir to dilute yourself. I have no problem with that.

            As concerns Miguna’s book, certainly you havent read it at all. And remember PM Raila had begged this supposedly “insane” fellow to go back to his former job but refused. Whats your take on that? Raila called religious leaders anti-reformers and pretenders. The bottomline here is that that was never necessary at all. Perhaps, you need to read my post! My point was that the PM was AWFULLY CONFUSED. There was NO ONE Sir OPPOSED to the new constitution! Cant you understand that? We were ONLY supposed to decide “WHEN” to rectify the 25% of the constitution thats said to be bad. Religious leaders and brother Ruto wanted amendments before passage. They were actually right because as things stand now, we are getting stuck because of ambiguities in this document. Nevertheless, this other stuff of reformers and non-reformers was piteously off the mark. Now pick up that offside matters and assault the clergy, does it add up? Pursue that same line of drunken utter confusion and call others watermelons! Does it make sense at all?

            These are the sort of things very well expounded on by Miguna Miguna, flip-flop, indecision, vicious lies, malicious propaganda and character assassinations! Is that heresay Sir, things well known but kept under the carpet? And do remember, this has been my pep-talk for the last 3 years pal. I have insisted that Raila calls people his own names. Have I not been proved right Sir? Needless to say, Miguna left his job only the other day! You need to trust what I post pal. I always do my homework properly.

            Did you watch CITIZEN TV LIVE @9 last night? Hon. Ababu Namwaba was brought on board to propagate Odm position but interestingly, no counterview from either pro-Miguna’s book or guys opposed to Raila. Thats deception that has made us think Raila is better than what he really is Sir!

  2. Is this a great observation or what?! Exposing the ‘Nkosi Nkulu’ aka the ‘Great Elephant’ of ODM as the base and corrupt mediocrity he really is ‘contemptuous’.
    With ‘advisers’ and ‘handlers’ like this Onyango fellow, Raila is indeed going all the way…back to the foot of the mountain where he will try to roll the boulder back to the top again and tip it over, just like Sisyphus! Next up, these charlatans and court jesters will be crawling on their bellies at Raila’s feet in fawning obeisance ala North Korea, a fitting tribute to the infallibility of the ‘Dear Leader’.

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