Miguna’s book, a show of sycophancy


I think Miguna’s yet-to-be-launched book is a betrayal of intellectuals in the society. Instead of publishing a scholarly material to nurture a discourse which promotes harmony and best leadership practises, he has come up with a book focussing solely on the weaknesses of the Prime Minister of Kenya, Raila Odinga.

What message is an acclaimed scholar sending to his friends, family and Kenyan intellectuals especially the new generation of thinkers?

How will he convince people that his is not about hypocrisy, hate and bitterness to Raila Odinga after losing his job? This is a wrong use of the power of pen and paper.

I’m not against local authors but it’s myopic to waste valuable time writing a book whose content is primarily centred on an individual whom you have a grudge with. Kenyans need to see better from those who have climbed a higher academic ladder.

I recently read Dr. Shem Ochuodho’s book, The Dawn of a Rainbow, and to be honest, I admired it’s content which provides perspectives on the evolution of our nationhood since independence and leadership failures in the country.

We have people who have done weird things to our lives but we don’t agonise on how to fix them or subject them to public shame. We have to move on. Miguna is playing intellectual gymnastics, which with time, will backfire and tarnish his reputation for good.

I personally don’t know the contents of the coming book, and I don’t want to sound defensive of Raila Odinga but my major problem with the author, is why he decided to raise eyebrows after being dislodged from his comfort zone as advisor to the Prime Minister.

Isn’t this the height of hypocrisy to use obscenities and epithets to your employer when you are fired?

If Miguna cared for Kenya, he would have folded his luggage in protest and quit when he discovered that things were not being done right by his boss. Perhaps he would have become another John Githongo.

Waiting until he is fired to spew fire through the media and writing a book, is an indication that the former advisor to Raila, is an opportunist and does not qualify to be called a nationalist?

Miguna is clever, full of verbose and very manipulative. No wonder, a former Attorney General was right when Miguna created a negative scene during a meeting in Uganda. It’s true Raila’s enemies will break in jubilation when the book is out but to level headed Kenyans, this will not earn Miguna any dignity nor win any of his arguments.

Miguna’s purported tribulations in the Prime Minister’s office is a wakeup call for Kenyans to be careful with public figures who remain silent when things are rosy, but decide to cry foul when their comfort zones are threatened or unsafe. If he cared about fixing things at the Prime Minister’s office, he would have opined to go back when he was reinstated.

We want to see more replicas of John Githongo, who went ballistic on realising that things were not going well in the system. To be honest, which right thinking Kenyans will not trust the former Corruption Tsar?

Trying to demonise Raila, who has weaknesses just like all of us, will not help build Miguna’s career and reputation. We don’t want to hear or read about bedroom stories of individuals unless it’s necessary.

When Matere Keriri was shown the door from State House, is he going round talking negatively about the President? Or when Martha Karua quit the coalition government, is she always talking negative about President Kibaki?

Our country is in the process of healing and reconciliation. This is the time we want to see the top cream of our society stay afloat on issues; arguing objectively without bias while providing tangible solutions on the way forward in order to move us to the next level.

We desperately want to see leadership and direction from learned Kenyans and not the pursuit of narrow and selfish interests through the negative use of academic prowess.

Let Miguna Miguna, join the league of intellectuals, if he thinks he is one, like Mutai Ngunyi, professor Mutua Makau, Egara Kabaji, Barrack Muluka to mention a few, and debate issues objectively and without bias through the mass media. Talking tough to settle political scores cannot help Kenya.

(Joseph Lister Nyaringo lives in New Jersey, USA)

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  1. A man of the likes of Mutai is not considered an Intellectual in my dictionary.He is a political analyst with a bias…..For those who used to watch him understand this well.Which scholarly publication of his have you read?
    Miguna has the right to use any forum to air his views.

    1. @ Kwesi Pratt- Why are picking venomous fights with people who are least interested in engaging you. You clearly didn’t undestand Lister, let me repeat it to you in simple English, we need to guard our concsience and as such should sieve what goes into to it, judging by the writer’s motive and subject of the book it is quite clearly that MM is venting out his frustrations in public which are the least of our concern.

      1. @James Kaidi-You are abit confused pal. You need to read the book before you start giving unsolicited remedies against it. Thats jumping the gun! Why should you think at this point in time we need to be “protected” in the first place? Cant Kenyans be freely allowed to judge the content of the book, whats being hidden anyway? Pal, if you are crippled by twisted loyalty kindly tell us! Or should I say you failed to say a thing?

      2. why are you afraid of a little discussion……i dont see the harm. nyaringa has his opinion, he aired it. kwessi had his on nyaringa’s opinion, he aired it. you have an opinion on kwessi’s opinion, you aired it. i have an opinion on your opinion, am airing it.

        PS:choice of words goes hand in hand with character.read the point, not the character!

          1. @James Kaidi – And you? Unable to give reasons why you believe people hate your idol? Tribal loyalty marked by frustrations is blinding us from seeing the nakedness in some of our leaders. My friend Miguna Miguna has gone a long way in confirming my assertions that pretending to have confronted riot police doesnt make you a reformer at all. And especially so when you always took off before they even arrived. When you invest in lies my friend, you should expect a tsunami. This is just the beginning, the worst is in the offing pal. Make sure that you dont develop depression, or worse, resort to suicide!!!!

  2. You are simply fighting for prime minister Raila. Only that you are smart enough to attempt to hide your designs. First, you admit that you havent read the book and still afford to belittle same, why? Thats intellictual dishonesty, if not total hypocrisy. Why are you trying to pre-empt the impact of the book if you are not driven by same things you are accusing Miguna Miguna of? Secondly, how many people in United States write books everyday after being fired? They are certainly countless! You are only interested in stopping Kenyans from knowing the emptiness of your fake reformer. You are definitely taking instructions from sycophantic loyalty to merchants of deceit. While on the other hand, you are surprisingly trying to condemn same! Is that not a serious contradiction Sir? Kenyans have a right to know their leaders, or even their misleaders! Why do you want to deny them that? And whats your motive? Have you forgotten that Raila is a public figure and even running for presidency and should be subjected to serious scrutiny?

  3. Miguna is an embarassent to the legal fraternity, calling him an intellectual is a grave mistake.
    Why is he givng RAO unsolicited publicity by writing about him? He is a disperate broke loser seeking sympathy from the wrong people.
    I can assure him and his publisher that Kenya has no room for rubbish.
    Why is he crying out in the public after being sacked, can’t he pick himself up and move on, T Gachoka was also sacked and went on with his life. He legal colleagues are out there making meaningful money by engaging their brains.

    1. @Nancy Kirui – What are you afraid of? Tonny Gachoka might also write his own book. Its too early in the day. And given the trusted tribal connection that existed between Raila and Miguna, more details about fake reform stickers were readily available to Miguna than Gachoka. However, with new insights in Miguna’s book, Gichoka might break even and come up with even a more explosive book. Nevertheless, we are wondering whats being protected. Cant truth set us free? Huge investments in lies a huge problem?!

    2. Gachoka was ‘on the bench’ today, and he has really hit out on Raila. I bet whatever he has mentioned 2day will appear in Miguna’s book. I think if you @Nancy ever get in Raos circle then you’l know why this 2 men and many mo are so pisd with him

      1. i have watched Gachoka on the bench and i believe for his reasons he is no different from Miguna they are both totally pissed of rem he wanted to go to the hague to damn Raila in there!!

  4. On the contrary, it is you and the usual crowd of Odinga bootlickers and worshippers who are exhibiting hilarious sycophancy. You have admitted you have not read the book.. So what on God’s green earth is your basis for critiquing a book whose pages you have not set your eyes on?

    The more Odinga bootlickers continue to trash this book before it is even out, the more the reason I want to read it.

    What exactly are you guys afraid of? The guilty run even when no one is in pursuit.

    1. Much as I don’t agree with Lister, am sorry I will not go on record for having shared a similar opinion with you CutTheBullSit. So disgusting at your level of knee jack reasoning. Thank God after reading other posts you realize how way below you are to an average kenya in the context of basic intellect.
      Back to Lister, I suggest we read the book and then critique it from a knowledge point of view and not a biased perspective.

      1. A person who cannot spell ‘knee jerk’ correctly can never be the intellectual standard we should aspire to as a nation.

  5. @ Kwessi pratt, reduce the poison in your words, you have the right to defend anyone but not the way you doing it. Lister has his views, respect them, and if you are to challenge the views, do it in sober manner, don’t start creating aspersions on people who are commenting on the article. whether they support the views or not, let respect weave through your comments.
    i agree with Joseph,whining and having vengeful thoughts won’t help the country. the tension in the air is so thick that you can cut though it using a machete, the timing wont help. and it might boomerang on him.
    but he has the right to state his thoughts, i might not agree with what he will say in the book, but i will defend his right of saying it,even to you Kwessi.

    1. @ Nabz arsenal – I dont even believe you have said a thing. I guess, you are too frustrated by truth. However, dont try to insulate others by sayings things that readily expose your frustrations. I prefer a situation whereby you stick to the point and clearly state whats the exact poison in my post. Feeling inner tribal bitterness marked by helplessness wont help here. We need facts and facts alone pal! And where were you when your puported idol was calling others bhang smokers, thieves, watermelons, etc? Are we faced with one-sided situation? I havent even come close to using such unseemly language and am not yet a prime minister!

  6. Miguna Miguna is a disaster that was waiting to happen long time ago he may be educated but not learned…I wonder how a book about him would look like but then again no one is perfect right from leaders to wananchi or is it wenye-nchi…

    1. @Yule_Mlo1est- Disasters only become disasters once they happen or are made to happen. The book clearly points to a disaster that was made to happen by those who hugely invested in lies, character assassinations, malice and poisonous tribalism. Those who faked election theft, called for murderous mass action and refused to tell their supporters to stop the killings have to have their day in public court. Those who have specialized in ridiculing others through deception will have to reap what they sow. Malipo ni hapa hapa ndungu! When you started celebrating because brothers Uhuru, Ruto, Sang and Mzee Muthaura were charged by ICC, their relatives, friends and supporters were mourning and that never crossed your “wicked” minds. When somebody confused mere timing of amendments with reformers and non-reformers and started calling others watermelons, you were all satisfied with a job well done. It never crossed your mind that a seemingly very good Kenyan had only requested for restraint against malicious assault on our religious leaders. Those uncalled for wicked acts have to come back to haunt us pal. Even the HOLY BIBLE says as much!

      1. Mr Kwessi, do not catch feelings, celebration or not Uhuru, Ruto et al know why they are where they are, they fixed themselves up and just coz they realized that a bit too late ole wao and now somebody is coming up with a book doesn’t make any of these right. It only shows Uhuru and company have a case to answer, gives Miguna Miguna (a testimony that men have become the biggest gossipers) a constitutional right to express himself and Raila (Your punching bag) the last man standing…Once again no one is perfect but we have a constitution and law courts so wenye wako na kesi wajitetee na wenye hawana kesi have no time to defend themselves over gossip & Malice

          1. hahahahahah! *raises whiteflag* the truth hurts… all of them are our leaders voted by us, they can’t be 100% evil or 100% good but one thing is clear they have to be checked every now and then…even the old man aint that perfect…

          2. @Yule_Mlo1est – “Raises whiteflag?” How would that happen without any shred of challenge? And havent you noticed that am pretty tenacious? There are nearly 100% good leaders in this country. Those who are called names because of their decency. Those who are mocked for refusing to steal. Those who are insulted for refusing to be corrupt. Those who have done decades in government, even during Kanu regime days, and have failed to embrace corruption. Those are good leaders who have demonstrated through words and deeds that they can stay above the empty noise marked by maddening corruption. Those are the guys we are ever told by lords of deceit that they dont have stands, they are not reliable and they are cowards! Meaning if they have refused to embrace corruption they are bad! This is what you dont get folks! Corruption is like prostitution. Prostitutes dont like at all those who avoid the trade! Its so simple. But you see, majority of our folks think that those sensational stories demeaning others in the media are true. They never imagine that they are fronted by merchants of corruption to derail the country. How would you explain a situation whereby some awfully confused person mixes totally different issues, and then when he is told to go slow on our religious leaders, he quickly screams “watermelon?” And that is repeated over and over to seemingly look like gospel truth. The idea is to cripple our close to 100% good leaders while wearing a fake mask of reform pal. Thats why this Miguna’s book has arrived on the scene. Deceit has to end pal, come what may.

          3. fine, I take back my white flag, it seems you are mixing issues here, have you even read the book? and still am of the contrary opinion that there’s no 100% good or 100% bad leader…only God can be 100%good…Jus give me an example of one leader who is 100% good.

          4. @ Yule_Mloest: I thought I did that or your understanding is too low? Re-read my post you will get that leader pal! You want to mean you dont know any leader who has not stolen, not involved in cancer of corruption, not ever using illogical dramas to hide theft and lies? You dont know any leader who is not confused? You dont know anyone at all who tried to correct drunken confused real watermelons, fond of dwelling on insanity, and was in turn branded watermelon himself? You dont know any leader who told drunken people not to mistake timing of amendments of new law with wild yelling of reformers and non-reformers? You mean you dont know at all someone who cautioned wicked people against insulting the clergy and was widely ridiculed by corruption lords for that? What other nearly 100% leaders do you need pal?

          5. look who’s getting emotional now hehehe! am glad you made it clear “YOUR POST HENCE YOUR OPINION”…you clearly didnt get the question but anyway I can’t blame you, you probably (jus saying) are a follower of somebody whom you are even ashamed of saying his/her name oh well….gud luck with your 100% good leader

          6. @Yue-Ml01est: Emotional and ashamed? You are getting the wrong signal pal! I never hold back what I believe is right. I was only surprised that you seem not to know any leader who has NOT stolen from the public. Obviously brother VP Kalonzo, my favorite candidate, hasnt stolen from any one at all. His acts are hugely confined in decency and hard work. He doesnt yell on rooftops confused off-issue abscenities. He is a man of integrity. He is above heritage of pretence and non-sense. The guy is pretty cool and nearly 100% ok! Whats your take on that? Awfully sorry for I didnt see your post early enough! Superb weekend though.

  7. Too soon to complain Nyaringa,you might even be mistaken for a sycophant yourself.Miguna might be bitter but dont you think our country deserves to know the other side’s of our beloved politicians?I believe all of us have skeletons but once you become a public figure and hope to lead a nation then you should accept close scrutiny of your personal life,often very uncomfortable especian to supporters but neccessary. As a Kenyan and a Raila supporter for that matter,i dont see why a former insider like Miguna shouldnt take us into the inside life of the man am supporting,maybe there are some truths being hidden from me since i only know one side of him,that of a reformer.He could be a reformer turned conservative.Lets read and judge for ourselves whether Miguna is objective or not.

  8. Dear Nyaringo I understand you have a soft spot for the PM. too bad that’s you and honestly i would rather keep it to your self. people have been to school and those with genuine interest to read the book will willingly do so. your publicity stunts on media platforms are a sure sign of where your loyalties lie. I hope the PM acknowledges your efforts . Cheers

  9. I felt like commenting on all your paragraphs but that will be another article.. in brief Mr. Lister, you either have beef with Miguna or Rao is a very good friend of yours. I dont care about MMs intellectual level or professionalism, all I know is that Kenyans will get to know the real man behind the Rao’s face. But I must say, the book should be read with a pinch of salt because a lot of emotions went into it

  10. Lister you are critisising a book you haven’t read? Anyway, I can tell from the article that you are RAO’s sychophant and whatever negative about him makes you shiver. We have heard from many quaters that the man is a reformer, an enigma, nationalist etc – Whether it is true or false lie in those who are close to him. Kenyans now have an opportunity to interogate the political character of a man they hype as an idol of change. To be honest I support MM and in the book, i expect to read what I already know.

  11. This is a good case of Raila phobia and Raila Mania, i like it when people hope so strongly that something would have a perceived impact even when it is apparent that that will not be the case. Now talking about peoples private life, now imagine what would happen if somebody who has been working in state house started explaining to us why Lucy Kibaki is rarely seen in public. Would it be such an interesting thing to talk about or would people be so excited to read about it? Remember the past media attempt to talk about the like Mary Wambui had with the first family? what impact did it bring? so lets think twice before being exited about what we think will bring our opponents down.

    1. @Erick – Thats when you get it all wrong! First lady has never pretended to be different from what she is. She has not monumentally confused mere amendment of a constitution with reformers and non-reformers. Madam first lady has not claimed to be the only reformer in a land of 40million people. First lady has not gone on rooftops to self praise. She hasnt fed Kenyans with cancerous maize while pretending to be their saviour. She hasnt stolen all the maize stocks to pave the way for her importation of bad maize. She never fired KEBS MD to make Kenyans access those bad maize while holding pretentious love for them. She never celebrated when our brothers were indicted by ICC. She certainly never called innocent Kenyans, with good intentions of reconciliation and national unity, watermelons. Surely, the first lady doesnt pretend to be the best leader on earth. But all the same, there is no harm at all in writing a book about state house issues. It happens every where on earth. However, those who have lied to Kenyans are terribly afraid of exposure of their true characters, THATS THE REAL FEAR HERE!!!!

  12. You really should have read the book before critiquing it, Mr. Nyaringo. I have not read it, and based on the excerpts I have read from it (in publicity materials) I do not intend to read it. But I still think it is only right and fair for people to read books in their entirety before trying to speak authoritatively on their merits & demerits.

  13. Hata mtu akienda diaspora anaendelea kuworship Raila…nkt. Your tribally motivated piece has been read and will be treated with the contempt it deserves.

  14. Let us give the Devil{read Miguna} his dues!In as much as i dont agree with the manner and timing of the release of Miguna’s book,i believe he has managed to spur debate among Kenyans.In all objectivity,if we as Kenyans take a moment to ponder over the pertinent issues raised-real or Imagined-then we would be in the right direction in as far as re-evaluation and vetting of our leaders in public office ahead of the next general elections

  15. Nyaringo is somehow right if he has read the Miguna book and if the book is entirely about Raila. We need to rise above personal vendetta and produce biographies that can form historical references for generations to come.

    Miguna needed closure on his anger and bitterness before penning the book otherwise even his interviews are coming out raw and grazed with bitter content, even if with undoubtedly hilarious revelations. Its possible to say the same thing but use different wording eg by hiring an author to author ones biography. Likewise, its possible to talk with bitterness but somehow when we write it down its irretractable. Shall we fill our National Archives with bitter biographies from Colonial times, Kenyatta, Moi & Kibaki Eras (Errors!)? There has been bitter casualties who can write with equal conviction…
    That said, what Miguna has written will cost a lot to damage-control and to reverse our minds on what most already suspect to be a poorly unmasked truth. Its unlikely that someone can make up this kind of stuff and have the guts to pen it and publicise it.

    1. @phill: He is a huge tribalist driven by people with fake reform stickers. Political analysts are not made of twisted logic! I can only compare him with David Makali, the Odm operative, masquerading as analyst. Its a sorry state indeed!

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