Merry Christmas, fellow Kenyans

Fellow Kenyans

Friends of Kenya

It is with great joy that I send you this message of goodwill and warm greetings during this Christmas season.

Christmas is a time of rejoicing as Christians all over the world commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is an important season in the Christian faith. It is a time to hope. It is also a time to celebrate the most profound messages of Jesus: Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Do unto others as you’d have them do to you.

Christmas is also a time for reflection and renewal of conviction. Therefore, during this season, we should re-examine our commitment to the Christian faith and re-dedicate ourselves to a new and fresh relationship with God. For those of other faiths, this is the time to join your Christian brethren in marking an important phase of their calendar.

In our jubilation during the festivities, let us remember that the true spirit of Christmas is peace, love and goodwill to all nations. Let us, therefore, demonstrate the Christian values of forgiveness, reconciliation, kindness and service.

One of the best ways of reciprocating God’s goodness to mankind is to help the less fortunate among us. Please spread the gifts, smiles, warmth, and cheer this Christmas.

As I conclude, I urge you to remain responsible. Desist from activities that could endanger your lives as well as lives of other Kenyans.

Let us banish careless driving, excessive alcohol consumption and other socially unacceptable behaviour. Security agencies must do all in their power to ensure a secure Kenya and therefore guarantee peaceful Christmas celebrations.

I urge drivers to observe traffic regulations in order to ensure road safety during this season. In the meantime, police must show no sympathy to those who violate the law.

Fellow Kenyans

Friends of Kenya

Let the true spirit of Christmas be reborn not only in our hearts but also in our homes.

Merry Christmas,

Thank you and God bless Kenya

15 Replies to “Merry Christmas, fellow Kenyans”

  1. Kenyans have nothing to celebrate Mr. President after several of their basic civil rights were taken away by your government. Kenyans are now going without their favorite programmes from Citizen TV, NTV and KTN, courtesy of your government! What reason would you give Kenyans for “forcing” Chinese firms down their throats? Why would Kenyans, who are mostly growing poorer with every passing day, be forced to pay Shs.500/= to watch news on TV, which they have always viewed at no cost at all? Whats the justification for that Sir? Media, Judiciary and NGOs are not happy because of skewed legislation by your government. Do you know any government that ever won a fight against the media? Mr. President, with all due respect, your government is being too insensitive and is moving too fast against the people! And for no reason at all. Perhaps, with so called “tyrany of numbers” caution has been thrown through the window. But Mr. president you should never ever forget government is supposed to be for the good of the people. Thus, when it involves itself with matters that are seemingly malicious, or at best anti-people, it clearly forces withdrawal of support by the very citizens its intented to serve! While advisers might be wearing over-zealous tribal colours, problems that might arise between you and citizens would have nothing to do with them. You are the president Sir and moving your eyes off the ball (citizens), would be a tragic mistake. Furthermore, jubilee government was supposed to be better, in terms of legislation, than others before it! However, extremely punitive inexcusable agenda seems to be quickly forming. Why?? Surely, Kenyans expected freshness and unlimited freedom when your government came to power boasting of youthful modernity!!!!

    1. In UK people have always paid £150 TV licence!!
      In Kenya there has never been anything like that.
      Its high time our government started taxing everything taxable.
      Noise makers like you will keep making unnecessary noise.

      1. In the US cable services cost an average of $60 every month…when you bundle with internet and home phone, you pay around $100 dollars to watch news, sports, soap operas, discovery channel, etc. Kwessi and his analogue thinking has no idea what he’s yapping about. He needs to go to school first before he shows his face here…worse, get the audacity to address the president directly. Am not saying he can’t do that, but he should have some substance. Show some sense…he might be taken seriously….otherwise……nada!

        1. When a Kenyan is jobless, does the Kenyan state care for him? When dying of hunger? Without accomodation/shelter? Does such sitution pertain in US? Kenyans are just plough-pushers, only to be useful to government when it comes to milking them dry! Mr. Mu-“china” why would Chinese take-over jobs that can easily be done by local media houses, and in the process, occasioning 40billion loss to those same same media houses? Do you need to go back to school to understand such a basic thing? President is our servant not our lord Mr. Mu “China!” Or may be despite the pretences, analogue thinking that he is our “Big man” is very much engrained in your blood??

          1. Kwessi Pratt : You need EXPOSURE!
            Start travelling and get a bit exposed u r way too behind.

          2. You dont seem to be saying anything, let alone factual! Apart from over-zealous thirsty to ridicule, what are you saying? Why cant you say on this or that you are wrong? Whats your counter view? May be you deserve a huge contempt!!!!

          3. There are some folks who implore others to beat them….I could if I knew where to find you. Just good old bare knuckle brawl..that way you get sense into you. Even in the US, there are millions who are homeless, jobless and pushing ploughs. It is the same with every society. There is no way that particular issue can be be eliminated by human standards. The best any government can do is to level the playing field and that’s what is being done in Kenya. When the field is leveled, not everyone will see. Some, like Kwessi, will still long for a level playing field.

          4. Dont tell me you are primitive wasted bag. Am shocked!! However, how is government levelling the field? What measures taken in particular? Curtailing the press, civil society and judiciary? Invading workers’ pension and health care funds and at the same time, ordering increased contributions? Kidding or confused? The ship is definitely sailing in unfamiliar and unfriendly waters! And as usual, tribalists are cheering on regardless. I dont believe a serious modern Kenyan can be that naive! Even the other day, deputy president acknowledged mistakes are running wild! I guess, he was wrong too. Pugnacious mobs hardly read situations correctly. And moreso, when they boast president is their unfailing kinsman!!!!

      2. Dont let tribal loyalty cloud your vision Sir/Madam! UK is a welfare state. Tell us whether Kenyans even know such a thing?! Things are going wrong too quickly and tribalists are still cheerfully urging on, may be thats the noise-making you are referred above?! Think fellow!!!!

  2. Happy holiday to you too Sir, we all know that you rode to Power on the strength of your Jubilee moto of going Digital. That someone should now question about us upgrading & migrating Tv. to Digital status stinks of backwardness & anti progress. Please ignore these wet blankets like Pratt who are obviously anti development!
    Further Mr.Pesident, we all know that the Media in Kenya failed to regulate itself thus necessitating the intervention of ‘Big Brother’ Let these empty debes continue making noise, na wewe ufanye kazi!

    1. Anti-development and anti-progress is deliberately lording loss on local media houses to benefit foreigners. But you know knowledge and understanding are not coined in tribal terms!!!!

  3. Happy Holidays to all Christians(Merry Christmas), Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Atheists, Sikhs,Taoists, Traditional African, Rastafaris and other unique cultures in Kenya as we enter the pinnacle of the 14th Year of the New Millenium 🙂

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