Men are the new masters of gossip

It has long been said that women cannot keep a secret. They still can’t. But just as men are taking over as top chefs in the hospitality arena, they have slowly but surely dominated this field.

For more information, you can contact the guy who managed to get the ‘goss’ from the service provider, or from the medical advisor. It is becoming just a wee bit distasteful.

The telling of ‘secrets’ has become very selective amongst women and very open among men. The last bit of gossip you heard, I wonder who gave it to you.

I am not being racist here, because I am admitting openly that women are still doing it. They’ve just somehow faded into the background, and are developing a new trait – conjuring, not a supernatural being, but information/facts, out of the blue. (But that can be the subject for another day).

Gossip is defined by wikipedia as “idle talk or rumour, especially about the personal or private affairs of others. It forms one of the oldest and most common means of sharing (unproven) facts and views, but also has a reputation for the introduction of errors and other variations into the information transmitted.”

I am all for gossip because it makes for interesting conversation, however I think we need to be mindful of the damage it can cause. And if it is damage that is the eventuality, maybe we should channel the damage in proper measure?

We can tell from the definition that gossip is almost as old as the human species. In ancient times it was used as a tool of power and also as an alternative for television. It can be knowingly manoeuvred to involve little lies here and there that will further a person’s ambitions.

My question is, can we not tap into this, to highlight the ills in society? Can some male gossip-per tell us what is happening in Kamiti? Can some female gossip-peress tell people that her husband is abusing their little child? Can the shamba boy decide not to keep it to himself when the woman of the house is being adulterous?

Most of these vital bits of information, described as sensitive, remain in the high secret category until that one queen or now king of gossip comes along that cant keep it to themselves. Then all the other gossips say ‘Aye’!

Let’s use gossip to shape our society and root out evils. Let it be meaningful. One way to do this – I think – is by asking yourself whether the person you are talking about would be talking about you. That would tell you if it’s worth talking about.

When it comes to constitution however, leave the gossip being spread by politicians and read it yourself.

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