i met this certain family at denyenye they are the meanst people i have ever seen or heard of. first they seemed very kind and nice people not untill i came to learn their true clours.they used me as a toilet paper calling me names in mafumbo.after all i did is wash their feet,clean cook,did expensive shopping.i sent them money when i was abroad.i fell in love with one of the family member and he turned out to be raten of them all… he went to a mganga to confuse me,make me love him more and to give him money and all that….what a world that vwe live in..i left tha guy but before that i had already left and rent my owm place.i jaust cant some people can be so mean.all i didi was give them my goodness and they ended up ruining me and trying to destroy my it really fair.
jane from ukunda

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