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  1. Generalizing this to imply that every female on earth is a “woman”,now that’s one of the BIGGEST ways to put off a REAL WOMAN!.

    There are cunts and there are women.Cunts are more than 90% and women are less than 10% of the females on earth.!

    CUNTS are the whores and sluts males meet everyday of their life. I promise you, a cunt does NOT care for any nice treatment.she wishes to be treated like a bitch,to be belittled,demeaned,to be mistreated,to be CONTROLLED,she is DESPERATE to be lusted over/sexualized and manhandled!….why????…..because a cunt is a SELF-LOATHING/SELF-DEGRADING female!

    she believes she deserves it!

    However, for a WOMAN, unless you treat her properly, with RESPECT,make her feel important in your life, do NOT sexualize her or belittle her in any way,she will definitely NOT be interested in being with you

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