Matching Kenyan’s ambitions

These elections take place at an intersection of Kenyan history.

Immediately after Independence, and we shook of foreign rule, Kenyan leaders had the gigantean task of building a nation out of a former colony. The main task was coalescing a people under one banner and one flag, dwelling in “unduguAmani nauhuru” (Unity, Peace and Liberty).

It has taken us too long to reach beyond tribalism, corruption and oppression to national solidarity, democracy and freedom, but we are finally on that path.

Thus, these elections are about two different worldviews. They provide Kenyans with a clear choice.

On the hand you have a leadership that strives to meet Kenyan’s ambition for their country. I know that the Kenyan people are hard-working and always strive to seek better for themselves, their families and their nation. I see this every day as I travel around our beautiful and diverse country.

Since we received your vote of confidence in 2013, the Jubilee Government has sought to be different. We are not content with the status quo or taking small easy steps, but giant leaps forward in growth, development and progress.

I know that change is never easy, but Kenya is changing for the better. We don’t just think of today, or tomorrow, but of a Kenya that we can bestow on our children that will be vastly different and better than we found it.

The Jubilee Government is ensuring that our children will never know what it is like not to have access to running water, electricity, internet or state of the art health facilities.

Our children will not know a Kenya without high speed railway which brings our towns and cities closer together, or safe and secure roads which connect every County and region, or a modern airport which links us with the outside world.

They will only know a Kenya which sits at the top table in the international community, because of its hi-tech invention and innovation, contribution to regional and global security and our proud Kenyan exports reaching the four corners of the globe.

This has not been easy but buoyed with a new Constitution and Vision 2030, we know this is what Kenya wants.
Our absolute commitment to extraordinary development, growth and progress is having a very real effect on our nation and its people, but the journey must continue.

They say “a rising tide lifts all boats” and this is what we doing. Our macroeconomic growth policy, which has resulted in lowering inflation, raising the GDP and increasing job creation, will leave no Kenyan behind.

However, leaving no Kenyan behind is only the beginning, because we are not interested in Kenyans just getting by. We seek a Kenya where every citizen can reach their fullest potential.

We are building a democracy which ensures that every Kenyan has the necessary tools to not only gain but excel in their chosen profession, where women are fully represented in all spheres of life, where every student who seeks to attend university has a place and where any parent who wants their children to have a full education will be not be deprived because of financial, social or geographic reasons.

We are building a very different country from the ground up, a Kenya that will become a middle-income nation and the pride of Africa that will inspire others on our continent to try and match our infrastructure, growth and development.

Some will argue that this is too ambitious an agenda for Kenya. I know that the vast majority of Kenyans do not agree and seek this Kenya like we do, and will join us in continuing to meet our ambitions on this journey of transformation.

The other worldview is clearly enunciated by my opponent who seeks to quell this ambition and return Kenya to the old days of the status quo and even regression.

My opponent has daily tried to attack the progress we are making. First, he states that he will reverse it, then when that doesn’t work; he tries to make up excuses about why he didn’t do it when he was in power. Nevertheless, when the people see through this ruse, he tries to take credit for it.

My opponent talks about the action we have taken and claims the ideas as his own. Apart from the fact that these are downright lies, the currency of ideas is worthless without action. The Republic of Kenya can not survive on dreams alone,like its people, it seeks leaders who are men and women of action.

Kenyans seek leaders with ambition, energy and enthusiasm, not politicians whose sole goal every day is the maintenance and consolidation of their power structures.

Kenyan’s desire and deserve a leader who matches their ambitions and the hopes for their children’s future. Kenya seeks a better tomorrow than yesterday and one who will not just dream but will actively implement their vision and hope.

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