Married but available

This story can go on and on. So let me start by saying that I got the headline from a comment on my previous blog and it got me thinking.

Saying “married but available” is almost as easy as saying “niaje” (what’s up). How did it get to be this way?

What happened to the days when being married meant your private parts and your heart were locked up and only your spouse had the key?

A long long time ago, marriage was a license for a lifetime of loving company and a sure ticket to the mystery that was sex. In those days, procreation was inevitable; like part of the process.

Marriage was also used to cement relations between kingdoms and to possibly restore peace between or strengthen communities. Whatever the reason, you were still under lock and key.

At some point after that, it was all about age. You had to get married by the time you were 25. If you don’t have Mr Right or Miss Right by that time, it was very important to take up the next best option or you would die old and alone.

Some centuries down the line however, marriage has undergone a metamorphosis, and the revolution continues. The lock and key have gone digital and you can hack into it or simply ask for the password.

Sex and procreation are no longer an issue, it is now more important to have fun.

Whether you are in a night-club or in church, a ring on the finger only serves to get you more attention. It’s like you are an alien species who is immediately more appealing to all the single ladies.

And they all know that the married people are more often than not … available.

I think the problem is two-fold. There is a willing buyer and willing seller.

People whose names are written on a marriage certificate are perceived to be more stable, and less complicated relationship wise.

They (married ones) on the other, feel emotional reprieve outside their gates because the situations at home are almost like Big Brother, where the only interesting thing is shower hour.

And even if things are not so bad at home and they may want to do the right thing – there are relentless predators on the prowl.

I wonder if the whole constitution of marriage is becoming obsolete?

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