Makau Mutua needs a dose of love – here it is!


Makau Mutua has made a grand entry as a fellow columnist in the Standard on Sunday newspaper. I take this early opportunity to welcome him to the hallowed columns. I do so with both hope and trepidation. Hope:- that every sinner has a future and every angel a past and therefore the good professor can use his transition to this column to redeem himself in the eyes of Kenyans. Trepidation:- because I shudder to imagine that the Dean of Law at New York State University at Buffalo may transfer his now crashed and discredited crystal ball to this paper otherwise fabled for sense and balance.

Looking back at Prof Mutua’s crystal balls, I would encourage him never to place a bet with anyone. In fact, if he had placed a wager on his predictions over the last few years, he would lose his deposit all the time. Since he lives in America, he would by now be filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection.

Let’s sample some juices from the Oracle of the Crystal Balls.

“I have concluded that Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto will not run, and even if they do, they will not make it” – September 30, 2012. Fact: Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto were elected with over 50pc of the votes cast during the March 4, 2013 General Election. Crystal ball loses deposit.

“Former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga has turned the Kikuyu youth against Mr Kenyatta.” June 17 2012.

“I am almost certain they will be eliminated from the presidential contest because of ICC.”

“My crystal balls tell me-take this to the bank-will be a two-horse race between Mr Odinga & Mr Musyoka.” Nov 6, 2011.

“This is a Sword of Damocles. Kenyatta is damaged goods whether or not charges against him are confirmed.” Nov 6 2011.

“In my book, Ms Karua is one of 3 top presidential candidates-others are Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka. Uhuru and Ruto are out” Fact: Mohammed Didda beat Martha Karua in the poll. Crystal ball loses deposit.

“Don’t ask me why Mr Kenyatta and Mr Ruto are “finished”. Let’s stop kidding ourselves. Their supporters should move on

“Mr Kenyatta and Mr Ruto – are “out for the count”. Ocampo has dealt them a mortal blow. This is fact, not fiction.”

“Mr Kenyatta would be wise to seek to be Mr Odinga’s running mate, and become Vice-President under Mr Odinga.” -2010. Fact: I haven’t checked Mr Odinga’s last recorded location but at one time he vowed to sell mandazi in Kibera if he loses the election, which he did. Crystal ball loses deposit.

“Mr Odinga needs to convince Mr Kenyatta that Kenyans will not elect a Kikuyu for president in 2012.” June 2010.

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  1. Uhuru did NOT make it, he was made to make it. He was helped out by fictitious numbers. Thats why Supreme Court and IEBC have failed to pass the test of time! What were 111s, 333s, 444s and 888s in election results? Incidentally, when IEBC was asked about huge number of spoiled votes, they said it was a “computer error” that had “multiplied those spolied ballots by 8!” Are we getting closer to tyrany numbers?!! March 4th election was a huge fraud! But we have accepted the results simply because a “Raila” cant be allowed any where close to state house! However, no one should imagine that Kenyans are fools. Furthermore, a candidate cant win in two tribal zones in a country of 8 tribal zones and carry the day! Lectures meant to bolster a false win are certainly not welcome, at all, at all!!!!

        1. Kwessi, if the so called tyranny of numbers is such a big lie, why is it so important for CORD that the voting system is changed from the current 1 man 1 vote system?

          1. Who is saying that? Raila is another cheat with a mind of usurper! He is unable to imagine things are being done with utter contempt for him! He has already changed that song anyway. He knew he couldnt move a pin if he went that direction. CORD is NOT Raila! And clueless people dont offer clues Guest!!!!

    1. So you are saying the people who voted for Kenyatta are fraud! Please remember Kikuyus and Kales make up 50% of Kenyan population….If Kenyatta stole votes, why coudnt Raila do the same, he was a POWERFUL man wasnt he? So how is it a false win if we voted according to the constitution?

      1. 1KIKUYU6,622,5762LUHYA5,338,6663KALENJIN4,967,3284LUO4,044,4405KAMBA3,893,1576KENYAN SOMALI2,385,5727KISII2,205,6698MIJIKENDA1,960,5749MERU1,658,10810TURKANA988,59211MASAI841,62212KENYAN610,122


        Tafuta ingine. u guys have milked that cow for long its almost believable.. Kikuyus constitute 23%..Kales 11% that doesn’t amount to 50%. Its only that the other tribes in Kenya have not managed to understand the importance of registering as voters and even voting.. But when the times comes the myth of tyranny of numbers will be busted.

        1. it not about the actual populace but registered voters
          with mt kenya having 4.5m and kales 1.7m luo 2.8m and kao 1.8m luhya 1.7m
          the other bits were 45/50 do ur maths

          1. my bone of contention was the statement and i quote ‘Please remember Kikuyus and Kales make up 50% of Kenyan population’ this clearly doesn’t talk about registered voters.. also remember the last voter registration was done haphazardly within a short time frame. The figures quoted therefore dont reflect the actual situation on the ground…..

          2. Read the context of the message and you will see it is voters in issue;and by the way,if you add up the meru and allied central communities,it is clear the victim of rigging is jubilee,read court judgement in siaya governor,s case to see how it was done,

          3. Samuel, never mind. You remember the old tale, ‘the dog ate my homework”. People refuse to do their work properly & fish for any plausible excuse, IEBC, Supreme Court and watch this space when those Hague cases collapse, Bensouda will join the list together with the Nigerian judge of those who “fail” CORD

          4. Imagining and reality are totally two different things. What would you do if you continuously sing ICC cases are collapsing, then all the accused go to jail? You think pump up village talk can help suspects? Be careful otherwise you might end up committing suicide when things dont take your line of thinking! Politicians are using mob language to mislead Kenyans. Perhaps, they want us to go down with them. These cases are starting to today! How do they collapse before they started? IEBC and Supreme Court were part of fake tyrany numbers. Any other suggestion is self-serving. Do you remember how CJ reported his purported threats by mungiki and attempts apparentl to stop him at the airport? Was that usual and proper in terms of his senior position in judiciary? My take is that it was a scheme to fool CORD that they had a friend in Supreme Court and thus, let off their defense! It worked wonders! CORD couldnt go to streets or attempt anything else. Their fate was sealed by that trick which afforded them a huge false belief!!!!

        2. Its another fictious tyrany number! Havent you noticed none of these guys can tell us what those tripple numbers in election results represented. Initially, they were 111s and 333s. But when I raised the matter, they quickly moved to 444s and 888s. Then 8 became the error number in spoiled ballots! What does that say jombi? Even a dimwit can easily read something here!!!!

          1. Anger man, move one being in denial will never help. Tyranny of numbers is REAL. Otherwise why were “we” calling for a referendum the other day, to quote CORD leadership, “we need to a parliamentary system to correct the tyranny of numbers”. Why did Raila dispatch Caroli to IEBC a week prior to Dec 18 2012 to ask for an extension of voter registration? because he had been warned that his strongholds did not turn up to register. What did Raila say In March/April when he went to a forum in the UK? “we need a voting system that safeguards domination of other tribes by minority major tribes” and lastly given that you guys have a cover for everything let me give you heads up, when (not should) Ruto & Uhuru cases before OTP don’t go your way, don’t worry just say that UHURUTO coerced witnesses, you will ok with that and disregard the fact that OTP has wrong people in the dock. Over to you

          2. Raila is one character soaked in selfish goals. Actually thats why am happy he is not the president! He doesnt have a stand! But he uses his enormous weaknesses to malign others. He can only help others to get power. He cant get it by himself. Havent you seen how times he has changed position since March 4th? He is NOT our yardstick for truth! His fortunes only changed after he teamed up with former VP Kalonzo Musyoka. That decision by Musyoka while understandable, was pretty questionable. Raila is simply trying to regain his balance after twice by being robbed. Thus, he can say anything to remain in the news. But certainly he won in 2007 and 2013. He cant believe how he “lost” and that has left him bewildered. However,

          3. You yawn? For one, I never find myself wallowing in such frustrating boredom, its not in my nature!!!!

          4. “Anger man!” Where did you get that one from? Or may facts are anger? Give minute by minute facts without resorting to name calling. For that doesnt change a thing!!!!

          5. ha ha ha it does. Kwesi Pratt I do like your delusion as another contributor said please go strategize 2017 and leave us to savor this moment and beyond. Tyranny of numbers is REAL I really don’t care how you feel about Raila but anger does not change the history or “your facts” concocted in your world , “the 4th President of Kenya is” however you are free to live in your own comfort of denial. Figures don’t lie, numbers are real

          6. You havent said a thing! You only ran around “figures dont lie, numbers are real” without offering any evidence for such assertions. Figures do lie my friend! Who told you they dont? Only the other day budget had those intentional errors!

        3. May it be known that the kikuyu, meru and embu are but the same thing! the colonialists aimed at dividing them and so did the Moi regime. They can speak and comprehend each other. Mean while the Kalenjin and Luhyia are groups with tribes within them that can’t even comprehend one another and yet they’re clustered together. If I were you I’d get my head around this and note they will always vote together God willing.

      2. That 50% is another fictious tyrany number. Registered Kikuyus and Kales never reached anywhere near that percentage. Either you are justifying what you dont know, or you are utterly drunk with toxic tribalism. Or worse, you are swimming in a fraudulent terrain!!!

        1. I asked u only a simple question . please ashame you ignorance and give me the facts you know people talk too much out of ignorance and naivety . and if uhuru did not make it why do YOU believe results for your 8 TRIBAL ZONES .

          1. That doesnt address the tripple numbers question. And in any case, those 8 tribal zones were only a reference example to clear up a point!

    2. Uko na shida mob… instead of strategizing on how to win in 2017, you are busy “cry babies” The same wind will sweep you in 2017

    3. Kindly check the election results for March 2013, there is a huge difference between eastern province and lower eastern where kalonzo come from , so I do not know where you get your 8 tribal zones. For you information there are more than 42 tribes in Kenya and majority of them are represented in the Rift valley.

        1. Perhaps this debate can be settled if one carefully examines the election results of county reps, governors, national assembly reps & senators. One side clearly won the March 4th contest. Of that, there can be no debate.

          1. There is a difference of over 900,000 votes between these other positions and the presidency! And boundaries scrolled in a tiny area with injustice in mind dont represent the face of Kenya Charles!

          2. Perhaps it would be important to cite the source of the information you have used. The official results, as presented to the nation and to the parliamentary committee, do not support your assertion, i.e. a difference of 900K.

            Regarding boundaries, perhaps you need to substantiate your claim of gerrymandering with a practical example. It would be useful to show how the boundaries favoured one coalition over the other. This would help to persuade all readers that there is an urgent need to review the boundaries, well before the next elections (before MPs hijack this agenda)..

            While generalities, particularly in the political realm, are often high in emotive value, they are thoroughly lacking in informative value. Please, let’s be specific.

          3. I appreciate your argument wich I find well intented. You only need to check form 34s posted on IEBC’s website, compare them with the ones missing and you are home and dry on 900k.
            The whole of Central province is far smaller than N. Horr constituency. Even Makueni county is bigger than central. We havent touched places in northern Kenya like Turkana where the situation is even worse. And do you know how counties are in tiny central Kenya?

          4. Quick clarification

            The IEBC results as posted on the website, published in the daily newspapers, filed with the Supreme Court & presented to Parliament do not support your assertions. Yet you insist on numbers that cannot be supported by facts. Why?

            Regarding constituency boundaries, the main issue here is to avoid gerrymandering. This can only be done if we uphold the one person, one vote principle. This principle is not based on acreage, but rather population. Your assertions appear to be based on acreage. Why?

            As for the county boundaries, the Nzamba Kitonga committee of experts accepted the compromise to adopt the existing 47 districts as the new counties (ref 1st schedule of the constitution). Given that this decision was made in early 2010, it seems apparent that your assertions are not as accurate as you would have us believe. Why?

            As I said, generalities in politics lead to emotive arguments, while specifics tend to produce informative debates. I prefer the latter. And given that this blogging is likely to degenerate to the former, perhaps this is an opportune time for us to agree to disagree.

          5. “…… yet you insist on numbers that cannot be supported by facts. why?” This is where we part ways Charles! Either you havent gone to IEBC website, or you never watched election results. I personally raised the matter of tripple numbers! At the that time, results were for Raila ****111s and Uhuru ****333s. IEBC only moved to 444s and 888s after my querry. IEBC is on record saying spoiled ballots were very many because systems erroneously multiplied them by 8. And 8 is one of tripple supposed tyrany numbers! And were there no other errors? Check your facts properly unless you have fixation with falsehoods!!!!


      1. So if one posts anything critical of the president he is considered tribalist? and accept divergent views. But to post in caps clearly says one thing about you, please get help

    5. Kenya will be holding another election in 2017. Let’s get opinions on this. You cannot keep posting useless figures here to explain failure. Lectures meant to bolster a humiliating defeat are certainly not welcome, at all, at all!!!!

      1. Noticed none of your favorite guys are able to challenge those figures you call useless? They are useless just because they neither fit your wild dreams nor your wounded tribal hubris. You know when one believes he is the best of all, he is arrested forever by that empty fixation. Havent you noticed only guys from a certain region have been writing illogical inciting articles about ICC? They are NOT interested in truth or otherwise, but their very own at the top regardless of anything else! Whats utter crazyness pal?

  2. The anger in his articles is is ok to be disappointed when your candidate loses an election but it is also healthy to get over it and think about the future.

  3. if you yourself and members of your community could also have the same dose of LOVE

    towards fellow kenyans maybe this article could make sense, i mean we have face value
    and from deep inside the heart.

    1. What does Kuria’s articles got to with people of his community. Unless admin has edited the article, I saw no reference of Kuria to his community or to that of Makau Mutua. My “little understanding” of English tells me that this was an article from Moses Kuria to Makau Mutua. I stand corrected.

  4. So Makau run away to the Standard!!! I was wondering where that guy went to. As you rightfully put it the guy needs a dose of love. He has been wishing, praying and even taking quotes from the Holy book to support his prophecy that doom and nothing but doom would befall UhuRuto.

    1. but am sure you do enjoy CORD/ODM “chauvinistic articles” Kuria just highlighted a very clean litany of what could be termed as chauvinistic statements/predictions

  5. Kwessi Pratt is an aggrieved Loser!!! I can imagine how he felt after his preferred candidate Lost in the presidential election. Live with it! it’s part of life

  6. So, an article in jest from Moses Kuria soon turns into a tribal battle and a discussion about the 2012 elections? I am assuming some of the people commenting here have not had sex since the elections, right? Its time to caste aside the chastity belt, let out the steam and MOVE ON!

    1. Makau mutua is a liar & has lost touch with kenya. How can he claim to know about kenya while he lives in america?????????????.we love & support our president. Makau mutua for how long are u going to bootlick the whtes? be a man enough n respect uaself as a kenyan black african.

      1. Incidentally the senior lawyers for suspects are whites! And to add insult to injury, you are making flat accusations without backing them with facts!!!!

          1. Sang is a very small fish. No one has talked about him since suspects were named. I dont even think he knows what hit him!

  7. Makau Mutua crystal ball was perfectly accurate! If you can imagine that he was secretely advising Uhuru and Ruto as to what he saw was wrong with their contesting the elections, you will see what I mean. His words were taken so seriously by the ‘opposite’ side who did what they can to upturn all the predictions as they came. I get the impression Makau was a double agent! Ngunyi, on the other hand, was not original but was prompted by Makau predictions and advised the contenders what to do to counter Makau’s ‘condemnation’. Very clever move.

    1. Well… according to the supreme court, the IEBC, the Kenyan media, the local and international observers Uhuru and Ruto were validly elected. Even the Raila Odinga agents network reported that Uhuru won the elections. Its time to open your eyes my brother.

      1. Keep Supreme Court and IEBC out of this. They were part of scheme to choose Kibaki successor! And only some observers, either tricked in their own game like CORD or bribed, agreed with those results. And in any case, its extremely hard to detect anything wrong when figures were being manipulated at tna’s server! I guess, thats why spoiled ballots were “accidentally” multiplied by 8!!!!

          1. It seems that every time something does not go your way you accuse everyone involved of fraud. It is obnoxious to insist that Jubilee lost the elections while all the evidence points to the contrary.

          2. To set the record straight, tell us why spoiled votes were multiplied by 8 and how that happened? And were there no other erroneous multiplications? Once you explain that, I WILL BE READY TO EAT MY WORDS AND OFFER MY UNCONDITIONAL APOLOGY.

  8. Mr. Kuria, I’m sorry but if those with the power of the pen wrote solely to soothe the senses of the masses, as you obviously do, they will be a guide who shines the torch on his followers. Not where they need to go.

  9. Classic….”Kuria writes commentaries on public affairs and policy matters”…
    This piece is a rant against someone who espouses a different opinion.
    Mr. Kuria should heed his own advise: He must avoid exercising the prerogative of a sycophant. This column depict a man who is consumed with hubris and sense of self-importance.

  10. Kuria, you need to go to an English grammar school, your article is full of grammatical errors, the story line doesn’t flow at all.

  11. Kwessi, with all due respect can you honestly say that all their lawyers are white. excuse me but the last time i checked Katwa Kigen is as Kenyan as they can be, Imran Khan is a British Citizen of Kenyan origin.
    Please get your facts right because at the end of the day justice is colour blind unless in the eyes of a dimwit twat like you……excuse my french here.
    Ruto and Sang could not give a monkeys the skin colour of their defence team but for justice to be done..

    1. Katwa Kigen is for Sang. Karim Khan QC is essentially a British and thats why he is QC. You dont assault people while you are seeking their help. And you need to employ civil language. Otherwise, you are unwittingly going overboard!!!!

  12. kwessi my dear brother, your candidate did not win. he lost fairly and squarely.
    please lets wait for 2017 and as long as Raila is the flag bearer, believe you me its going to be the same old bulshit.
    is there none other brave enough to challenge Raila for the presidency.
    no wonder ODM has changed its meaning to


    1. Your write up doesnt deserve response. However, I can assure you we know and Raila knows he is headed to no where. Three times. One wallowing in neck-deep blood of innocent of Kenyans to become a PM. Only to blow it up! Surely, thats the highest he could go. But he stills thinks somehow and because of ICC cases, he has a chance. It would be better if he stayed out there as a respected kingmaker. Other than ending up as somebody who tried to be a king and failed miserably. And do you have to wait untill you are brought down by age? Even luo Nyanza, his bastion, is no longer hopeful. If anything, they are bitter they managed to waste too much time on him. His game is flatly over, yes over completely!!!!

  13. My Bro Kuria, this is an outdated approach of trying to impress Uhuruto. Where were you when PROF was commeting???. Stop choosing the “victoriuos team” after the final whistle. For more tips ask Itumbi the HACKER how he landed on a state house job if that is what you are targeting.


    1. No. We have heard that hubris of unlimited longevity before. Moi talked of
      100 years. He hardly did 10 years through fraud. But that was then. Fake tripple tyrany numbers did the trick this year. That was simply because Raila had badly miscalculated his maths. He thought through unlimited coverage, he was home and dry. He forgot every game has hazardous tricks. Anyhow. its not going to happen again. You know every trick is a wake up call to Kenyans. IEBC last time round, multiplied figures by 3 or 8 to get the desired results. They also used tna server to make sure double check for false figures was done and watertight. They also colluded with state agencies to fool CORD. CORD was left high and dry hanging on false faith in judiciary. They never figured it that CJ was a top government official!They are cursing their obvious stupidity in trusting air! However, life is about learning and I can assure fake tyrany numbers wont be issue next time round. Guys are now developing their own schemes that wont be shaken by false numbers.

  15. Makau Mutua is to Raila Odinga as Wilhelm Franz Canaris is (was) to Adolf Hitler. Except one is a professor, the other was an Admiral.

  16. In today’s post alone,Pratt changed his position /argument more times than RAO has in the past 3yrs!

    Lets get the facts right,in the run up in the Gen.Elections,the voters
    in the Rift Vallet & Central came out in drores to register as
    voters.Those who were unable to,were ferried,face of change to the
    registration statours by UhuruRuto agents.

    It is for this reason that kiambu alone,had a hoigh voter registration than the entire Luo Nyanza!!!!

    For those who came to remember,Mr.Wolf of synovate traversed the entire
    Central Province just after the elections & was UNABLE to find
    anyone above 18yrs of age not bearing the voter ink on their
    finger!!This is a fact!because food,water,vegetables,ber etc could not
    be sold to those not having voter ink on their fingers.

    Province,that weall know & accepted as CORD territory,what happened
    love?Rather call for mass voter registration,RAO as usual,decided to
    platy to the gallery & appease the MRC Iidiots ,thus effectively
    denying his supporters a chance to register.

    This scene was
    replicated througout CORD strong holds,people tiring out for rallies in
    moves but not registering.Thus as Maina keeps saying every morning you
    CANT win the lottery unless you buy the ticket!!!! Lets
    accept the truth people,CORD LOST the elections due to bad planning,poor
    strategy &grossly inflated Egos egged on by false prophets using
    fake crystal balls!!!!!

  17. Mr.Wolf of synovate traversed the entire Central Province just after the elections and was UNABLE to find anyone above 18yrs of age not bearing the voter ink on their finger. Wake up call. Whenever there is an election, 1. Register as a voter, 2. Go and vote. Then kumbali matokeo.

  18. Kwessi..Go Slowly my Brother. Perhaps the ICT Guy in IEBC can tell us why the spoilt votes were being multiplied by 8. More spoilt votes meant UhuRuto would not meet the threshold of 50% plus one and hence force a second round. Who was this supposed to benefit. Your guess is as good as mine

  19. disclaimer: I abhor both your ODM and TNA equally.
    1. Mr. Kuria is quite correct that Prof. Mutua has time and time again failed in his predictions. It is sad he is pointing these failures out as an extension of the sycophancy wars between the Prof. (an unabashed ODM pitbull) and himself (a TNA bulldog)
    2. It is sad that Mr. Kuria takes a shot at civil rights under the guise of “catholicism” and “Africanism.” These two have horrible histories and to lean on them to deny people any rights is .

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