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  1. Like all the deviations man has developed form the traditional and natural way of life, this vibrator trend will add to the many problems and failures modern society has. 

  2. Why can’t I just keep both the man and the vibrator? The man is great for the intimacy , but the vibrator is good for  finishing what the man started but can’t finish. I love guys  but that O feeling is out of this world

  3. An orgasm every three seconds……if thats what God wanted he could have created it!….Its remains a fake and thats the bottom line!

  4. Whatever!!! I guess we should stop assuming that every woman out there wants to have a sexual relationship with men!! No, a vibrator works best for self-loving people who just wants to masturbate and also women loving women 🙂 A VIBRATOR IS THE BEST INVENTION SINCE SLICED BREAD!!! Vibrators will be here for a loooooooonnnngggg time…In fact, a very very long time! Talk of orgasm donors 🙂

  5. Do we have male Vibrators/robots  in the market??I think men will not feel left out if they got theirs on the shelves and then ….God knows we shall have a country of serious vibrators!!

  6. ahhhh……any day men are just a cover so that am not left out in the crowd by my peers but heck sex with them is a no no….not all the way their selfish buggers…women are self less i’ll love a woamn anyday and carry my lippyvibe everyday but that man is purely for socio-interactions strictly….p.s he knows that.

  7. If the vibrator can satisfy a woman sex desire,, meanwhile  men can be satisfied with the sex balloon that he can use anytime and inflate  it anytime.

  8. What kind of women who hate men would want this gadget that mimics the male genetalia in shape and function? I wish to know what do the women imagine as they use this gadget -obviously having sex with a man! or Mr So and So. So men are still central in the lives of these pretenders!

  9. i bring a vibrator to my sex sessions just in case i get a freaky chick but am proud to say i have never had to use it,i get on pretty well…i think,coz some of these chicks can get real Angelina Jolie in the bedroom.

  10. Vibrators don’t talk endearments,  don’t appreciate a woman, and can’t pull your heartstrings. They are impersonal and mechanical, like a toothbrush…or a toothpick. 

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