Let us go to The Hague

This week Kenya’s Justice Minister Mutula Kilonzo is leading a delegation that shuffled between Geneva and The Hague in a bid to plead with the Big Brother not to harshly treat our brothers who killed or sponsored the massacre of over 1,300 citizens and displacement of over half a million others, by parading them before the International Criminal Court.

These good people led by Mr Kilonzo are trying to convince Kofi Annan and Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo to go slow on the indictment of some gang of 10 senior Kenyans for the role in fanning the massacre of innocent Kenyan voters.

The premise for the indictment of this gang of ten by a tribunal headed by Justice Philip Waki largely rests on the killing of the people during the post election violence.

What Mr Kilonzo is telling Dr Annan and Mr Ocampo is that the Kenyan people can solve their problem and there is no need of having to open the brown envelope in The Hague. He is actually telling the two gentlemen not to rush this matter and instead give Kenyans the sweet time to handle the issue.

But what the Justice Minister is not telling them is what he has told Kenyans that the local tribunal will not be set up if ‘it will divide Kenyans or see Kenya explode’.

From the debate that we have seen previously and even what parliamentary backbenchers have been saying is that even if the Good Minister reintroduces the Bill for debate, they will shoot it down.

Dear Dr Annan, it is now clear… there will be no local tribunal. Period.

We have had commissions, tribunals and even courts in the past with very highly regarded recommendations but nothing of significance has come out of them.


Take it from me today Dr Annan, no amount of amendments can be made to the proposed Bill that will enable the family of those killed, maimed and displaced get the justice that they are crying for.

The tribunal would be nothing without political will and I do not see any political will coming anytime soon.

Would Prime Minister Raila Odinga allow his cronies in the brown envelope (if there are any) to be paraded in public? Would President Kibaki sacrifice his allies and allow them face the tribunal? These are the political questions we need to ask ourselves as we push the Local Tribunal agenda.

Personally I do not think so! And that is why I’m saying we are tired of these shenanigans, we are tired of waiting, we are very curious of knowing the names of these godfathers and would like them paraded before The Hague.

Let people go to The Hague and face justice there regardless of how long it will take.

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