Kudos PSC for a good draft

I hail the Parliamentary Select Committee on Constitution Review (PSC) for upping Kenyans’ hope of getting a new law despite my earlier reservations about the 26 men and women who were leading the review process in Naivasha.

These MPs have done themselves proud and shown a clear sign that we might finally get the much awaited constitution this year. It is now clear that given an opportunity to prove publicly, permanently and beyond a shadow of doubt that they were honest, courageous and veracious.

Quoting from the 1944 movie Hail The Conquering Hero; “If all good men wore medals it wouldn’t be so hard to tell the good from the bad.” These people have shown that alas they are good among those perceived to be evil, that something good can come out of those we had given up on, and indeed they have made history.

It is never too late to be what they might have been – the great leaders. This could be their cleansing moment and now it’s up to them to lobby their colleagues and sell their proposals so that it will bear the political approval. I have not always believed in the outstanding abilities of our MPs to agree unanimously on such a hot and contentious subject as the making of our constitution. It has come as a surprise that they beat the deadline and agreed.

It is quite surprising that the PSC has risen to the occasion and produced a document that will stand the test of time. They should be hailed once again especially at a time when so many are affected by the outcome of their decision and they showed their compassion and dedication and volunteered selfless hours and effort to this national endeavour.

I would however have wished the team to ignore the so called Committee of Experts. By pass them and take the draft straight to the National Assembly; my reasoning is that these experts have done nothing good. They do not deserve to touch that document since they didn’t handle it well when they had an opportunity to incorporate their expertise!

They should be ignored as they demonstrated a habit of ignoring the opinion of Kenyans. I doubt their sincerity because they seemed to be bent on making sure that Kenyans reject the document that is why I believe they disregarded Kenyans and put their “middle ground” position in the document. If they were sincere from where did they get the hybrid system of government? Who told them that we need a three-tier system of government?  Or why did they include hot issues like abortion and allowing same sex union in their recommendation? These and many other contentious issues should have been addressed by the experts that is why they were selected to give a proper well-thought document.

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