Kofi Annan is a good man!

Kenyans, it has been said before have a very short memory span. Psychologists will tell you that this is a trait associated with a very emotional society.

Kofi Annan came to Kenya early last year when the country was on fire under the aegis of the Panel of Eminent African personalities. He did not disappoint as he brokered a power sharing arrangement heralding the Grand Coalition Government.

This coalition was established to undertake a programme of fundamental reform to deliver sustainable peace, stability and justice through rule of law and respect for human rights. 

Then the drama began.

Nearly two years after this no mean achievement, Kenyans have started questioning his moral authority to pile pressure on the government to deliver reforms agreed prior to the national accord.

A section of politicians have been opposed to Dr Annans shuttle diplomacy in Kenya based on fears that he is pushing for trials. Also joining the band to drum calls against Dr Annan is a group of Kenyans who are among suspects who participated in atrocities following the elections.

Is it that people of this country have short memory or are just short-sighted?

It has been said, that the past informs the future. If this trend continues Kenyans will have spoilt their chances of even having the Pope to take up mediation when such events as happened last year recur (God forbid).

Dr Annan must do everything possible to ensure death witnessed early last year does not descend in Kenya again.
Such a move will exorcise the ghosts of the 1994 Rwanda genocide where he miserably failed.

Dr Annan is no any other eminent personality and we should accord him the respect he deserves. Retired President Daniel Arap Moi in his sunset years at the presidency used to say that the people whom he took extra effort to help were the ones who were causing him sleepless nights. Why is it that Kenyans don’t appreciate?

It has been said, that makers of war should not design the peace. Kenyans, who were victims of the post election violence, must ensure they play their part and not to let the decision-making to those who led us to the precipice of doom. This they can do by ensuring they pile pressure on their government to ensure reforms. By so doing they would have eased the pressure on the likes of Dr Annan who have done a commendable job keeping our leaders on their toes.

Instead of wasting time discussing Annan’s ability to promote reforms, Kenyans should focus on ridding themselves off the short memory and short sightedness tag. Dr Annan is a good man.

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